20 Pothos in Jars Ideas

Pothos in jars not only look beautiful but are a fantastic way to track its root development while watching it grow!

Pothos are the easiest plants to grow and offer a range of versatility for their ease of care and beauty! Having said that, we have listed some beautiful Pothos in jar ideas for you to try!

Pothos in Jars Ideas

1. Pick a Transparent Textured Glass Jar

Pothos in Jars Ideas

Got a textured glass jar gathering dust in your pantry? Give it a new purpose by filling it with water—just enough to cover the roots of a Pothos plant—and place it on a desk in your study or a shelf in your living room

2. Root Pothos Cuttings for Propagation

Pothos in Jars Ideas

Let’s get back to the basics with this display idea when you would literally need nothing but your new Pothos cuttings and empty glass jars filled with enough water just to submerge the roots of your new plant.

3. Line a Few Mason Jars on the Windowsill

Pothos in Jars Ideas

Place a few mason jars along your windowsill to capture the sunlight and bring a bit of rustic charm to the space. You can also get extra creative by painting them with various acrylic colors!

4. Pothos on the Mantelpiece

Pothos in Jars Ideas

Why invest in expensive home decor when you’ve got Pothos? Just get some unused glass jars out of your storage room, clean them, and house your Pothos in them, and soon, you will have these green beauties trailing down your mantelpiece!

5. Hang a Potted Pothos With Chains

Pothos in Jars

Set up a stylish, industrial-inspired display on your deck or patio by affixing a wooden plank and suspending a glass jar with chains. Fill the jar mostly with stones or pebbles, add water, and place a Pothos plant inside for a chic and creative touch.

6. Add Cork for a Defined Appearance

Pothos in Jars

Use cork to give your jars or containers a clean, well-defined look, rather than an untamed one.

7. Think Out-of-the-box With A Square Glass Jar

Pothos in Jars

If you think round glass jars are a bit too common, you can always go for an interestingly shaped glass jar, such as a square or rectangular one for the vining Pothos.

8. Place a Rooted Pothos Jar on a High Held Spot and Let the Vines Dangle Down

Pothos in Jars planter

Set a jar with a rooting Pothos on a high shelf and let its vines flow down elegantly. Go for a lush, bushy vine for a more beautiful display

9. Go with Ripples Jars for a Change

Pothos in Jars planter

If you’re looking for a fresh way to display your Pothos, consider using a textured or ribbed glass jar instead of the usual plain ones. A jar with a ripple effect, like the one pictured above, can really enhance the beauty of your plant.

10. Assortment Of Glass Jars And Bottles

Pothos in Jars planter

Set up an ideal spot for your climbing plants or various Pothos by collecting a variety of glass containers such as jars, glasses, and bottles filled with water. You can also decorate the spot with additional touches like seashells, terracotta pots, or other home decor aesthetics.

11. Experiment with Shapes

Pothos in Jars planter

Spice up your decor by playing with jars of different shapes and layer them with pebbles and then soil. This idea can turn a simple display into an eye-catching centerpiece.

12. Get a Beautiful Glass Jar as a Natural Vase Alternative

Pothos in Jars planter

Get a glass jar to use as a vase for fresh vines, offering a stylish and earthy twist on traditional plant arrangements.

14. Revamp an Ordinary Bottle

Pothos in Jars planter

Glass jars all occupied? Well, go ahead with a glass bottle, then! All you need is a little creativity to uplift its aesthetics with some figurines or maybe some cute planters around!

15. Pothos on the Bookshelf

Pothos in Jars planter

How about gracing those hardcovers with an extra layer of beauty? You guessed it right! Display a Pothos jar right beside your books and have a beautiful nook of your favorites!

16. DIY Glass Jar Macrame Hanger

Pothos in Jars Ideas

If you swear by the boho aesthetic, why not extend it to the collection of your Pothos, too? DIY a Macarame hanger for each of your glass jars and display your beautifully growing Pothos in them!

17. Hang Glass Jars and Bottles from a Twig

Hanging Bottles On A Branch

If you are up for some DIY, get your hands on some glass bottles, some rope or twine, and a twig. Thoroughly clean the natural branch before mounting it on the wall with twine. Securely tie sturdy knots to hang your glass bottle planters filled with Pothos vines.

18. Hanging Pothos Display With Twine

Hanging Pothos

Here’s an easier twist on the previous DIY project—create a hanging planter using just some rope and twine. You can suspend it from a wall bracket or a curtain rod, as demonstrated. You can also display other cascading plants using this DIY for a similar look.

19. Upcycle Transparent Bottles for a Propagation Station

Collection of Glass Bottles

If you are not keen on some elaborate DIY, just recycle some old glass bottles from your pantry and create your own Pothos propagation station.

20. Get Smoothie Mugs and Make ‘Em Colorful

Smoothie Mugs But Make 'Em Colorful

We all love those glass mugs that make our smoothies taste extra delightful for some reason, and guess what? They can also make really pretty Pothos displays, especially if they are colorful!

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