Hanging Planters You Can Make From 12 Home Items

Are you into reusing and recycling? Check out some fantastic Hanging Planters You Can Make From Home Items!

These DIY planters are not just easy but they infuse a dash of innovation. Let’s turn the ordinary home items into the extraordinary with these ideas!

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Hanging Planters From Home Items

1. Use Colanders to Grow Plants

With their inbuilt drainage system, colanders make for a functional planter for growing herbs, flowers, or any plant that requires well-draining soil. Follow this tutorial for the exact steps to hang it.

2. Make Planters with Macrame

Want that boho touch in your room? Use macrame ropes to weave some intricate knots and give those dull planters a chic makeover. You can go for colored ones, too!

3. Hang Plants in Wine Bottles

DIY Macrame Wine Bottle Hanger

Repurpose wine bottles into elegant hanging planters for that fusion of rustic charm and contemporary design. You can use it in multiple ways like this, or simply delabel and use it for growing those lush vines!

4. Grow Herbs in Mason Jars

Mason jars can be viable options for growing herbs due to their small size and easy mobility. You can hang them in your kitchen for easy access to fresh herbs while cooking. Here‘s a tutorial.

5. Use Fabric Strips to Make a Tin Planter

If you have some old fabric scraps and tin cans lying around, then why not give them a new life with these steps? Paint it in your favorite shade for a colorful addition!

6. Recycle Plastic Bottles

Repurpose empty water bottles by cutting off the tops and using them as containers for growing leafy vegetables, herbs, or even flowers. Go for the transparent ones to keep a visual track of its root system. Here are the steps.

7. Use Leather Scraps as Planter Covers

Give your dull planters an elite makeover by wrapping them with leather scraps. You just need a faux leather sheet, scissors, some pins, and other materials mentioned here.

8. Create Terrariums Out of Old Lanterns

Why not give your discarded vintage lanterns a second life by using them as hanging planters? Succulents or small humidity-loving houseplants are the best choice for this option. Get the steps here.

9. Upcycle a Birdcage into an Indoor Hanging Planter

The structure of the birdcage naturally lends itself to a functional planter, requiring little modification. Just add a layer of paint and you are good to go! Here are some basic steps to follow!

10. Reuse a Watering Can

An old watering can, repurposed as a planter, adds a rustic touch to your garden. It’s an inventive way to utilize its spout for trailing plants or even just using them as plain planters like this.

11. Utilize those Outdated Teacups

If you love your beverages in large mugs, you must have a few discarded ones lying around. Make use of one such teacup to create functional planters like these.

12. Use Coconut Shells as Hanging Planters

Hollow out some large coconut shells and use them as natural hanging planters like this. They add a tropical feel and are perfect for small plants, succulents or even propagating plant cuttings.

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