29 Flowers that Start with U

Blooming in vibrant colors and diverse shapes, these Flowers that Start with U will bring a dash of liveliness to your yard!

Whether you are looking for robust wildflowers or exotic fragrant species, this list of Flowers that Start With U will perfectly fit your choice!

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Flowers that Start with U

1. Uinta Cactus

Flowers that Start with U 1

Botanical Name: Sclerocactus wetlandicus

The Uinta cactus boasts a unique physical appearance with globular or cylindrical stems covered in sharp, yellowish spines. The flowers, which bloom from spring to summer, are bell-shaped and vary from pale yellow to vibrant pink.

2. Ulex Europaeus

Botanical Name: Ulex europaeus

Ulex Europaeus is a bushy evergreen shrub with spiny leaves and bright yellow, pea-like flowers. The flowers have a distinctive coconut-like fragrance and bloom mostly in spring.

3. Umbrella Magnolia

Flowers that Start with U 2

Botanical Name: Magnolia tripetala

Umbrella Magnolia is a deciduous tree recognized by its large, oblong leaves arranged like an umbrella. These Flowers that Start with U are creamy-white with a pleasant fragrance and typically bloom in late spring.

4. Upright Virgin’s Bower

Botanical Name: Clematis virginiana

Upright Virgin’s Bower is a climbing vine known for its white, star-shaped flowers. These fragrant flowers bloom in late summer and are followed by feathery seed heads that add interest to the garden in the fall.

5. Ursinia

Flowers that Start with U 3

Botanical Name: Ursinia spp.

Ursinia is a genus comprising beautiful daisy-like floral species. Depending on the species, the flowers can range in color from yellow to orange and usually bloom in spring or summer.

6. Urospermum


Botanical Name: Urospermum picroides

Urospermum picroides, or Smooth Golden Fleece, is a perennial herb that produces bright yellow, dandelion-like flowers. These flowers typically bloom in late spring and early summer and are often used in wildflower mixes.

7. Ungernia

Flowers that Start with U 4

Botanical Name: Ungernia spp.

Ungernia plants are known for their unusual, funnel-shaped flowers. Depending on the species, the flowers can be red, pink, or yellow and usually bloom in late winter or early spring. They may emit a mild fragrance.

8. Uva Ursi

Botanical Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

This low-growing evergreen shrub produces small, bell-shaped, white, or pale pink flowers. It produces delicate flowers that bloom in clusters in spring and is complemented by glossy, dark green leaves.

9. Ulex

Flowers that Start with U 5

Botanical Name: Ulex europaeus

Popular as Common Gorse, it is a spiny shrub adorned with dense, bright yellow, pea-like flowers. These flowers bloom mostly in spring and emit a coconut-like fragrance.

10. Ulex-Gallii

Botanical Name: Ulex-gallii

Ulex-Gallii, or Western Gorse, is a bushy shrub with vibrant yellow, pea-like flowers. The flowers bloom throughout the year and emit a pleasant aroma, adding a sensory appeal to the garden.

11. Ume

Flowers that Start with U 6

Botanical Name: Prunus mume

Ume, or Japanese Apricot, produces fragrant, delicate flowers that range from pure white to shades of pink and red. These blooms emerge in clusters along the bare branches in late winter or early spring, offering an early sign of spring.

12. Urn plant

Botanical Name: Aechmea fasciata

Urn Plant is a bromeliad species boasting a vase-shaped rosette of thick, leathery leaves and vibrant pink or purple flower spikes. These Flowers that Start with U can last for several weeks, gradually changing color as they mature.

13. Uragoga

Flowers that Start with U 7

Botanical Name: Uragoga ipecacuanha

Popular as Ipecac, it is a medicinal plant native to South America that produces clusters of small, white, tubular flowers. These fragrant blooms, which often carry a sweet, spicy scent, contrast beautifully against the plant’s dark green foliage.

14. Utricularia


Botanical Name: Utricularia spp.

Utricularia, or Bladderwort, is a carnivorous plant that captures small insects with its bladder traps. The flowers, depending on the species, can be yellow, purple, or white and are particularly suited to bog or water gardens.

15. Uvularia

Flowers that Start with U 8

Botanical Name: Uvularia grandiflora

Uvularia, or Bellwort, is a woodland perennial with graceful, pendulous, yellow bell-shaped flowers. These hang from slender stems in spring, giving the plant an elegant appearance.

16. Ugly Fruit Flower

Botanical Name: Citrus grandis

Popular as the Omelo flower, it is white in color and exudes a delightful citrusy fragrance. This flower typically has five petals with many stamens, blooming in clusters during spring.

17. Ulex Minor


Botanical Name: Ulex minor

Ulex minor, or Dwarf Gorse, is a shrub that produces small, yellow, pea-like flowers with a distinct coconut-like scent. It typically flowers from late winter to spring, making it a vibrant addition to any garden during.

18. Umbrella Sedge

Botanical Name: Cyperus involucratus

Umbrella Sedge, also known as Umbrella Papyrus, sports a distinctive umbrella-like appearance with its triangular stems and radiating thread-like leaflets. This plant produces small, greenish-brown flowers that form clusters at the ends of the stalks.

19. Unicorn Plant


Botanical Name: Proboscidea louisianica

The Unicorn Plant, named for its unique fruit shape, produces beautiful bell-shaped, pale yellow to deep purple flowers with a mild fragrance. This annual plant blooms in the summer and is recognized by its large, serrated leaves.

20. Upright Prairie Coneflower

Flowers that Start with U 11

Botanical Name: Ratibida columnifera

Upright Prairie Coneflower is a vibrant, tall perennial featuring yellow to reddish flowers with prominent, upright central cones. These Flowers that Start with U are fragrant and typically bloom from early summer to fall.

21. Urceolina Amazonica

Botanical Name: Urceolina amazonica

Urceolina amazonica is a tropical bulbous plant that produces clusters of drooping, tubular, bright yellow flowers. The flowers usually bloom in late winter or early spring.

22. Urginea Maritima

Botanical Name: Drimia maritima (botanical name has been changed)

Also known as the Sea Squill, this plant produces a tall spike of white, star-shaped flowers. Despite its beautiful appearance, it disappoints a bit with its unscented blooms that grow in late summer or early autumn.

23. Ursinia Calenduliflora

Botanical Name: Ursinia calenduliflora

Ursinia calenduliflora produces bright orange, daisy-like flowers with dark centers. Blooming in spring and summer, these flowers are fragrant and make a vibrant addition to any garden.

24. Ursinia Chrysanthemoides

Flowers that Start with U 12

Botanical Name: Ursinia chrysanthemoides

Ursinia chrysanthemoides is a perennial plant that produces bright yellow, daisy-like flowers. These Flowers that Start with U bloom during spring and early summer, adding a splash of color to your garden.

25. Ursinia Nana

Botanical Name: Ursinia nana

Ursinia nana, a type of dwarf daisy, features small, vibrant yellow flowers that bloom from winter to spring. These charming flowers are scentless and add a splash of color to rock gardens and borders.

26. Ursinia Speciosa

Flowers that Start with U 13

Botanical Name: Ursinia speciosa

Ursinia speciosa is a showy annual that bears bright yellow flowers with a black center. These spring-blooming flowers exude a mild, pleasing fragrance.

27. Utah Agave Flower

Botanical Name: Agave utahensis

Utah Agave Flower, part of a succulent plant, produces tall spikes of yellow to green flowers. These bloom only once in the plant’s life, after a gap of many years.

28. Utricularia Delphinioides

Flowers that Start with U 14

Botanical Name: Utricularia delphinioides

Utricularia delphinioides is a type of carnivorous plant that produces small, two-lipped, blue-violet flowers. These non-fragrant flowers usually bloom in spring or summer.

29. Utricularia Vulgaris

Botanical Name: Utricularia vulgaris

Utricularia vulgaris is another variety of carnivorous Bladderwort. It features small, yellow, snapdragon-like flowers that float above the water surface in spring and summer.

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