22 Chic Boho Plants for Picture-worthy Bohemian Interior

Let your free spirit flow with these chic Boho Plants that’ll accentuate your bohemian interior with the perfect dose of greenery!

Multiply the aesthetics of your home with these Boho Plants that not only create an inviting, cozy environment but also serves as a nod to the free, artistic elements of bohemian decor!

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What are Boho Plants?

Bohemian plants, abbreviated as Boho Plants are a diverse group of indoor plants prized for their ability to effortlessly blend with the free-spirited, eclectic vibes of a boho-inspired space. The term Boho refers to the 19th-century Bohemian movement championing a carefree, unconventional lifestyle that resonated with artists and wanderers alike.

This movement has since evolved into the boho aesthetic, celebrating a fusion of vibrant colors, natural elements, and artistic expression, which eventually harmonizes the unique shapes, textures, and patterns of plants. Adding to the pros, the Boho Plants are not only visually stunning but possess certain air-purifying qualities that contribute to the lively, colorful, and artistic ambiance of a bohemian-themed space.

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Boho Plants

1. Pothos

With lush, vibrant foliage and a cascading growth habit, Pothos adds a sense of whimsy and wildness to any interior. Its adaptability to various pot styles, such as macramé hangers or terracotta pots, makes it a versatile choice for complementing eclectic bohemian décor.

Boho Styling Tip: Create a boho-inspired wall feature by arranging multiple pothos plants in hanging macramé planters or on floating shelves, and let their trailing vines cascade down the wall, framing art pieces or mirrors.

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2. Fern

The delicate and feathery fronds of the Fern embody the free-spirited and organic essence of bohemian design. When placed in a hanging basket or a rustic wooden planter, the fern’s intricate foliage creates a sense of depth and texture that harmonizes beautifully with the typical boho-layered and cozy atmosphere.

Boho Styling Tip: Display different Fern species in a mix of hanging pots, woven baskets, and rustic containers, and arrange them on a vintage, repurposed étagère to create a lush, boho-inspired plant display.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The broad, sculptural leaves of this Boho Plant add a bold and artistic element to any space. The plant effortlessly anchors a bohemian room with its strong presence by accentuating narrow spaces with its tall stature with eccentric foliage.

Boho Styling Tip: Create a stunning boho focal point by placing a Fiddle-Leaf Fig in a large, distressed metal planter and surrounding it with an eclectic mix of smaller potted plants, such as succulents and ferns, in various textured containers.

4. Snake Plant

With its upright, sword-like leaves, the Snake Plant introduces an architectural and structural component to bohemian spaces. Additionally, the plant’s ability to thrive in various light conditions and its low water requirements make it a practical and low-maintenance choice for busy boho enthusiasts.

Boho Styling Tip: Display a snake plant in a patterned or brightly colored ceramic pot, and place it on a vintage or reclaimed wood plant stand to add height and visual interest to a boho-inspired corner of your living space.

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5. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant, with its arching leaves and trailing pups, evokes a sense of liveliness and free spirit, vamping the positivity of the place. Additionally, the plant’s ability to adapt to hanging pots or sitting on shelves makes it an excellent choice for adding texture, color, and interest to bohemian interiors.

Boho Styling Tip: Hang a spider plant in a macramé plant hanger near a window, and combine it with other hanging plants at varying heights to create a dynamic, boho-inspired vertical garden.

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6. Succulents

Succulents make for fantastic Boho Plants due to the diverse shapes, colors, and textures that can be displayed in various pot styles, such as terracotta, or placed in rattan or jute pot covers—popular boho options. The low-maintenance and drought-tolerant nature of succulents make them an appealing choice for laid-back bohemian lifestyles.

Boho Styling Tip: Create a boho succulent centerpiece by planting various succulents in a large, shallow, rustic container, and add decorative elements, such as colored pebbles or small crystals, for added texture and visual interest.

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7. Pampas Grass

The feathery plumes of Pampas Grass capture the free-spirited essence of boho design. When placed in large pots or woven baskets, the tall and wispy nature of Pampas Grass adds a dreamy, ethereal quality to any bohemian space, making it one of the most popular Boho Plants out there!

Boho Styling Tip: Display dried pampas grass in a tall, textured ceramic vase or a vintage brass holder, and place it on a side table or a mantelpiece to add an elegant, boho touch to your interior space.

8. Yucca

A type of palm tree, the Yucca plant embodies the boho style with its striking, textured leaves and statuesque presence. As a plant with worldly origins, it enhances the globetrotter element of bohemian design.

Boho Styling Tip: Showcase a yucca plant in a woven rattan planter, and place it on a patterned rug, surrounded by floor cushions and poufs, to create a cozy and inviting boho seating area.

9. Bird of Paradise

One of the most sought-after Boho Plants, Bird of Paradise evokes a sense of exotic, tropical charm with its large, dramatic leaves and stunning flowers. Also, the plant adds layer and depth when paired with other Boho Plants like pothos and ferns.

Boho Styling Tip: Place a bird of paradise in a large, textured pot or a woven basket, and display it near a light-filled window or sliding door, complemented by an arrangement of patterned pillows, floor cushions, and other greenery.

10. Calathea


The Calathea, with its vibrant and patterned leaves, adds a unique touch of color and interest to bohemian interiors. The foliage moves throughout the day, bringing a sense of movement and lively energy to the space. Additionally, Calatheas work well in various displays, such as on plant stands, hung from walls, or placed on shelves, making them versatile additions to boho settings.

Boho Styling Tip: Style a calathea plant by placing it in a handcrafted or patterned pot on a side table or a shelf, surrounded by an eclectic mix of boho-inspired decorative items, such as vintage picture frames, lanterns, and woven baskets.

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11. Bamboo

With its tall and slender stalks, Bamboo creates a sense of harmony and balance in boho interiors. As a popular material for bamboo furniture, incorporating living bamboo plants into your space reinforces the connection between nature and décor. Furthermore, Lucky Bamboo reinforces harmony, peace, and positivity as per traditional principles of Feng Shui.

Boho Styling Tip: Plant bamboo in a tall, patterned ceramic or terracotta planter, and position it near a seating area or by a window, alongside other potted plants, to create a relaxing, boho-inspired green oasis.

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12. Rubber Plant

The large, glossy leaves paired with Its ability to grow tall makes it an ideal statement plant for creating a cozy, rustic atmosphere that is characteristic of bohemian interiors. Additionally, you will not require many additional features to accentuate the bohemian look.

Boho Styling Tip: Display a rubber plant in a large, rustic wooden pot or a woven planter, and surround it with other plants, boho wall hangings, and a vintage floor lamp to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

13. String of Pearls


The String of Pearls, with its cascading strings of round, bead-like leaves, adds a playful and whimsical touch to boho interiors. Its trailing habit is perfect for hanging in a macramé planter or draping over a shelf, creating a sense of movement and flow. The unique appearance of the plant complements the boho style’s emphasis on organic shapes, texture, and unstructured design elements.

Boho Styling Tip: Hang a String of Pearls in a macramé or beaded plant hanger next to a boho-inspired tapestry, allowing the cascading pearls to add a whimsical touch to your space.

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14. Monstera Deliciosa


Monsteras contribute to the boho vibe with their large, unique leaves featuring natural holes and splits. These dramatic leaves add an exotic and tropical touch to the space, emphasizing the bohemian emphasis on travel, nature, and unconventional aesthetics.

Boho Styling Tip: Style a Monstera by placing it in a hand-painted terracotta pot or a woven basket, and position it next to a cozy reading nook adorned with patterned cushions and a colorful throw blanket.

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15. Maranta

Maranta is one of the most eccentric Boho Plants with its beautifully patterned leaves that fold up at night, as if in prayer. The plant’s colorful foliage adds a touch of warmth and interest, multiplying the free spirit and artistic vibes of the room.

Boho Styling Tip: Arrange a maranta in a colorful, hand-painted pot, and place it on a boho-patterned table runner or a distressed side table near your favorite reading spot, complemented by a collection of eclectic décor items.

16. Alocasia

The Alocasia, or Elephant Ear Plant, with its large, arrow-shaped leaves, brings a sense of drama and elegance to boho interiors. Its exotic appearance and architectural structure create visual interest and enhance the space’s eclectic charm.

Boho Styling Tip: Display an Alocasia in an intricately carved or painted planter, and place it on a distressed, antique side table or a plant stand.

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17. Fiddle Leaf Fig


Prized for its large, violin-shaped leaves, Fiddle Leaf Fig adds a touch of sophistication and lushness to boho spaces. Its impressive height and sculptural form make it an ideal statement plant for adding depth and dimension to a room.

Boho Styling Tip: Position a fiddle leaf fig in a large, hand-woven basket or a colorful, patterned ceramic pot next to a vibrant, boho-inspired floor rug, and complement it with an assortment of decorative pillows and poufs to create a lively, inviting space.

18. Hoya


The plant’s star-shaped flowers add a whimsical touch to any space. While the cascading vines can be displayed in a hanging planter made from natural materials, like macramé or woven rope, to create an eye-catching focal point that highlights the plant’s distinctive beauty and enhances the boho ambiance.

Boho Styling Tip: Hang a Hoya in a macramé hanger near a window and combine it with a vintage wooden ladder adorned with boho throw blankets and a collection of patterned cushions to create a cozy, eclectic nook.

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19. Peace Lily


The Peace Lily, with its elegant white flowers and glossy green leaves, adds a touch of serenity and grace to boho interiors. Additionally, it counts among the air-purifying plants by the NASA Clean Air Study, making it an ideal choice for creating a healthy, inviting atmosphere.

Boho Styling Tip: Place a peace lily in a simple, earth-toned pot or a jute basket, and position it on a wooden ladder-style shelf surrounded by an assortment of boho-inspired décors, such as handwoven textiles, small sculptures, or framed prints.

20. Bromeliads

Bromeliads bring a tropical flair to boho interiors with their vibrant, exotic-looking flowers and foliage. Their unique shapes and bold color combinations make them ideal conversation pieces in any boho space. When displayed with a mix of eclectic containers, such as rustic clay pots, or upcycled vintage containers, Bromeliads reinforce the boho style’s emphasis on layering textures and patterns.

Boho Styling Tip: Arrange a group of bromeliads in a mix of colorful, vintage, and handcrafted containers, and place them on a reclaimed wood or metal tray, creating a vibrant, boho-inspired centerpiece.

21. Air Plants


Air plants are brilliant Boho Plants due to their low-maintenance nature and ability to grow without soil. Additionally, their unusual shapes and forms create a sense of wonder and allow you to go creative while displaying them, such as mounting them on driftwood, placing them in hanging glass orbs, or nestling them in an assortment of decorative containers.

Boho Styling Tip: Create a boho-inspired air plant display by attaching them to a piece of driftwood or a macramé wall hanging, creating a unique and artistic green focal point in your living space.

22. Rattlesnake Plant

The Boho Plant‘s bold foliage and unique leaf texture create a dynamic, ever-changing display that captures the boho spirit of embracing the unexpected. You can further boost the boho spirit by displaying it in a handcrafted or upcycled pot to create a harmonious blend of textures and patterns, and colors.

Boho Styling Tip: Display a Rattlesnake Plant in a hand-woven, natural fiber basket near a cozy seating area with colorful, patterned cushions and throws. 

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