43 Trees that Start with C

Explore the fascinating world of Trees that Start with C and learn about their role in enriching the ecosystem!

From vibrant flowers to unique foliage, each of these Trees that Start with C brings its own charm to the world of gardening. Let’s take a closer look at these incredible varieties!

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Trees that Start with C

1. Coralbean

43 Trees that Start with C 1

Botanical Name: Dermatophyllum secundiflorum

The Coralbean tree stands out with its striking red, tubular flowers, home to a hoard of hummingbirds and butterflies. Its serrated, dark green leaves create a lovely backdrop for the vibrant blossoms.

2. Cordia White

Botanical Name: Cordia boissieri

This evergreen tree boasts delicate, trumpet-shaped white flowers that release a sweet fragrance. Its glossy, elliptical leaves create a striking contrast, enhancing its overall charm.

3. Cornel Blackfruit

43 Trees that Start with C 2

Botanical Name: Cornus sessilis

This deciduous tree captivates with its small, creamy white flowers and dark blue-black berries. Its ovate, opposite leaves turn vibrant shades of red in autumn, adding seasonal interest. To maintain its beauty, consider light pruning in late winter or early spring.

4. Cottonwood Black

Botanical Name: Populus trichocarpa

The majestic Cottonwood Black, with its broad, heart-shaped leaves, offers a stunning presence in any landscape. This fast-growing tree prefers moist, well-drained soil near water sources and requires ample space due to its majestic size.

5. Cadaga

43 Trees that Start with C 3

Botanical Name: Corymbia torelliana

Also known as the Cadaghi tree, it charms with its pendulous clusters of cream-colored flowers and smooth, mottled bark. This Australian native thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, making it an excellent choice for warm climates.

6. Cajeput

Botanical Name: Melaleuca spp.

The Cajeput tree delights with its aromatic leaves and white, bottlebrush-like flowers. This versatile tree adapts well to different soil types and can tolerate periods of drought, making it an attractive option for low-maintenance landscapes.

7. Canistel

43 Trees that Start with C 4

Botanical Name: Pouteria campechiana

The Canistel, also known as the Eggfruit tree, features leathery, elliptical leaves and produces sweet, apricot-flavored fruits. To promote fruiting, ensure proper cross-pollination and provide well-draining soil.

8. Cinnamon

Botanical Name: Canella winterana

The wild Cinnamon tree is a tropical wonder, boasting glossy, dark green leaves and small, cream-colored flowers that emit a delightful cinnamon scent. Its aromatic bark has culinary and medicinal uses, making it a valuable addition to any garden.

9. Cinnecord

43 Trees that Start with C 5

Botanical Name: Vachellia choriophylla

With its feathery, finely divided leaves and small, spherical flowers, the Cinnecord tree adds an elegant touch to landscapes. This drought-tolerant tree requires minimal maintenance, making it an excellent choice for water-wise gardening.

10. Cockspur

Botanical Name: Erythrina crista-galli

The Cockspur tree impresses with its showy, scarlet red flowers and thorny branches, adding a splash of color and security to garden spaces. Ensure a sunny location with well-draining soil for this visually striking and hardy tree.

11. Council Tree

43 Trees that Start with C 6

Botanical Name: Ficus altissima

A majestic shade tree, the Council Tree displays large, leathery leaves with prominent veins, creating a lush canopy. This versatile tree adapts to various soil types and requires ample space to reach its grandeur.

12. Crabwood

Botanical Name: Carapa guianensis

The Crabwood tree showcases panicles of fragrant, white flowers and large, pinnate leaves that provide a dense shade. Its seeds produce a valuable oil with numerous applications in traditional medicine and skincare.

13. Crapemyrtle

43 Trees that Start with C 7

Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia indica

Renowned for its stunning, long-lasting blooms, the Crapemyrtle comes in various colors, including pink, purple, and white. Its attractive exfoliating bark adds winter interest, and regular pruning promotes vigorous flowering.

14. Cryptomeria

Botanical Name: Cryptomeria japonica

The Cryptomeria, also known as Japanese Cedar, exhibits soft, feathery foliage and an upright, conical growth habit. This evergreen tree thrives in moist, acidic soil and brings an elegant touch to gardens.

15. Cucumber Tree

43 Trees that Start with C 8

Botanical Name: Magnolia acuminate

The Cucumber tree charms with its large, fragrant yellow-green flowers and greenish-yellow, cucumber-like fruits. Its leaves turn a brilliant yellow in the fall, creating a stunning display of autumn color.

16. Cunninghamia

Botanical Name: Cunninghamia spp.

The Cunninghamia, or China Fir, features flattened needle-like leaves and upright cones. These ornamental evergreen Trees that Start with C symbolize longevity and are often used in traditional Chinese gardens.

17. Copal Tree

43 Trees that Start with C 9

Botanical Name: Protium copal

The Copal tree, native to tropical regions, is renowned for its aromatic resins used in incense. Its glossy, dark green leaves and resinous scent make it an enticing addition to any garden.

18. Carrotwood

Botanical Name: Cupaniopsis anacardioides

The Carrotwood tree offers a striking contrast with its dark green, glossy leaves and orange-red fruit-like capsules. It is a low-maintenance specimen that thrives in various soil types.

19. Catalpas

43 Trees that Start with C 10

Botanical Name: Catalpa spp.

Known for their broad, heart-shaped leaves and stunning panicles of white or purple flowers, Catalpas are excellent shade trees that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

20. Ceanothus

Botanical Name: Ceanothus spp.

The Ceanothus, or California Lilac, enchants with its clusters of blue, purple, or white flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. Its drought-tolerant nature makes it an ideal choice for water-wise gardens.

21. Cheesewoods

43 Trees that Start with C 11

Botanical Name: Pittosporum spp.

The Cheesewood trees boast leathery, evergreen leaves and produce small, fragrant flowers. Their compact growth and adaptability to pruning make them popular choices for hedges and screens.

22. Citrus

Botanical Name: Citrus spp.

The Citrus tree family includes beloved fruit trees like oranges, lemons, and limes. Their glossy, aromatic leaves, fragrant blossoms, and flavorful fruits make them rewarding additions to home gardens.

23. Cypress

43 Trees that Start with C 12

Botanical Name: Cupressus spp.

Tall, slender, and evergreen Cypresses lend an air of elegance to any landscape. The dense foliage crown of these Trees that Start with C provides excellent privacy screens and windbreaks.

24. Condalias

Botanical Name: Condalia spp.

The Condalias, or Bluewood, feature attractive blue-gray foliage and small, inconspicuous flowers. Their drought tolerance and resistance to harsh conditions make them suitable for arid regions.

25. California Ash

43 Trees that Start with C 13

Botanical Name: Fraxinus dipetala

The California ash, a deciduous tree, showcases pinnately compound leaves and clusters of winged seeds. Its vibrant fall foliage adds seasonal interest to the garden.

26. Cordyline Australis

Botanical Name: Cordyline australis

Popular as the New Zealand Cabbage Tree, these specimens produce long, sword-like leaves and a tall, palm-like appearance. It is native to New Zealand and is known for its unique and ornamental foliage.

27. Carnegiea Gigantean

43 Trees that Start with C 14

Botanical Name: Carnegiea gigantean

A towering symbol of the American Southwest, it stands tall with ribbed, columnar stems and showy white flowers. These Trees that Start with C thrive in arid environments and require minimal watering.

28. Cedar

Botanical Name: Cedrus

Cedars, with their evergreen foliage and impressive size, impart a sense of grandeur to landscapes. They are valued for their wood and resinous aromas.

29. Cherry

43 Trees that Start with C 15

Botanical Name: Prunus avium

Cherries entice with their delicate, fragrant flowers in shades of white or pink. They bear delicious fruit, making them popular additions to orchards and home gardens.

30. Chestnut

Botanical Name: Castanea sativa

The Chestnut tree, prized for its edible nuts, displays large, serrated leaves and provides abundant shade. These Trees that Start with C require well-drained soil and regular pruning to manage their size.

31. China Tree

43 Trees that Start with C 16

Botanical Name: Sapindus drummondii

The China Tree, or Soapberry, exhibits compound leaves and produces small, berry-like fruits with soapy properties. It is an excellent choice for environment-friendly soap production.

32. Chinaberry Tree

Botanical Name: Melia azedarach

The Chinaberry tree presents fragrant, lilac-like flowers and small, yellow fruits. However, these fruits are toxic and should not be ingested.

33. Chittam Wood

43 Trees that Start with C 17

Botanical Name: Cotinus obovatus

The Chittam-wood tree, also known as American Smoke Tree, boasts striking, smoky-pink inflorescences and vibrant fall foliage. If you want a colorful addition to your garden, this is it!

34. Chokecherry

Botanical Name: Prunus virginiana

The Chokecherry tree showcases clusters of fragrant white flowers and deep purple-black berries. Its berries can be made into jams and jellies but are astringent when eaten raw.

35. Christmas Berry

43 Trees that Start with C 18

Botanical Name: Ardisia crenata

The Christmas Berry tree, an evergreen shrub, exhibits glossy leaves and bright red berries, adding festive colors to winter landscapes. It thrives in shaded areas with well-drained soil.

36. Coma Tree

Botanical Name: Sideroxylon lanuginosum

Also known as Gum Bully, the Coma Tree boasts attractive glossy, dark green leaves and small, white flowers. These trees reach about 40 feet tall and produce vibrant orange fruits.

37. Cedar of Lebanon

43 Trees that Start with C 19

Botanical Name: Cedrus libani

The Cedar of Lebanon stands tall with its dense, dark green foliage and distinctive cones. This majestic evergreen tree has been revered for its historical and cultural significance for centuries.

38. Cork Oak

Botanical Name: Quercus suber

The Cork Oak tree, known for its thick, corky bark, provides valuable cork material. These evergreen Trees that Start with C grow upto 65-70 feet tall, adding a touch of greenery year-round.

39. Crabapple

43 Trees that Start with C 20

Botanical Name: Malus spp.

Crabapples shine with their charming spring blossoms and colorful, ornamental fruits. Their compact size makes them suitable for small gardens and urban landscapes.

40. Cape Chestnut

Botanical Name: Calodendrum capense

The Cape Chestnut tree displays clusters of stunning pink, lilac, or white flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. It is a prized ornamental tree in South Africa.

41. Chinese Fringetree

43 Trees that Start with C 21

Botanical Name: Chionanthus retusus

The Chinese Fringetree enchants with its clusters of delicate, fringe-like white flowers and shiny, green leaves. Its bard is used in traditional medicine for treating ailments like migraines and liver problems.

42. Camphor Tree

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora

The Camphor tree is known for its aromatic leaves and attractive red berries. It thrives in subtropical and tropical regions, requiring well-drained soil and regular pruning.

43. Chaste Tree

43 Trees that Start with C 22

Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus

Chaste Tree, also known as Vitex or Monk’s Pepper, features spikes of fragrant lilac, pink, or white flowers. This deciduous tree is valued for its medicinal properties and ability to attract pollinators.

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