8 Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo But Are Not

Do you admire bamboo trees but can’t bring them indoors? These Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo can be great alternatives!

With their tall, slender stems and lush green leaves, these Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo add a sense of calm and tranquility to any room, besides multiplying the much-needed tropical aesthetics! Additionally, they require minimal maintenance and can fit gracefully in small pots, making them easy to nurture.

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Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo

1. Lucky Bamboo

8 Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo But Aren't 1

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

Indoor Height: 1-1.5 Feet

Lucky Bamboo has a close resemblance with bamboo and is believed to bring good lunch as per the principles of Feng shui. The long, slender stalks and delicate leaves make it a convincing doppelganger, and the miniature size makes its a great tabletop addition.

Growing Tip: This plant will love some extra watering, so water it thoroughly.

2. Dumb Cane


Botanical Name: Dieffenbachia

Indoor Height: 3-6 Feet

One of the most sought-after Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo due to its long, sturdy stems and large, glossy variegated leaves, Dumb Cane makes for a fantastic houseplant. However, ensure to keep your pets away from nibbling on its leaves as it produces a sap that can be toxic to your furry friends.

Growing Tip: Grow it in a well-draining, nutrient-rich medium.

3. Bamboo Palm

8 Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo But Are Not 2
Chamaedorea seifrizii (Bambuspalme)

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea seifritzii

Indoor Height: 4-6 Feet

The Bamboo Palm is a clumping palm that can grow to about 4-6 feet tall and looks similar to a bamboo plant due to its slender stem and bamboo-like foliage that spreads out in an attractive, droopy structure.

Growing Tip: Keep the plant away from cool or heating vents.

4. Japanese Knotweed


Botanical Name: Fallopia japonica

Indoor Height: 5-7 Feet

Although its foliage does not look like bamboo, it has raised nodes with hollow stem structures that give it a bamboo-like appearance. Interestingly, this plant is considered a weed and grows invasively in the wild.

Growing Tip: Prune the plant regularly to maintain its size indoors.

5. Heavenly Bamboo

8 Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo But Are Not 3

Botanical Name: Nandina domestica

Indoor Height: 5-7 Feet

This plant is also known as sacred bamboo and can attain a height of 5-7 feet with evergreen foliage. Heavenly bamboo is commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant and has an upright structure with lovely bright red berries and colorful foliage.

Growing Tip: Shield the plant from cold drafts.

6. Giant Reed

Botanical Name: Arundo donax

Indoor Height: 2-6 Feet

Giant Reed is one of the most popular Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo due to its cane-like stems and long, narrow leaves. With blue-green foliage on the robust stem, this herbaceous grass looks beautiful sitting in small pots.

Growing Tip: Provide the plant with ample water.

7. Horsetail

8 Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo But Are Not 4

Botanical Name: Equisetum

Indoor Height: 2-5 Feet

With its long, slender stems that resemble a cluster of bamboo growing together, and its unique texture and color, Horsetail is sure to elevate your indoors. Additionally, the plant has enormous health benefits, making it a fantastic option for growing indoors.

Growing Tip: Grow the plant in the maximum shade with a few hours of dappled sunlight.

8. Parlor Palm


Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans

Indoor Height: 4 Feet

One of the most low-maintenance Indoor Plants that Look Like Bamboo, Parlor Palm is noted for the tropical flair it adds indoors with its compact growth, handsome height, and arching pinnate leaves that’ll look fantastic crowning medium-sized pots in your well-lit living room.

Growing Tip: Place the plant in a bright spot.

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