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7 Brilliant Tips to Grow the Most Beautiful Wandering Dude in Your Home

Polish your green thumb with these expert tips and grow the most beautiful wandering dude in your home! If you’re …

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11 Herbs that Grow in Water


These herbs that grow in water are super easy to propagate and can be multiplied at any sunny corner of …

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Garden Ideas

14 Boobs in the Garden Ideas


How about spicing up your garden with some cheeky elements that are too much to …

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Growing Houseplants

How to Grow Snake Plants in Water?


Growing Snake Plants in Water is an easy way to multiply this air-purifying beauty, especially …

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Bring home the lively Alocasia Hilo Beauty and transform your indoor garden into a piece …

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Learn the secrets to keeping your indoor White Princess Philodendron everlasting with this comprehensive care …

Codonanthe Devosiana Care And Growing Guide


Learn everything about growing Codonanthe Devosiana in simple steps and liven your home with its …

Learn Propagating Purple Heart in 5 Simple Steps !


Learn Propagating Purple Heart in 5 Simple Steps and add a touch of vibrancy to …

Everything about Growing Dischidia Hirsuta ‘Red Leaf’ Indoors


Ideal for low-light homes, Growing Dischidia hirsuta ‘Red Leaf’ Indoors is worth the effort for …

Scindapsus Silver Hero Care and Growing Guide | Scindapsus pictus


Discover the secrets to growing and caring for Scindapsus Silver Hero and turn your home …

How to Grow Clusia Plants Indoors | Autograph Plant Care Guide


Bring home the bold and beautiful Clusia Plant with this informative Autograph Plant Care Guide! …

Hoya Caudata Sumatra Care and Growing Guide


Wondering how to flourish hoya variety to perfection? Let’s decode the steps with Hoya Caudata …

Alocasia Metalhead Plant Care & Growing Guide


With a fine metallic sheen and handsome stature, the Alocasia Metalhead adds a touch of …

Indoor DIYs

16 DIY Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

Elevate the aesthetics of your favorite houseplants with these DIY Indoor Plant Stand Ideas that …

Hanging Planters You Can Make From 12 Home Items

Are you into reusing and recycling? Check out some fantastic Hanging Planters You Can Make …