33 Weeds with Small White Flowers

Do not overlook these Weeds with Small White Flowers, for these unwanted guests can be a threat to your garden!

Despite being mostly ignored characteristics, these weeds with small white flowers have an interesting story to tell. Explore what makes them beautiful, beneficial and sometimes toxic!

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Weeds with Small White Flowers

1. Stinking Chamomile

Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Anthemis cotula

Notorious for its strong, unpleasant aroma when crushed, Stinking Chamomile stands out with its petite white flowers. They are a common sight along roadside areas and unmanaged gardens.

2. White Yarrow

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

This weed is popular for its delicate, fern-like leaves and clusters of small white flowers that bloom from late spring to mid-summer. Plus, they boast certain medicinal properties as well.

3. Black Nightshade

Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Solanum nigrum

This common weed flaunts small white flowers paired with dark, sometimes toxic berries. This plant’s dual nature of beauty and danger is a staple in gardens, waste areas, and fields.

4. Stinging Nettle

Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Stinging Nettle is a white flower weed known for its stinging hairs that can cause skin irritation upon contact. Having said that, it’s important to handle this species with care.

5. Common Hemp-Nettle

Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Galeopsis tetrahit

The Common Hemp-Nettle, reaching heights of 20 to 70 cm, is a striking sight with its small white flowers tinged with pink. Often found in agricultural fields, you can also eat it raw or cooked.

6. Japanese Knotweed

Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Reynoutria japonica

An invasive perennial weed, the Japanese Knotweed features greenish-white flowers. As a gardener, you have to be watchful of its aggressive growth that can overshadow native vegetation.

7. Field Bindweed

Beautiful Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Convolvulus arvensis

Field Bindweed brings a perpetual challenge as they twine around useful plants with its white, funnel-shaped flowers.

8. Thale Cress

Botanical Name: Arabidopsis thaliana

While the tiny white flowers of Thale Cress may seem inconspicuous, this weed plays a crucial role in genetics and plant biology studies due to its rapid life cycle and ease of cultivation.

9. Shepherd’s Purse

Beautiful Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Capsella bursa-pastoris

Shepherd’s Purse features heart-shaped seed pods that resemble tiny purses, giving it the name. It features clusters of small white flowers and is usually found on fields and roadsides.

10. Jimson Weed

Beautiful Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name:  Datura stramonium

Jimson Weed stands out with its large, trumpet-shaped white flowers and spiky seed pods. Highly toxic, it’s often found in disturbed soils and waste areas.

11. Water Hemlock

Beautiful Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Cicuta spp.

Water Hemlock is notorious for its toxicity. It features small white flowers in umbrella-like clusters, typically found near wetlands and streams.

12. Daisy Fleabane

Beautiful Weeds

Botanical Name: Erigeron annuus

This weed is known for producing numerous small, daisy-like white flowers with yellow centers. It is a common sight in late spring and summer in fields and disturbed areas.

13. White Wood Violet

Beautiful Weeds

Botanical Name: Viola sororia albiflora

White Wood Violet features white-petaled flowers and is often found in woodlands and shady gardens. Its serrated heart-shaped leaves emerge light green in spring and turn dark green in color throughout the season.

14. Smooth White Violet

Beautiful Weeds

Botanical Name: Viola macloskeyi

Smooth White Violet features delicate white flowers that pop against the lush green foliage. It’s often found in moist, shaded environments, adding a touch of subtle elegance.

15. Meadow Death Camas

Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Toxicoscordion venenosum

Meadow Death Camas is a perennial weed with a sinister name due to its toxic properties. You can recognize it with its small, white flowers that add to the beauty of meadows and grasslands.

16. Garlic Mustard

Botanical Name: Alliaria petiolata

With its four-petaled white flowers, Garlic Mustard is known for its garlic-like odor when crushed. This invasive weed thrives in woodlands and along roadsides.

17. Greater Stitchwort

Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Rabelera holostea

This weed with star-like white flowers is best known to add beauty to any natural landscape. You can recognize it by its five white petals, each deeply notched and almost divided into two.

18. Ground Elder

Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Aegopodium podagraria

Ground Elder is a perennial weed with clusters of small white flowers and is considered invasive in many regions. It takes over landscapes quickly, so as a gardener, you have to be very careful.

19. Cow Parsley

Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Anthriscus sylvestris

This elegant weed comes with lacy, fern-like foliage and delicate white flowers. You will commonly find it in meadows and woodland edges, flaunting its tiny flower clusters.

20. Feverfew

Botanical Name: Tanacetum parthenium

Feverfew produces clusters of small, daisy-like white flowers and is often used in traditional herbal remedies. This herbaceous plant has a strong odor, which makes it easily recognizable.

21. Wood Sorrel

Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Oxalis montana

Wood Sorrel is a woodland weed with clover-like leaves and small white to pinkish flowers. It often grows in shaded areas and forest floors.

22. Marestail

Botanical Name: Conyza canadensis

This is a common weed with slender stems and tiny white flowers. Horseweed emerges in fall or early spring as a rosette in disturbed areas.

23. Wild Madder


Botanical Name: Rubia peregrina

This is a creeping weed that forms clusters of star-shaped, fragrant white flowers in spring. Wild Madder is an evergreen perennial that can be found in various habitats.

24. Common Boneset

Eupatorium perfoliatum Weeds

Botanical Name: Eupatorium perfoliatum

This perennial weed produces large clusters of white blooms in late summer to early fall. These clusters are made of tiny flowers and thrive in areas with full sun to partial shade.

25. Valerian

Valeriana officinalis Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Valeriana officinalis

Valerian is a herbaceous plant with fragrant white or pinkish flowers. Its calming properties have made it a favorite in herbal remedies.

26. White Clover

Botanical Name: Trifolium repens

This common lawn weed is known for its three-leafed structure. Although a weed. White Clove is popular for improving soil health by fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil.

27. Common Chickweed

Stellaria media - Beautiful Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Stellaria media

This is a cool-season weed with delicate, star-like white flowers. It’s often found in gardens and lawns and can be a persistent presence during the colder months.

28. Hairy Bittercress

Cardamine hirsuta - Beautiful Weeds with Small White Flowers

Botanical Name: Cardamine hirsuta

Hairy Bittercress is a small, annual weed that produces clusters of tiny white flowers. It’s known for its explosive seed dispersal, so as a gardener, you should be cautious about its rapid growth.

29. Daisy

Bellis perennis - White Flowers

Botanical Name: Bellis perennis

Daisies are not just visually appealing but also valuable nectar sources for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. This familiar wildflower comes with white petals surrounding a yellow center.

30. Common Mouse Ear Chickweed

Botanical Name: Cerastium fontanum

Common Mouse Ear Chickweed is a low-growing weed with small white flowers. Its resilience allows it to thrive in various environmental conditions, making it a versatile but sometimes unwelcome guest in lawns.

31. Wild Carrot

White Flowers

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

This weed is a well-known relative of the cultivated carrot. While it may resemble its cultivated counterpart, the wild carrot’s taproot is often woody and inedible, so don’t even try to cook it.

32. Horseweed

Botanical Name:  Erigeron canadensis

Horseweed is a tall weed with clusters of white or pinkish flowers. Its tall stature has made it a valuable source of habitat and food for wildlife, including birds and insects.

33. Pearlwort

Botanical Name: Sagina procumbens

The low-growing tiny white flowers of Pearlwort often form a dense mat in lawns and other grassy areas. Although a weed, you will appreciate it for its charming carpet of flowers.

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