15 Indoor Plant Jungle Ideas

Escape the city’s frenzy and create a serene spot to unwind after a long day with these Indoor Plant Jungle Ideas!

Plants are natural stress busters, but not everyone is lucky enough to wake up to a sprawling garden or a verdant backyard. That’s where the magic of these Indoor Plant Jungle Ideas comes into play! From picking the right varieties to creating eye-catching arrangements, these ideas will inspire you to create a mini green sanctuary of your own!

Indoor Plant Jungle Ideas

1. Place a Giant Indoor Tree in Your Room

Grow a huge indoor plant like Fiddle Leaf Fig in your living area to create a jungle-like feel, and enjoy a cup of coffee to yourself beneath!

2. Pothos Wall Curtain with Potted Snake Plants by the Window

Let nature be your decor with a lush Pothos curtain cascading down your walls and potted plants to create a contrast of textures, that’s soothing to the eye.

3. Potted Plant Shelves Around the Television

Bring ‘Netflix and Chill’ to life with some sprawling plants around your entertainment box. Pick the best ones from here!

4. Vine Houseplants Around a Garment Stand

Hang planters from a height such as a garment stand or a high shelf and let the vining houseplants cascade down for a multi-level jungle effect.

5. Fill Up a Corner with Green Plants

Got a spare corner in your room? Turn it into a mini botanical garden with a plant stand full of varying foliage houseplants along with some tall ones around the space.

6. Place Large Leafy Plants Back of the Sofa

Enjoy a lounging experience in a forest by placing some large, leafy plants around your sofa.

7. Group Similar Textured Plants for a Tropical Rainforest Ambiance

For a dense rainforest feel, group plants with similar textures like Alocasias and Caladiums in a bright corner. You can go with some diverse textures like these

8. Hang Potted Vines from a Suspended Branch

Creating an indoor jungle doesn’t need to eat up your floor space. This idea is the proof!

9. Display a Ladder Full of Lush Potted Plants

Ditch those boring plant displays and give your old ladder a new life with potted plants on each rung, mixing leaf sizes and textures for a lush display.

10. Install Floating Plant Shelves by the Window

Floating shelves create an elevated look, perfect for showcasing a layer of vining or potted plants for a denser effect.

11. Experiment with Kokedama Planters

Add a twist to the traditional planters and embrace the style of kokedamas instead, for a zen-like atomsphere around the place.

12. A Green Workdesk!

Workdesks need not be boring at all! Place a large foliage houseplant or simply drape some vining plants for a relaxed ambiance.

13. Hanging Duo with an Upside Down Plant

Experiment with gravity by including an upside-down plant in your suspended plant arrangement.

14. Create a Green Desktop Focal Point

Don’t just stick to the popular houseplants, instead pick some unique cactuses and succulents to create a green focal point.

15. Arrangement of Hanging and Potted Plants

Mimic the natural layered plant growth of a forest in your room by combine hanging plants with potted ones at varying heights.

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