Growing Alocasia Regal Shield Indoors | Regal Shield Elephant Ear Care Guide

With sprawling, velvety dark green leaves and prominent foliage, Alocasia Regal Shield will grace your home with sheer tropical vibes!

Growing Alocasia Regal Shield Indoors | Regal Shield Elephant Ear Care Guide1

An Alocasian hybrid, this fantastic houseplant will make for an eye-catching addition to your abode with its striking foliage, easy adaptability, and tropical stature. The best part—you need not have a seasoned green thumb to invite this beauty indoors. However, our Alocasia Regal Shield care guide will make you one!

  • Botanical Classification: Alocasia odora×Alocasia reginula
  • Popular as—Regal Shield Elephant Ear
  • Stands at a glorious height of 4-5 feet
  • Thrives in the temperature range of 65-85F or 18-29C
  • Grows best under bright, indirect sunlight
  • Toxic to humans and pets

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Alocasia Regal Shield Plant Profile

The sprawling emerald green foliage of the Alocasia Regal Shield, featuring dramatic pointy tips, pronounces veins, and scalloped edges, screams sheer elegance with a burst of metallic sheen along the velvety texture. Standing at a handsome height of 4-5 feet, the stems are strong and sturdy, with a lighter green hue that blends perfectly with the majestic foliage.

A cross between Alocasia odora×Alocasia reginula, this rare specimen gets along by the name Regal Shield Elephant Ear and stands upright like a true masterpiece without asking a lot of care, but definitely some attention!

Ideal Pot Size

Get your Alocasial Regal Shield the ideal pot by taking a look at the plant’s root ball. A one-size bigger pot will encourage ample space for root growth while eliminating the risk of water pooling in the bottom. While starting out, an 8-10 inches pot will be good enough. As the plant grows, move it into a 1-2 sizes larger pot.

Put on your creative hat and invest some time in gracing the houseplant with classy terracotta pots, woven pot covers, or glossy ceramics. Ensure to drill enough holes at the bottom to aid drainage.

Alocasia Regal Shield Propagation


Propagating Alocasia Regal Shield by rhizome division is a simple and the easiest method to multiply offsets from one parent plant.

  • Get a robust plant with healthy green leaves and no signs of disease or pest damage.
  • Carefully dig up the plant and detangle the root ball manually.
  • Inspect the large rhizomes that have developed along the base of the parent plant.
  • Divide the rhizomes into smaller sections using a sharp, sterile knife. Ensure each section has a few healthy leaves and roots attached.
  • Plant the divided rhizomes in a well-draining potting mix and water thoroughly.
  • Keep the soil moist and locate it at a spot that receives bright, indirect sunlight and good air circulation.

In about 2-3 weeks, you will see new growth sprouting. At this point, cut back on watering and let the new plant acclimate with your home and people!

Requirements for Growing Alocasia Regal Shield

Growing Alocasia Regal Shield Indoors | Regal Shield Elephant Ear Care Guide 2


Alocasia Regal Shield flaunts the best texture under bright, dappled sunlight. They can tolerate some direct sunlight, but letting the gorgeous leaves scorch in the intense afternoon sun is definitely not worth it. So, display this tropical beauty near the Northern or Eastern windows to let the foliage bask in a few hours of mild morning sunlight.

A bright coffee table in the living or a high stool by that comfy couch can be the plant’s happy place, provided you stop by to admire the plant’s beauty!


The ideal potting mix for an indoor Alocasia Regal Shield should be well-draining, with a pH of 5.5-7. The perfect blend would be one part each of peat moss, perlite, and coco coir amended with a fistful of houseplant fertilizer. This will ensure the medium retains some moisture without getting soggy.

Contaminated, clayey, or heavy potting mix will suffocate the roots—something the plant won’t appreciate.


This tropical beauty prefers to be kept evenly moist but not soaking wet. The best bet is to water when the top inch of soil is dry, depending on the weather conditions. To hit the perfect balance, follow a deep watering session every week and let the water seep away from the drainage holes. This will ensure the roots get enough moisture required for healthy plant growth.

Temperature & Humidity

Alocasia Regal Shield thrives in warm temperature conditions— the ideal range is 65-85 F or 18-29 C. If your place experiences temperatures below 50 F or 10 C, use heat lamps or room heaters to induce some warmth. Place the plant away from heat or cold drafts to avoid temperature fluctuations.

To exhibit the best foliage, ensure the plant gets a minimum of 50-70% humidity indoors. If the air in your home is dry, providing additional moisture using humidifiers, regular misting, or placing a pebble tray will be helpful.

Alocasia Regal Shield Care



The plant doesn’t require regular fertilizing if grown in a nutrient-rich medium. However, you may boost the plant’s health with steady foliage growth by feeding it with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to 1/4th its strength every 3-4 weeks during the spring and summer. Keep from fertilizing in the colder months as that will burn the foliage due to salt build-up in the soil.

Pests and Diseases

Some common houseplant pests include spider mites, mealybugs, and scales, which can be controlled through regular inspections and prompt treatment with organic neem oil or insecticidal soap solution spray. Avoid overwatering to prevent fungal diseases such as root rot, which can be caused by poorly draining soil or excessive humidity levels.

Regular cleaning of the leaves with a damp cloth will prevent fungal growth by eliminating dust and debris accumulation.

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