21 Snake Plant Wall Ideas

Amp up your indoor decor game with these Snake Plant Wall Ideas that will transform your living space while saving the floor area!

Utilize the vertical space of your home with these Snake Plant Wall Ideas that won’t require you to tend them every now and then! Plus, they are perfect for apartments, condos, or offices with limited floor space!

Pick From this List of the Most Colorful Snake Plants

Snake Plant Wall Ideas

1. Line Snake Plants on the Ledge for an Elevated Look

A comfortable living room with a couch, table, and a snake plant adorning the wal

2. Plant them in a Macrame Wall Hanger

 A snake plant wall adorned with a macrame wall hanging

3. Line them for a Bushier Look

snake plant Wall ideas

4. Mount Potted Plants on the Wall

showcasing snake plants and inspiring snake plant wall ideas

5. Grow them in Tea Cups on the Wall Shelf

snake plant wall Cup Planter ideas
Adela B

6. Arrange Potted Plants of Various Sizes on Floating Shelves

inspiration for snake plant wall ideas.

7. Line them Behind the Sofa

featuring snake plant wall decor

8. Plant them on Wooden Wall Pockets for a Chic Look

A creative display of snake plants in planters adorns a wall, adding a touch of nature to the space

9. Hang Single Leaves in Glasses

A creative display of snake plants in planters adorns a wall, adding a touch of nature to the space
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Explore some Interesting Growing Styles Here

10. Plant them in Coco Cones for a Creative Show


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Get the DIY steps here.

11. Use Some Decorative Wall Pot Holders

snake plant iron rod ideas

12. Create a Snake Plant Vertical Garden

A snake plant stands tall in front of a bookshelf, adding a touch of greenery to the room's decor

13. Place them at Different Heights

snake plant wall decor

14. Plant Naturally Tall Varieties for a Jungle Like Ambiance

snake plant wall decor

15. Group Different Snake Plant Varieties on a Shelf

Snake Plant Pot Ideas

16. Place a Couple of Sanseveria Varieties on Wall Mounted Shelves

17. Place a Tall Variety Inside a Recessed Shelf

18. Place Potted Snake Plants with a Green Background

19. Place a Mini Pot on a Hanging Shelf

20. Line Potted Ones At an Upper Ledge

Hanging Pot Holder

21. Design a Decorative Wall Piece

Beautiful Snake Plants

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