10 Best Ways to Style Home with Snake Plants

Whether you want a living wall or an exquisite centerpiece, these Best Ways to Style Home with Snake Plants can be your go-to option!

Nothing can beat the elegance of houseplants when it comes to styling your home. These Snake Plant Display Ideas stand out as even more suitable options for their easy maintenance, making them a fit for busy gardeners!

Best Ways to Style Home with Snake Plants

1. Display Snake Plants in Hanging Baskets

Snake Plant Display

Suspend your snake plant in a stylish hanging basket to create a floating focal point, adding dimension to small spaces. Opt for macramé or woven baskets for a bohemian look. You can experiment with some quirky plant hanging options like these.

2. Grace Up a Tall Planter

Accentuate the vertical lines of a snake plant by placing it in a tall planter, ideal for bland corners or a free space beside a furniture piece. Choose a sleek, modern planter or personalize it with planter wraps to complement a contemporary decor.

3. Line them in Window Boxes

Snake Plant Display

Bring life to your windows by growing snake plants in window boxes, offering both curb appeal and a pleasant indoor view. Choose cohesive box designs for a neat uniform look.

4. Hang it Upside Down

Create a unique interior statement by hanging snake plants upside down. Using specialized inverted planters, this method adds an avant-garde touch to your space, perfect for contemporary or artistic home settings.

5. Grow Snake Plant in Water

Snake Plant Display 3

A snake plant growing in water will transform a regular spot into a fantastic indoor plant cutting propagation station. Pick clear jars to add a decorative element to this super-functional idea.

6. Display it in Glass Cloches

Showcase your snake plant in a glass cloche for a terrarium-like display, perfect for workdesks, mantels or shelves. This approach will help you save a stressed snake plant from extreme cold temperatures, while making for a creative decor piece.

7. Design a Living Wall of Snake Plants

Snake Plant Display 4

Place potted snake plants on wall-mounted shelves or hooks to create a stylish yet organic element to any room, without eating up the floor space. This snake plant display idea works well for vining plants like Pothos or English Ivy as well.

8. Grow them in Attractive Glass Containers

Showcase snake plants in attractive glass containers of various shapes such as a bowl, jar, or a terrarium for an elite touch. Go with a rare Sansevieria specimen to flaunt your green thumb in style.

9. Display on a Hanging Plant Stand

Snake Plant Display 5

A hanging plant stand complements well with a rustic decor, especially if you go with wooden or hand-woven accents. You can also design one on your own recycling some wooden pallets, macrame ropes and other embellishments for a personal touch.

10. Make a Snake Plant Terrarium

How about creating a mini ecosystem with a snake plant terrarium? Ideal for tabletops or as a centerpiece, it’s a creative snake plant display idea that also goes well with other succulents, as well.

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