21 Trees that Start With I

These Trees that Start With I not only posses ornamental value, but exhibit loads of medicinal and ecological benefits!

Discover some of the best Trees that Start with I from around the globe and learn how each stands out with its unique features!

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Trees that Start With I

1. Italian Alder

Trees that Start With I 1

Botanical Name: Alnus cordata

Native to southern Italy, it boasts heart-shaped leaves and yellow catkins, popular around water bodies. Plus, its conical shape and lush foliage make it a favorite for landscape enhancement, especially in urban parks.

2. Imbuia

Botanical Name:  Ocotea porosa

A Brazilian native, Imbuia features unique, richly hued wood, making it a coveted choice for high-end furniture and interior design. While mostly cherished for its timber, the small yellow flowers add to its ornamental value.

3. Ipe

Trees that Start With I 3

Botanical Name:  Handroanthus spp.

Hailing from Central and South America, Ipe tree produces vibrant trumpet-shaped flowers, ranging from deep purple to yellow. Renowned for its incredibly tough, weather-resistant wood, Ipe is also a top pick for outdoor decking.

4. Iceland Poplar

Botanical Name:  Populus tremula

Known for its trembling leaves that create a soft rustling sound in the breeze, the Iceland Poplar, or Quaking Aspen, is a sight to behold, especially in autumn. Native to cooler climates this tree is an ornamental fit for large landscapes.

5. Indian Almond

Trees that Start With I 5

Botanical Name:  Terminalia catappa

The Indian Almond produces broad, almond-shaped leaves that offer generous shade in the wild, while its fruit is valued in traditional medicine.

6. Inkwood

Trees that Start With I 7

Botanical Name: Exothea paniculata

True to its name, these Trees that Start with I possess dark, ebony-colored heartwood, used for artistic purposes. Its distinctively dark timber, along with its clusters of fragrant white flowers, makes it a favorite of Floridan households.

7. Ironwood


Botanical Name:  Sideroxylon spp.

Ironwood trees are notable for their incredibly hard and dense wood, often used in tool-making. Their small flowers and textured bark lend a subtle, understated beauty, making them a resilient addition to landscapes.

8. Indian Laurel

Trees that Start With I 9

Botanical Name:  Ficus retusa

This robust, evergreen tree is known for its glossy, leathery leaves and impressive aerial roots. It’s a popular choice for bonsai due to its resilience and adaptability, often found adorning both urban landscapes and indoor settings.

9. Incense Cedar

Botanical Name:  Calocedrus decurrens

Native to western North America, this aromatic tree features a narrow, conical shape with scale-like leaves. Its wood is potent is extensively used in pencil manufacturing and cabinetry due to its insect repelling properties.

10. Indian Rosewood

Botanical Name: Dalbergia latifolia

Prized for its richly colored, durable wood, Indian Rosewood is a staple in high-quality furniture making. It features large, compound leaves and small, inconspicuous flowers, primarily grown in South Asia.

11. Indian Gooseberry

Trees that Start With I 13

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus emblica

Also known as Amla, this tree is revered for its vitamin C-rich fruits, a staple in Ayurvedic medicine. It sports a small, leafy appearance and is native to India and parts of Southeast Asia.

12. Ivory Palm

Botanical Name:  Phytelephas aequatorialis

Known for its large, ivory-like seeds used in handicrafts, the Ivory Palm is a tropical species with a palm-like appearance. Its edible fruit and ornamental value make it a unique addition to arid landscapes.

13. llawarra Flame Tree

Trees that Start With I 15

Botanical Name: Brachychiton acerifolius

Native to Australia, this tree is celebrated for its brilliant red bell-shaped flowers that bloom en masse, creating a spectacular display. It’s deciduous and drought-tolerant, often planted for its dramatic floral show and broad, shade-providing canopy.

14. Ironbark

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Ironbark stands out with its deeply furrowed, dark bark and pink-red flowers. Native to Australia, it’s sought after for its hard, durable timber used in construction and furniture.

15. Idesia

Trees that Start With I 17

Botanical Name: Idesia polycarpa

Idesia, a deciduous tree from East Asia, is known for its large, heart-shaped leaves and clusters of red or yellow fruits. It’s valued for its ornamental appeal and shade-providing canopy.

16. Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

Botanical Name: Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’

This ornamental tree is a variety of the Japanese Tree Lilac with dense clusters of creamy white flowers. It’s a compact, resilient choice for urban gardens, offering a spectacular floral display in early summer.

17. Indian Chestnut

Trees that Start With I 19

Botanical Name: Aesculus indica

Native to the Himalayas, the Indian Chestnut produces showy, candle-like flower spikes and large, glossy leaves. It’s a popular ornamental tree common in parks and large gardens.

18. Ironwood

Botanical Name: Carpinus caroliniana

Known as American hornbeam, Ironwood produces smooth, gray bark and tough wood. It’s a versatile, small to medium-sized tree, ideal for landscaping in temperate climates.

19. llinois Everbearing Mulberry

Trees that Start With I 21

Botanical Name: Morus alba ‘Illinois Everbearing’

This hybrid mulberry is celebrated for its long fruiting season and sweet, flavorful berries. It’s a fast-growing tree, perfect for providing shade and delicious fruit in home gardens.

20. Indian Kino Tree

Botanical Name: Pterocarpus marsupium

A native to India and Sri Lanka, the Indian Kino Tree produces durable, reddish-brown timber, valued for ornamental purposes, Additional, it has potent medicinal properties as well.

21. Ivory Coast Almond

Trees that Start With I 23

Botanical Name: Terminalia ivorensis

Originating from tropical Africa, this tree produces valuable timber for furniture and cabinetry. It’s a tall, fast-growing tree, offering both economic and ecological advantages.

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