12 Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows

Discover these lesser-known indoor plant tricks for a thriving home garden without putting in a lot of effort!

Gardening is not just rewarding but can pique your creative instincts, especially when you invest some time in digging into their unique needs! Well, to cut that short, we have listed some of the indoor plant tricks that no one knows, but you can!

Indoor Plant Tricks That No One Knows

1. Shake the Fiddle Leaf Fig

Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows 1

To toughen up your Fiddle Leaf Fig, give it a gentle shake now and then. This will mimic the natural outdoor wind, tricking it into developing stronger, more resilient stems to stand the turbulence.

This trick will also help the plant grow more robust vertically, preventing any spindly or leggy appearance.

2. Select Only the Variegated Or Large Foliage Pothos Cuttings

Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows 2

Who doesn’t love those large, colorful Pothos foliage? If you want yours to retain these features, select cuttings with larger and more variegated leaves. Variegated varieties evidently look more beautiful, while larger leaves boost the chances of robust growth potential.

3. Rotate Spider Plants For Balanced Growth

unique Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows

While Spider plants don’t require a lot of sunlight, an even distribution of bright, indirect light will make it fuller from all sides. Since they tend to show better growth on the side that receives sunlight, a regular turn will ensure all parts get equal light, promoting balanced growth and a lush look.

4. Regrow the Aloe Pups Together

Amazing Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows

You’ll often find Aloe vera plants producing small offshoots or ‘pups’ along its edges. Carefully separate these pups from the parent plant once they have a few leaves of their own and plant them together in a new pot to start a new aloe vera cluster.

This will also save nutrients for the parent plant and help it rejuvenate.

5. Bottom Water Your African Violets

Amazing Indoor Plant Tricks

Keep your African Violets healthy by watering from the bottom. This prevents crown rot, which can occur if water sits on the leaves. Just place the pot in a shallow tray of water, letting the plant absorb moisture through the drainage holes, keeping leaves dry and happy.

6. Use A Moisture Meter For Peace Lilies

Cool Indoor Plant Tricks.

To ensure you’re not overwatering your Peace Lilies, a moisture meter could be your best friend. It’ll help you understand when the soil is just dry enough for watering, preventing any chances of root rot, which can be a problem with overzealous watering.

7. Prune the Leggy Growth On Monstera

Unique Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows

Monstera deliciosa plants are prone to developing leggy growth with sparse leaves. To encourage bushier growth, prune leggy stems just above a leaf node. This prompts the plant to produce new growth at the pruning site, resulting in a fuller appearance.

8. Mist Calatheas to Boost Humidity

Amazing Indoor Plant Tricks you can use

Calatheas love a bit of high humidity, which can be a challenge indoors. Mist the leaves regularly with room-temperature water to maintain the moisture they crave, preventing leaf browning and curling—a common concern in dry environments.

Plus, you can also keep a humidifier handy to beat the dryness in the environment.

9. Support the Heavy Flower Stalks On Orchids

Helpful Indoor Plant Tricks that No One Knows

Those stunning orchid blooms can sometimes weigh down the stalks. Provide them with some support using bamboo stakes or orchid clips to prevent damage, but keep the flowers prominently displayed.

11. Encourage Aerial Root Growth with Water Propagation for Monstera

Indoor Plant Tricks for good growing plant

Give your Monstera a little hydration boost! Simply place a small bowl filled with water on the soil in its pot. Then, tuck the biggest aerial roots into the water, while they’re still part of the plant.

This neat trick encourages the plant to use these roots more effectively for water absorption, giving your Monstera a happy little health kick.

12. Expose Christmas Cactus to Extended Dark Periods

Indoor Plant Tricks you can use 4

For a flourishing Christmas cactus, try a trick that mimics its natural blooming triggers. This plant loves a bit of ‘me time’ in the dark. Tuck it into a dark room or cover it with a box every night for around 12-14 hours.

Do this for a few weeks to replicate the shorter daylight hours of autumn. This cozy darkness encourages those lovely flower buds to set just at the right time before the holiday time.

13. Plant Succulent Leaves to Multiply Your Collection

And if you’re keen on expanding your succulent family, it’s quite simple! Gently detach a leaf from your succulent, making sure you get a clean break. Let the leaf rest for a couple of days until it develops a callous.

Then, place it atop some well-draining soil and mist it lightly now and then. Soon enough, you’ll see tiny roots and the beginnings of a new succulent plant sprouting from these leaves.

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