16 DIY Indoor Plant Stand Ideas

Elevate the aesthetics of your favorite houseplants with these DIY Indoor Plant Stand Ideas that fit both tight spots and open spaces!

Level up your gardening game with these DIY indoor plant stand ideas that are not just easy to create but can save your pretty bucks! Let’s get creative and refresh your space!

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

1. Design Mini Plant Stands Using Plywood Scraps

DIY Indoor Plant Wooden Stand Ideas

Perfect for beginners, you can create these mini plant stands from leftover plywood scraps and some woodworking tools, as discussed here.

2. Make Your Own Movable Plant Cart

DIY Indoor Plant Stand cart Ideas

With some basic hardware store supplies, this movable plant cart is a practical choice for sun-chasing plants, easily shifting them to the perfect spot in your home.

3. Upcycle a Tree Stump

DIY Indoor Plant Stand tree stamp Ideas
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An upcycled tree stump makes for a unique, eco-friendly stand that adds a rustic vibe to any space. Pair it with these plants for that chic boho look.

4. Create Green and Prickly Side Tables

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Have you recently tried your hand at growing some cacti or succulents and would love to show them off? Here‘s a perfect DIY to showcase their beauty!

5. Stack up Colorful Boxes

DIY Plant Stand colorful ideas

What could be easier than stacking some colorful boxes to create an elevated seat for your plants? Get the details here.

6. One Plant Atop Another!

DIY Plant Stand Ideas 1

Do away with boring planters that only house one plant at a time. Instead, DIY your own two storey plant stands like this.

7. Line them on the Ladder Rungs

DIY Plant Stand ladder Ideas

Repurposing an old ladder into a plant display is not just space-efficient but an easy way to green up your balcony or study room. Make one for yourself like this.

8. Repurpose Your Old Piano Stool as a Planter

DIY Plant Beautiful Stand Ideas

Got a spare piano stool without a piano? Time to DIY it into a planter! You can repaint it, add some intricate details, and much more following these basic steps.

9. DIY a Mini Tabletop Planter

DIY Plant Stand table Ideas

A mini tabletop planter, easily crafted with quick-drying concrete powder and some pieces of wood dowel, is perfect for accentuating any space. Here‘s how you can make yours.

10. Opt for a Tiered Wooden Plant Stand for the Patio

DIY Plant Stand Wooden Ideas

If you want your plants displayed on the balcony or maybe on the patio without taking up too much floor space, this DIY has your back!

11. Go for a Tiered Planter Stand on Wheels

DIY Plant Stand Wheels Ideas

A stationary plant stand with tiers may be great, but oftentimes, how about adding some mobility with this idea?!

12. DIY a Sustainable Planter Stand

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Having plants inside your home can be a great step towards sustainability. Take it a step further by creating a DIY plant stand with natural materials like wood and bamboo.

13. Repurpose a Vintage Crate to a Plant Stand

modern DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Get a vintage crate from the flea market and transform it into a simple yet stylish planter for adding character to your entryway or living room. Infact, you can place it at any sunny spot and enjoy a handful of veggies or herbs. Here are the steps!

14. Turn a Hanging Bar into a Plant Displaying Station


Transform a hanging bar into a chic plant displaying station that can accommodate both your hung and potted varieties. Here‘s the DIY!

15. Fill up an A-Shaped Ladder


An A-shaped ladder, readily available at hardware stores or flea markets, can be filled with potted plants for a rustic display in both your living or garden area.

16. Design Your Own DIY Floating Shelf


Craft a DIY floating shelf for your plants using a round wooden plate, a few pieces of yarn, and the basic steps from here.

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