11 Orange Amaryllis Varieties

Bring home these fantastic Orange Amaryllis Varieties for a flamboyant floral show with minimal maintenance!

Add some cheerful color to your winter garden with these beautiful Orange Amaryllis Varieties, perfect for growing in flower gardens, patio pots and vases! 

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Orange Amaryllis Varieties

1. Samba

Orange Amaryllis Varieties 1

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Samba’

Hippeastrum ‘Samba’ produces vivid orange-red flowers with white edges and a subtle green tint in the center. This low-maintenance variety typically blooms in the winter to early spring, providing a cheerful splash of color during the colder months.

2. Nagano

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Nagano’

The ‘Nagano’ creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with its deep, reddish-orange petals, subtly lined with white. Native to tropical regions, it adapts well to typical indoor settings, often used in floral arrangements for its long-lasting blooms.

3. La Paz

Orange Amaryllis Varieties 5

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘La Paz’

‘La Paz’ captures attention with its slender, spider-like petals which are a fusion of orange and green. This hardy plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, blooming in late winter or early spring

4. Stargazer

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Stargazer’

The ‘Stargazer’ commands attention with its bold, star-shaped blooms in a deep orange hue with white center. This orange Amaryllis variety is particularly long-lasting when cut, making it a popular choice for bouquets and floral arrangements.

5. Minerva

Orange Amaryllis Varieties 7

Botanical Name: ‘Hippeastrum Minerva’

‘Minerva’ offers a classic elegance with its large, orange-red flowers and a distinct white star in the center. If you are looking for a low-maintenance option for your holiday decor, Minerva amaryllis can be an unconventional option.

6. Popov

Orange Amaryllis 11

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Popov’

Hippeastrum ‘Popov’ is noted for its distinctive petal pattern, with white and soft orange stripes forming an elegant contrast. The blooms have a moderate size, with each petal displaying a blend of colors.

7. Monaco

Orange Amaryllis Varieties 13

Botanical Name:Hippeastrum Monaco’

The ‘Monaco’ variety commands attention with its bold, bright orange blooms. It is perfect for creating a focal point of centertables or dining tables.

8. Sumatra

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Sumatra’

Unlike other varieties the ‘Sumatra’ The ‘Sumatra’ variety showcases exotic, narrow petals in a vivid orange hue, perfect for adding an artistic touch to modern designs.

9. Dancing Queen

Orange Amaryllis Varieties 15

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Dancing Queen’

‘Dancing Queen’ stands out with vibrant, multi-layered orange petals, often used for festive decorations in celebrations and gatherings.

10. Orange Sovereign

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Orange Sovereign’

Hippeastrum ‘Orange Sovereign’ is a classic beauty, flaunting brilliant orange flowers, perfect for sunlit kitchen windows or as a bright, welcoming accent in entryways.

11. Ritz Farming

Orange Amaryllis Varieties 17

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum ‘Ritz Farming’

Ritz Farming’ has a blend of powdery orange and white shades on its large, robust petals, ideal for cut flower arrangements.

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