36 Trees that Start with B

Explore a list of fascinating Trees that Start with B that stand tall and proud with their unique features!

From tall and majestic varieties to versatile hedging specimens, this compilation of Trees that Start with B showcases the wonders of the botanical world. Read on to explore each of their distinct physical features, along with some practical uses!

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Trees that Start with B

1. Blue Mahoe

Trees that Start with B 1

Botanical Name: Talipariti elatum

Starting our list with Trees that Start with B, the Blue Mahoe is a striking addition known for its vibrant blue-green bark. With a preference for sunny spots, it showcases hibiscus-like blossoms and offers shade with its broad canopy.

2. Bolivian Rosewood

Botanical Name: Machaerium bolivia

With its deep, richly colored wood, the Bolivian Rosewood is a prized tree in the woodworking and furniture industries. Beyond its commercial value, this tree presents a dense crown, producing showy, fragrant blooms that accent its appeal.

3. Bombax Tree

Trees that Start with B 2

Botanical Name: Bombax ceiba

Known as the “Red Cotton Tree,” the Bombax is a sight to behold during its blooming season. Its large, red, cup-shaped flowers create a mesmerizing display, attracting various wildlife, from birds to insects.

4. Boobialla Tree


Botanical Name: Myoporum insulare

The Boobialla is a versatile evergreen tree, perfect for coastal gardens due to its salt and wind tolerance. Its attractive glossy leaves and small white flowers add elegance to any landscape.

5. Boojum Tree

Trees that Start with B 3

Botanical Name: Fouquieria columnaris

Resembling something from a fantasy world, the Boojum Tree features an elongated, almost alien-like trunk. Adapting well to arid conditions, this sun-loving tree surprises with clusters of small, fragrant flowers.

6. Balsa Tree

Trees that Start with B 4
shutterstock/Dedi Mukhlas

Botanical Name: Ochroma pyramidale

The Balsa Tree is renowned for its lightweight wood, making it highly sought-after for model-making and crafting. Sporting large, velvety leaves, it often graces gardens with its fragrant, white blooms.

7. Banana Tree

Botanical Name: Musa spp.

Notably, one of the most popular Trees that Start with B, the Banana Tree, is a tropical delight with its broad, paddle-shaped leaves. Preferring warm, humid climates, its fruit clusters are a garden treasure many seek.

8. Baobab Tree

Trees that Start with B 5

Botanical Name: Adansonia spp.

Often called the “Tree of Life,” the Baobab Tree is iconic for its massive, bottle-like trunk and sparse canopy. This national tree of Madagascar serves as a symbol of longevity and resilience, making it a cherished addition to any garden or landscape.

9. Bay-Rum Tree


Botanical Name: Myrica

Native to the Caribbean, the Bay-Rum Tree is celebrated for its aromatic leaves, which are the primary ingredient in the traditional bay rum aftershave. Aside from its aromatic value, this evergreen tree attracts butterflies, making it apt for butterfly gardens.

10. Beech TreeTrees that Start with B 6

Botanical Name: Fagus

Cherished for its smooth, gray bark and vibrant fall foliage, the Beech Tree is a staple in temperate forests. Its edible beechnuts have been a food source for wildlife and humans alike.

11. Bismarck Palm Tree


Botanical Name: Bismarckia nobilis

Originating from Madagascar, the Bismarck Palm is a show-stopper with enormous fan-shaped leaves in a striking silvery-blue hue. This majestic palm is the perfect Tree that Starts with B if you want a touch of the tropics in your yard.

12. Black Mangrove Tree

Trees that Start with B 7

Botanical Name: Avicennia germinans

Thriving along coastal regions, the Black Mangrove Tree boasts dense foliage that provides shelter and nesting sites for birds. Its unique adaptation to salty environments makes it a valuable asset in coastal ecosystems.

13. Blackbead Tree

Botanical Name: Pithecellobium dulce

Adapting well to drought conditions, the Blackbead Tree is known for its sweet-tasting pods, which are edible. Its intricate foliage and blooms are magnets for butterflies, enhancing its garden appeal.

14. Bloodwood Tree

Trees that Start with B 8

Botanical Name: Corymbia gummifera

Native to Australia, the Bloodwood Tree gets its name from the dark, red sap it exudes when cut. Thriving in well-draining soils, it is a haven for various bird species due to its abundant nectar.

15. Bullet Tree

Botanical Name: Terminalia buceras

Named after its bullet-shaped fruit, the Bullet Tree captivates with its glossy, elliptical leaves and spreading canopy. Preferring tropical climates, it produces fragrant white blossoms that attract pollinators.

16.  Prickly Bottlebrush

Trees that Start with B 10

Botanical Name: Melaleuca brachyandra

As a hardy evergreen tree, the Prickly Bottlebrush displays slender leaves and eye-catching spikes of pinkish-white flowers. Its drought tolerance and low-maintenance nature make it a practical choice for water-conserving landscapes.

17. Lemon Bottlebrush

Trees that Start with B 11

Botanical Name: Melaleuca pallida

Exuding a light, citrusy aroma when its leaves are crushed, the Lemon Bottlebrush bursts into life with pale yellow to red flowers. Perfect for creating contrast in gardens, it’s a magnet for pollinators.

18. Bushwillow Tree

Botanical Name: Combretum erythrophyllum

Indigenous to South Africa, the Bushwillow Tree is notable for its twisted trunk and coppery, peeling bark. Its winged seeds, which appear post-flowering, are a visual treat and a favorite among birds.

19. Bully Tree

Trees that Start with B 12

Botanical Name: Sideroxylon spp.

Frequent in Central and South American forests, these Trees that Start with B have sturdy, dense wood. They bear clusters of fragrant white flowers, followed by fleshy, edible fruits enjoyed by both humans and wildlife.

20. Buttonwood Tree


Botanical Name: Platanus occidentalis

The Buttonwood Tree stands tall with its distinctive peeling bark that reveals various shades of beige, gray, and brown. Growing tall and majestic, it offers shade and shelter in many North American landscapes.

21. Blackthorn

Trees that Start with B 13

Botanical Name: Prunus spinosa

A native of Europe, the Blackthorn is known for its sharp, stout thorns. It bears small, tart, and deep blue-black fruits called sloes, which are often used to make delicious liqueurs and jams.

22. Blackwood


Botanical Name: Dalbergia melanoxylon

Originating from Africa, Blackwood is esteemed for its deep, rich timber. It’s extensively used in crafting musical instruments, particularly woodwind ones, due to its superior acoustical properties.

23. Birch Tree

Trees that Start with B 14

Botanical Name: Betula spp.

Widely distributed across the Northern Hemisphere, Birch Trees are instantly recognizable for their distinctive white bark. They offer vibrant yellow foliage in the fall and are also tapped for birch sap that is widely processed into syrup.

24. Black Locust

Botanical Name: Robinia pseudoacacia

Originating from the southeastern U.S., the Black Locust boasts durable timber and fragrant white blossoms. Many gardeners use its hardwood for its resistance to rot, making it a popular choice for outdoor projects.

25. Bladdernut

Trees that Start with B 15

Botanical Name: Staphylea spp.

True to its name, the Bladdernut catches the eye with its unique bladder-like seed pods. Predominantly found in North America and Europe, this deciduous shrub often serves as a focal point in gardens.

26. Boxelder

Botanical Name: Acer negundo

Despite being a member of the maple family, these Trees that Start with B stand out with their pinnately compound leaves. This fast-growing tree adapts readily to various soils and thrives in diverse conditions.

27. Buckeye

Trees that Start with B 16

Botanical Name: Aesculus spp.

The Buckeye graces North American and parts of Asian landscapes with its large, showy flowers. Its seed pods house shiny seeds, often called “buckeyes,” which are a visual delight.

28. Buckthorn

Botanical Name: Rhamnus spp.

Many gardeners choose the Buckthorn for its potential as a hedging plant. However, vigilance is crucial as certain species can become invasive, overshadowing native plants.

29. Bur Oak

Trees that Start with B 17.

Botanical Name: Quercus macrocarpa

These Trees that Start with B are recognized by their large acorns with fringed, burr-like caps, hence the common names. The Bur Oak can grow to significant heights, often between 70 to 100 feet, though some specimens can exceed this.

30. Burning Bush

Botanical Name: Euonymus alatus

In the spring and summer, its leaves are dark green, but in the fall, they transform into a vibrant red, giving the plant its common name. The shrub has distinctive, ridged, or winged branches, so it’s sometimes called the “Winged Euonymus.”

31. Butterfly Tree

Botanical Name: Bauhinia spp.

This tree woos garden enthusiasts with its orchid-like blooms, ranging from delicate whites and pinks to deep purples. Its uniquely lobed leaves further enhance its charm.

32. Boxwood

Botanical Name: Buxus spp.

Loved by topiary fans, the Boxwood offers dense foliage that grows slowly, making it an excellent candidate for precise shaping and hedging in designed gardens.

33. Bursera Tree

Trees that Start with B 18

Botanical Name: Bursera spp.

In the tropical regions of the Americas, the Bursera Tree plays a vital role in producing aromatic resins. These resins, like frankincense and myrrh, find uses in various cultural and religious practices.

34. Butternut

Botanical Name: Juglans cinerea

A close kin of the walnut tree, the Butternut stands proud with its tasty nuts and intricate compound leaves. Woodworkers often seek its soft timber, which uniquely lends to intricate carvings.

35. Brazilian Pepper Tree

Trees that Start with B 19

Botanical Name: Schinus terebinthifolius

Hailing from South America, the Brazilian Pepper Tree captivates with its vibrant red berries and lush pinnate leaves. This evergreen shrub or small tree can grow up to 10-12 meters (33-40 feet) in height.

36. Banyan Tree

Botanical Name: Ficus benghalensis

The Banyan Tree, with its iconic aerial prop roots, reigns supreme in India’s landscapes. Often revered as sacred, India has honored it as the national tree, and it provides expansive shade in sun-soaked regions.

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