18 Captivating Red Carnations & Their Meaning

Discover the captivating Red Carnations, perfect for igniting passion and adding a touch of elegance to any occasion!

With a unique blend of passion, elegance, and timeless charm, these Red Carnations are an ideal choice for romantic gestures, special celebrations, and heartfelt expressions of devotion. Pick your favorite from the list!

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Red Carnation Meaning—What Does Red Carnation Symbolize?

Red carnations are widely regarded as one of the most symbolic and meaningful flowers in the world, with a rich history and a range of different meanings. These carnations are most commonly associated with love, passion, and deep admiration, making them a popular choice for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. However, the different shades of red carnations can have slightly different meanings and nuances. For example, darker shades of red carnations may symbolize deeper, more intense love and affection, while lighter shades of red may represent admiration and adoration. Red carnations have been used historically to symbolize courage, strength, and resilience, particularly in times of adversity or challenge. The rich symbolism and deep cultural significance of red carnations make them a beloved and timeless choice for a range of occasions and events.

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Red Carnation Meaning and Symbolism In Different Cultures  

Western Culture

In Western culture, red carnations are most commonly associated with romantic love and passion. They are often given as a gift on Valentine’s Day or on anniversaries as a symbol of deep love and devotion. They are also used to symbolize courage and strength and are often given to military veterans or used in Memorial Day or Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Eastern Culture

In Eastern cultures such as China and Japan, red carnations are associated with luck and prosperity. They are often given as gifts during the Lunar New Year or other auspicious occasions as a symbol of good fortune and wealth.


In Christianity, red carnations are said to symbolize the blood of Christ and are often used in religious ceremonies and as a symbol of sacrifice and redemption.

Middle Eastern Culture

In the Middle East, red carnations are associated with mourning and are often used in funerals and other occasions of grief.


In Hinduism, red carnations are associated with purity and are often used in religious ceremonies and as an offering to the gods.

Ancient Greek

In ancient Greek mythology, red carnations were said to be created from the tears of the goddess Venus, and were associated with love and passion.

Red Carnations Varieties

1. Red Rocket

This attention-grabbing Red Carnation features large blooms with deeply ruffled petals, creating a powerful visual impact. Its vibrant hue captures the essence of passion and love.

2. Rouge Royale

A Regal Red Carnation, Rouge Royale features large, sumptuous blooms with a rich, velvety texture. The dark hue and luxurious feel create an air of nobility and grandeur in homes and offices.

3. Scarlet Beauty

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With a rich scarlet hue, the velvety petals of this Dark Red Carnation produce medium-sized blooms that have an air of sophistication, perfect for romantic or elegant occasions.

4. Cherry Kiss

One of the liveliest cherry Red Carnations, Cherry Kiss brings an energetic, cheerful touch to arrangements with its bright hue and medium-sized, ruffled blooms, evoking a sense of joy and playfulness.

5. Crimson King

Known for its large, full blooms and intense crimson color, this Red Carnations specimen exudes regality. The dense petals and rich hue make it a standout choice for any arrangement.

6. Ruby Passion


One of the most captivating Red Carnations with a unique ruby hue, this variety features medium-sized blooms with softly ruffled petals. Its passionate color adds depth and intrigue to any floral design.

7. Red Radiance

With slightly ruffled petals and a vivid hue, Red Radiance offers a striking addition to floral arrangements. This radiant carnation variety brings warmth and vibrancy to any space.

8. Burgundy Bliss

This Deep Red Carnation showcases elegance and sophistication with its medium-sized blooms and velvety petals, adding a touch of refined beauty to floral arrangements.

9. Cardinal Red

A rich cardinal Red Carnation, this variety flaunts medium-sized, ruffled blooms that add elegance to any arrangement. The deep hue brings warmth and depth to floral designs.

10. Raspberry Ripple

This Red Carnations specimen flaunts medium-sized blooms with cream-colored ruffled petals bordered in magenta. With a touch of raspberry, this unique color combination creates an enticing effect, adding texture to arrangements.

11. Red Velvet

A luscious carnation with a velvety texture and deep, rich hue, Red Velvet evokes the indulgence and luxury of its namesake dessert. The medium-sized blooms add a sensual and romantic appeal to any space.

12. Deep Desire

This seductive, Deep Red Carnation variety features lush, ruffled petals that create a dramatic and romantic ambiance in any arrangement. The intense hue embodies passion and love, making it an enticing addition to bedrooms.

13. Rosy Rouge


With medium-sized blooms and a delicate, velvety texture, the Rosy Rouge makes for one of the most stunning Red Carnations out there. The romantic hue adds warmth and charm to any floral arrangement.

14. Red Charm

A charming carnation with soft, ruffled petals and a pleasant fragrance, Red Charm adds warmth and elegance to floral designs. The medium-sized blooms create a sense of grace and refinement.

15. Maroon Majesty

Maroon Majesty flaunts ruffled, velvety petals in a rich maroon-red shade. The deep hue and medium-sized blooms bring a sense of depth and elegance to floral designs.

16. Crimson Cascade

With large, frilly blooms, this stunning crimson Red Carnation creates a sense of depth and movement in floral arrangements. The vivid hue and lush petals evoke a feeling of passion and romance in the air.

17. Ruby Ruffles

A Captivating ruby Red Carnation with softly ruffled petals, Ruby Ruffles creates an eye-catching and luxurious texture in any bouquet or arrangement. The rich color adds a sense of passion and enchantment to the room.

18. Crimson Dream

A dreamy crimson carnation, Crimson Dream features medium-sized, slightly ruffled blooms that are long-lasting and emit a gentle fragrance. Its enchanting hue adds a romantic touch to any floral display.

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