7 Brilliant Tips to Grow the Most Beautiful Wandering Dude in Your Home

Polish your green thumb with these expert tips and grow the most beautiful wandering dude in your home!

grow wandering dude

If you’re drawn to rich, royal hues over the usual greens and yellows, why not grow a stunning Wandering Dude in your home? We have discussed the top tips to help you nurture it to its fullest potential and ensure it thrives!

Tips to Grow the Most Beautiful Wandering Dude in Your Home

1. Rotate the Plant for Even Light Exposure

grow wandering dude - sunlight

If you want your plant to really thrive, it’s worth putting in that extra bit of care. A good trick is to give the pot a little twist—a quarter turn every time you water it or tend to it. This will ensure every side of your plant gets some sunlight, which stops it from bending towards the light. This easy step promotes fuller, more balanced growth and keeps the leaves looking vibrant and evenly colored.

This not only encourages a fuller, more symmetrical growth but also keeps the leaves vibrant and evenly colored.

2. Implement a Variegated Lighting Technique

If you want to flaunt your plant’s regal tone, step up your lighting game. Position it so it catches the gentle morning sunlight first thing for about 2-3 hours. Then, let it relax under some indirect light for the rest of the day. This mix of sun exposure really brings out the rich purples and greens in the leaves without risking the edges under the harsh noon rays.

If shifting the plant in and out is too much for you, assign it a spot near a north or east-facing window for the perfect balance.

3. Grow it in Water for an Added Layer of Beauty

grow wandering jew in water

Here’s another trick to flaunt this beauty—Snip a few cuttings and pop them into a clear glass vase or water-filled jar. The clear view of the roots adds a whole new layer of beauty against its vibrant foliage.

Get some fancy transparent vases for an elite look, or recycle an old mason jar. Just make sure to change the water every 4-5 days to keep things fresh and tidy.  And if you wish to keep it in water forever, here‘s a handy guide for you!

4. Apply Foliar Spray

If the regal hues of this plant have your heart, give it the TLC it deserves. Mix up some balanced, water-soluble fertilizer at half strength and mist it right onto the leaves. This quick spritz is like a fast-acting vitamin boost that brightens the leaf colors and perks up the plant’s overall health.

Plus, it’s a handy way to ward off pests and eliminate dust or dirt accumulation on the leaves.

5. Repot in the Same Pot for a Bushy Effect

grow many wandering dudes together

If you aim for a fuller, more lush appearance, consider planting multiple cuttings in the same pot. Wandering jew is a pretty invasive grower that will fill out your pot pretty quickly.

This is a wise trick for transforming a sparse pot into a robust tangle of lively, colorful leaves in no time.

6. Pick a Custom Soil Mix

If you prefer sticking to soil, the right mix can really make a difference. Try blending equal parts of peat, perlite, and typical houseplant potting mix with a fistful of organic compost. This trio works wonders by balancing moisture retention and drainage, giving your plant a stable and healthy environment to thrive in.

Plus, it helps prevent those pesky problems that can sneak up on you due to a compact medium.

7. Prune the Unsightly Part Regularly

grow wandering dude - pruning

The Wandering Dude can sometimes get a bit wild, with brown leaves and unruly growth popping up now and then. To keep your plant looking its best, regularly trim off any leggy, sparse, or dead stems. This bit of upkeep encourages fresh, healthy growth from the base, making for an absolute stunner you’re looking for!

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