6 Tricks to Grow Taller Snake Plants

These expert tricks to grow tall snake plants will bring you positive results, even if you are just starting out!

Growing snake plants is anyway a rewarding experience but if you want to add that extra layer of height, we have listed some secret tricks below! While you apply these tips, be patient and trust the process as your plant slowly adjusts to these tweaked conditions!

How Tall Do Snake Plants Grow? 

Most indoor varieties comfortably reach 2 to 3 feet, though some can eventually grow up to 8 feet given time and the right conditions. So, while you try hard to achieve that towering height, it’s really important to set realistic expectations.

Plus, snake plants aren’t speedsters like Pothos or Spider Plants; they grow at a more leisurely pace. Seeing your Sansevieria add a few inches each month during its growing season is pretty good going. But here’s the thing—it’s not all about height. Your plant might stretch taller, but the leaves would weaken in a less-than-ideal environment. So, the goal must not be just a tall but a healthy, happy plant.

How to Make a Snake Plant Grow Tall?

1. Go with Taller Varieties

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Your best bet for height is to start with naturally tall varieties like the Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’ or ‘Zeylanica’. These types are the skyscrapers of the Snake Plant world, so you don’t need to put much effort into growing them taller.

2. Pick Tall & Sleek Containers

Tall & Sleek Containers

Think of a pot as a plant’s pair of heels. Just like the right pair can make you stand taller, a tall and narrow pot encourages your sansevieria to stretch upwards.

Plus, you can layer the bottom with foam or some stones or simply upside down a small pot to add some dimension to the plant’s height.

3. Keep the Leaves Upright

Over time, some Snake Plant leaves might start to bend or flop, especially when they reach a certain height. Use soft plant ties or supports to guide them back to an upright position gently. This not only instantly makes your plant look taller but also trains the leaves to grow straight, maximizing their vertical potential.

Also, take care of its nutritional needs, but don’t go overboard. Feed it with a balanced, water-soluble NPK blend every 4-6 weeks after diluting it to half its strength.

Remember, sansevierias don’t like too much water, so let it enjoy a few dry spells while reaching the height you desire!

4. Group with Smaller Varieties to Create an Illusion

Plant Varieties

Just the right care strategies won’t cut it; you have to create some illusion! Surround your tall Snake Plant with shorter varieties of Sansevieria or another genus. This creates a visual trick, making your tall Snake Plant appear even more statuesque. It’s much like a tall guy standing among a crowd of shorter friends!

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5. Keep Them Root Bound

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While this might sound contradictory, keeping a snake plant root-bound can work wonders. This way, the plant uses all its energy to shoot up instead of spreading its roots or growing pups. However, be mindful—too cramped can lead to root rot, so it’s a delicate balance.

Generally, using a pot that’s just one size bigger than the plant’s root balls is a wise benchmark to follow.

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6. Rotate the Plant for Even Sunlight Distribution

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It is a no-brainer that plants need balanced light exposure to grow straight and tall. So, just placing your snake plant pot in indirect light will not cut it. Rotate it every other week so each side receives its share of sunlight, promoting uniform and upright growth.

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