17 Indoor Hanging Vine Display Ideas

If you are a decor enthusiast with a green thumb, these Indoor Hanging Vine Display Ideas will have your heart!

There’s something truly magical about a lush vine gracefully cascading over your favorite home decor. These indoor hanging vine display ideas will let you do just that!

Indoor Hanging Vine Display Ideas

1. Place a Cascading Vine Pot on a High Shelf

Hanging Vine Plant Display Ideas 1

What could be easier than placing a vining pot on a high shelf and letting the vines cascade down gracefully? Pair it up with some potted varieties to depth to the space.

2. Train them Around the Window Frame


Utilize the natural light from your windows by placing vining plants on the sill or a nearby stand and allowing them to intertwine around the window frame. This is particularly good for those corners that don’t bask in the afternoon sunlight.

3. Create a Vining Room Divider

Need to split up a space without making it feel closed off? Train up some vining plants on a trellis or hang a few planters from a free-standing pole for subtle yet protected privacy.

4. Display a Couple of Vining Pots Near the Ceiling

Vine Plant Display

Hang a few vining pots in the overhead space near the ceiling of your room and fill up the bottom space with potted plants for an all-green corner.

5. Cascade them Down the Balcony Railing

If you have a mezzanine balcony, you can let vines like pothos or philos off the side, creating a beautiful and natural cascade effect.

6. Display them on the Dentil Shelf

Ever thought about using that dentil shelf for something more than just knick-knacks? Try placing some vine plants there!

7. Trail it Around the Staircase Railing

Wrapping vines around your staircase railing is like bringing a piece of the garden inside. Needless to say, it’s super easy, too!

8. Create a Green Wall

Vine Plant

Position a vining pot behind furniture and use climber clips or double-sided tape to shape the vines into an elegant crown-like display on the wall. You can try some Pothos wall ideas, too!

9. Hang a Few Pots in the Shower Room

Vine Plant Ideas of indoor

Hanging vines in your shower room can make your daily shower feel like a retreat to a tropical rainforest. Plus, the steam and humidity are just what these plants love! Here’s some inspiration!

10. Support with a Branch

Ideas of indoor plants

Get creative and use a natural branch to support your vines for a rustic, earthy element to your décor.

11. Greenify the Loft Bed Space

Beautiful vines

If you have a loft bed, draping vines around it can create a cozy, green reading nook up there!

12. Arrange a Couple of Vining Pots for a Greener Look

Beautiful Vine Plant Display Ideas

Embrace simplicity in your decor and put these green vines to good use by training them all across the place!

13. Trail it Around a Photo Frame

Indoor Hanging Vine

Why not add some greenery to your favorite memories? Trailing vines around a photo frame can turn your cherished pictures into a living display.

14. Pin the Vines Around a Wall Grid

Hanging Vine

Got a wall grid? Use it as a trellis for your vines. We have some more creative ideas for you!

15. Vine them on a Decorative Plant Ladder

A plant ladder isn’t just functional; it can be a striking decorative piece. Drape your vines over it for a cascading green effect that’s both beautiful and space-efficient.

16. Decorate a Bathroom Mirror Frame

How about starting your day by looking into a mirror framed with fresh vines? Jest place one at the corner and train those vines as you desire!

17. Train them Around the Door Frame

This idea defines how simplicity can be beautiful! Just train the vines around the door frame, and you have a living archway that is soothing to the eye.

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