13 Fragrant Indoor Plants

Unwind after a long day in an aromatic retreat with these fragrant indoor plants right in your living space!

How about waking up to some calming scents, gently easing your mind away from a daunting to-do list? Well, you can have just that with these fragrant indoor plants that may need a bit extra attention, but the reward is undeniably worth it!

Fragrant Indoor Plants

1. Jasmine

Botanical Name: Jasminum polyanthum

Jasmine can be your go-to for a sweet aroma that’s strongest at night. Its delicate white flowers are perfect for homes that don’t receive a lot of direct sunlight but a few hours of morning sunlight to feed their needs.

2. Gardenia

Fragrant Indoor Plants

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides

The gardenia’s white blooms pack a punch with a deep, slightly spicy scent. Place it in a sunny window and mist the leaves occasionally, and it’ll reward you with a scent that’s often used in high-end perfumes.

3. Scented Geraniums

Botanical Name: Pelargonium spp.

With over 280 species, Geraniums bring a delightful variety to the garden with their aromatic leaves, ranging from rose to lemon scents. However, these plants require a lot of sunlight and could be a fragrant addition to your garden as well!

4. Eucalyptus

Fragrant Plants

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus spp.

If you’re after that fresh, clean scent, Eucalyptus should be your pick. Crush or dry its leaves for an even stronger scent with a camphoraceous top note and woody undertones that would remind you of that relaxing aromatherapy, you pay pretty bucks for!

5. Madagascar Jasmine

Fragrant Plants Stephanotis Floribunda

Botanical Name: Stephanotis floribunda

If you can arrange an indoor trellis or would love to have some hanging varieties, go for this fragrant trailing plant. Ensure that the spot isn’t too sunny and the medium doesn’t dry out completely to enjoy its lush floral notes with hints of creamy, sweet undertones.

6. Lavender


Botanical Name: Lavandula

Though you need a sunny windowsill for this fragrant herb, it is totally worth the hype if you love woody, earthy notes. Just trim out the dead flowerheads for a refreshing batch of lavender blooms that will calm down your nerves after a long day.

7. Citrus Trees

Botanical Name: Citrus spp.

Who wouldn’t love the fresh scent of citrus in their home? With bright light and some watering, you can have your own mini citrus grove indoors. And their strong, zesty fragrance is definitely a bonus!

8. Orchids

Fragrant Plants

Botanical Name: Orchidaceae

Whether you are looking for a living wall decor or a beautiful tabletop companion, orchids have your back. In fact, some can surprise you with a chocolaty aroma, while some have a fresh, herbal scent. Lady of the Night is the most fragrant specimen.

The best part is they can do well in low-lit rooms where humidity is on point.

9. Plumeria


Botanical Name: Plumeria spp.

These flowers pack a sweet, powerful fragrance, especially in the early evening. However, you can bring them indoors only if you have a sunny window in the house or maybe on the balcony, as they need a good dose of sunlight, especially in the warmer months.

10. Sweet Bay

Fragrant Plants

Botanical Name: Laurus nobilis

This kitchen ingredient can actually be a fragrant addition to your sunny window. Its glossy green leaves have a subtle, spicy scent that gets stronger when you rub them. Plus, you can pluck a leaf or two for a slight bitter punch to your stews and stuffings.

11. Hoya

Hoya plant

Botanical Name: Hoya spp.

This popular indoor vine is a treat for both the eyes and the nose! Beyond its thick, waxy leaves, Hoyas also surprise with star-shaped flowers that fill any place with a sweet, almost chocolatey fragrance when provided with bright, indirect sunlight.

12. Orange Jessamine

Fragrant Plants

Botanical Name: Murraya paniculata

If you are into strong citrusy scents and would love to mist your room with the same, grow an orange jessamine on your south or west-facing window where it can bask in enough sunlight and bloom mini-white flowers in spring.

13. Angel’s Trumpet

Fragrant Plants

Botanical Name: Brugmansia

With huge trumpet-like flowers, these flowers give off this sweet scent as the day turns to night. Just give it some good light and regular water, and it’ll transform your space into something quite magical!

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