16 Snake Plant Arrangement Ideas

Home decor need not be expensive or difficult, especially when you have these easy-peasy snake plant arrangement ideas!

Gardening without a proper arrangement is like a puzzle with missing pieces—it just doesn’t quite come together. So, if you’re staring at a bunch of sansevierias and wondering how to jazz them up, here are some arrangement ideas to get those sturdy beauties in order!

Snake Plant Arrangement Ideas

1. Arrange them in Thriller, Filler, Spiller Combination

Create a layered, lush arrangement featuring a tall Sansevieria as a ‘thriller,’ some colorful houseplants as ‘fillers,’ and trailing ‘spillers.’ Pick drought-tolerant varieties to avoid overwhelming your snake plant’s modest thirst.

2. Create an Indoor Rock Garden

Forge a miniature rocky landscape by nestling snake plants in a layer of pebbles and rocks. Perfect for creating a tranquil yet rugged corner with almost zero upkeep.

3. Arrange With Other Succulents

Pair your snake plant with a motley crew of other succulents, creating a mini jungle of contrasting shapes and sizes.

4. Hang it on a Macrame Hanger

Swaying from a macrame hanger, this arrangement is a nod to retro chic and a space-saver that adds a boho touch to any nook.

5. Pair with Sleek, Tall Planters

Match the upright form of snake plants with tall, slender planters for a stylish pair that exudes elegance. This can also trick your plant to look taller like this.

6. Create Your Own Leaf Propagation Station

How about you create your personal plant propagation station? This can be a stand-alone decor piece for your living room! Here‘s some inspiration for you!

7. Line Them in Colorful Planters

Inject life into your space by lining snake plants in vibrant planters. You can also go with pastel shades for a soft, elite look.

8. Place Them In Tiered Settings

Stack up the style with snake plants by placing them on tiered shelves, creating a living green staircase by the couch!

9. Opt for Kokedama Arrangement

Wrap snake plants in Kokedama balls for a floating garden feel that’ll also meet your plant’s low watering needs.

10. Grow them in a Window Box

Imagine sipping your morning coffee beside a leafy view that requires almost no upkeep!

11. Snake Plant Family!

Gather different types of snake plants for a family reunion in one spot, where each shows off its unique pattern and height!

12. Line up a Trio

Put three snake plants together in a row for a simple leafy chorus on your tabletop, shelf, or windowsill. However, ensure that the spot is not too sunny.

13. Grow them in Glasses

An easy way to flaunt its beauty without breaking the bank is simply planting some tall varieties in transparent glasses. Layer some colorful stones or pebbles for an added flair.

14. Grow Many Plants Together in a Single Pot

Why settle for one when you can have a party? Plant several snake plants together in a big pot for a lush, mini-jungle vibe.

15. Sansevieria Duo

Double the decor fun by displaying a pair of Sansevierias together. Opt for the same or different varieties to flaunt your collection.

16. Opt for a Solo Planter

Create a one-plant show that delivers sophistication with an edge, perfect for that minimalist or industrial vibe right in your living!

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