15 Cheery Yellow Carnations & Their Meaning

Learn about the Best Yellow Carnations & Their Meaning, and infuse your home with shades of warmth and joy!

Whether you want to spruce your home with cheery vibes or just want to shower some color on your houseplant collection—Yellow Carnations tick all your boxes!

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Yellow Carnation Meaning—What Does Yellow Carnation Symbolize?

While the color yellow signifies cheerfulness, glory, and wisdom, Yellow Carnations hold their own unique symbolism and meaning, representing disappointment, rejection, or dejection. The negative connotation associated with yellow carnations makes it an unfit option for gifting your friends or romantic partners. You may send them to someone to express your disappointment. Also, they can be a suitable option to forward your condolence or sorrow in difficult times.

However, despite their somewhat negative connotations, Yellow Carnations make for attractive floral arrangements and bouquets. They can be combined with other flowers to add a vibrant touch and convey a more nuanced message.

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Cheery Yellow Carnations

1. Yellow Sun

True to its name, Yellow Sun features large blooms with deeply ruffled petals bringing the warmth of the morning sun. The flowers have a high petal count, creating a full and textured appearance that adds depth and interest to floral arrangements.

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2. Golden Gate

With a blend of yellow and gold hues, this unique carnation variety has a luxurious and regal feel. Its large, frilly blooms create a stunning visual impact, making it one gorgeous Yellow Carnations variety for both traditional and contemporary arrangements.

3. Yellow Candy

This lighter Yellow Carnation is characterized by its soft, pastel hue and gently ruffled petals. The medium-sized blooms have a delicate, sweet fragrance, making them an elegant addition to any bouquet or arrangement.

4. Sunshine Kisses

A pale yellow variety with soft, delicate petals that evoke a sense of warmth and tranquility. The blooms are medium-sized and have a subtle, sweet fragrance that is reminiscent of a sunny spring day.

5. Lemon Chiffon

Lemon Chiffon is a  pale, pastel Yellow Carnation with a graceful appearance. The blooms have a soft, delicate texture with a medium-size, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to wedding bouquets or floral centerpieces.

6. Sunny Delight

Featuring cheerful, bright yellow blooms with large, ruffled petals, this flower adds a touch of sunshine to any arrangement, making it one of the vibrant Yellow Carnations. Additionally, they exude a pleasant fragrance and are known for their long-lasting nature.

7. Canary Yellow

This striking Yellow Carnation variety boasts a vibrant canary yellow color and ruffled petals, making it an eye-catching addition to any floral arrangement. The long-lasting blooms are medium to large in size and emit a light, pleasant fragrance.

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8. Buttercup


Named for its warm, buttery yellow hue, this Yellow Carnation variety features lush, ruffled petals that brighten any floral arrangement. The blooms are medium to large in size, with a light, fresh scent that complements their cheerful appearance.

9. Moonlight Yellow

A soft, pale yellow carnation with a subtle, romantic appeal, Moonlight Yellow counts among one of the best Yellow Carnations. The blooms are medium in size and have a gentle, calming fragrance that creates a serene atmosphere in the home.

10. Lemon Drop

A delightful lemon-yellow carnation with a zesty hue and lightly ruffled petals, the medium-sized blooms have a citrusy fragrance, making them an invigorating addition to any floral arrangement.

11. Golden Sunrise

This warm, golden-yellow carnation variety is reminiscent of the first light of dawn. The large, ruffled blooms emit a soft, uplifting fragrance and make a stunning addition to any floral arrangement, evoking a sense of renewal and optimism.

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12. Golden Celebration

A rich, golden-yellow carnation with large, sumptuous blooms that evoke a sense of festivity and luxury. The flowers have a high petal count and a slight, sweet fragrance, making them perfect for special decor pieces for celebrations.

13. Mellow Yellow

This soothing Yellow Carnation variety features a gentle hue and slightly ruffled petals, creating a calming presence in any floral arrangement. The medium-sized blooms have a mild, pleasant fragrance that complements their tranquil appearance.

14. Yellow Harmony

One of the most popular Yellow Carnations, Yellow Harmony features medium-sized blooms with a soft, velvety texture and emit a gentle, calming fragrance, making them perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in the house.

15. Apricot Twist

A unique yellow carnation variety with a hint of apricot, this warm and inviting flower features medium-sized blooms with gently ruffled petals. The color combination adds depth and interest, while the mild, fruity fragrance enhances the overall sensory experience.

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