13 Snake Plant Growing Styles

With a sculptural quality one of its kind, these fantastic Snake Plant Growing Styles offer creative inspiration for your home decor!

Whether you are looking for a statement living centerpiece, or simply want to brush up on your creativity, these Snake Plant Growing Styles offer plenty of options to suit your needs!

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Snake Plant Growing Styles

1. Upright Snake Plants Lined in a Pot

Snake Plant Growing Styles 1

Standing tall and straight, classic snake plants like ‘Laurentii’ or ‘Zeylanica’ lined in a pot offers a sleek appearance, perfect for sophisticated contemporary decors.

2. Twisted Snake Planted in a Black Ceramic

Snake Plant Growing Styles 3

A rosette of twisted leaves look super classy in dark-toned ceramics, perfect for coffee tables and workdesks.

3. Potted Sansevieria Cylindrica

With long cylindrical, rod-like leaves, Sansevieris ‘Cylindrica’ is a not-so-common option if you love variety in your collection.

4. Braided Snake Plants

Braiding the leaves enhances their appearance even more, adding an artistic element to the decor.

5. Single Leaf Growing with a Plantlet

Showcasing a single leaf with a small offshoot screams minimalism in style!

6. Cylindrica Snake Plants Clustered in Gravel Pot

Snake Plant Growing Styles 5

The uniquely cylindrical leaves of this cultivar clustered in a gravel pot, offers an edgy aesthetic to minimalist interiors.

7. Sansevieria in Kokedama Ball

Flaunt your love for gardening creatively by wrapping up a snake plant roots in a kokedama display!

8. Potted Sansevierias in Denim

Don’t discard those old denims, plant these sturdy plants instead!

9. Sansevieria Cylindrica with Painted Tops

Add a colorful twist to those cylindrical leaves by painting the tops in your favorite shades or twinning them with the pot’s color.

10. Snake Plants Clustered in a Raised Woven Basket

Snake Plant Growing Styles 9

Grouping different Snake Plant varieties in a woven basket brings a natural, earthy look, perfect for boho decors.

11. Different Snake Plants Growing in a Pot

Create a family of snake plants by growing different varieties in a single pot. Go for diverse foliage patterns for an added charm.

12. Snake Plant in a Bonsai Pot

Try growing a Sansevieria in a bonsai pot for a rustic touch to its sculptural form.

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