50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You’ll Ever See

 Let these fiery Red Succulents liven your interiors with their warmth, vibrancy, and captivating appearance!

The world of Red Succulents offers a diverse palette of shapes, patterns, and sizes that’ll bring a unique touch of warmth and vibrancy to any space. Let’s some of the most striking red varieties that are sure to leave you mesmerized!

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Vibrant Red Succulents

Here we list the most vibrant Red Succulents out there, but do ensure to conduct your own research about each variety and provide it with suitable growing conditions to help it exhibit the captivating red color you desire!

1. Sempervivum ‘Red Lion’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 1

This hardy Red Succulents cultivar showcases rich red rosettes, sometimes accented with green leaf tips or shades of yellow. Perfect for adding color to outdoor gardens or landscaping projects, Red Lion’s rosettes can reach up to 6 inches in diameter at maturity.

2. Adromischus marianiae v. herrei

With thick, partially deflated balloon-shaped leaves, this Red Succulents variety looks like something out of Stranger Things. The textured leaves bunch together in direct sunlight, turning a vibrant red.

3. Othonna Capensis – “Ruby Necklace”

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 2

For a non-traditional Red Succulent, consider the Ruby Necklace with its large, plump leaves. In its active season and when exposed to sunlight or a slight cold, the 2-foot-long string turns a purple-red hue. The green leaves have magenta stems when not stressed.

4. Sedum rupestre Sunsparkler wildfire

A standout among stonecrop sedums, this Red Succulent variety has vibrant, hot pink leaves with deep purple-red centers. The teardrop-shaped leaves alternate, creating a full ground cover.

5. Aeonium ‘Phoenix Flame’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 3

This fragile Red Succulent contrasts barn door red mature leaves with electric new green leaves. The spoon-shaped foliage has tiny hairs along the edges, and the rosettes are more widespread than other succulents.

6. Mammillaria spinosissima ‘Red-Headed Irishman’

This uniquely-named Red Succulents specimen has a deep blue-green stem covered in a heavy layer of orangey-red spines, making giving it a vivid orange-red appearance. It can reach up to 12 inches in height and 4 inches in diameter, making it a perfect tabletop addition.

7. Peperomia Gravolens – Ruby Glow Peperomia

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 4

This mysterious Red Succulents variety features deep green leaves with a brilliant red underside. Growing into a mini shrub up to 10 inches high, Ruby Glow Peperomia adds vibrancy to any indoor plant collection.

8. Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset’

Also known as the ‘Golden Jade Tree’, this Red Succulent is a variation of the classic Jade Plant. Hummel’s Sunset features lush green leaves with vibrant red edges, creating a warm and inviting look for any indoor or outdoor space.

9. Kalanchoe luciae ‘Flapjack’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 5

Flapjack is a beautiful Red Succulents variety with large, fleshy, paddle-shaped leaves that exhibit a stunning red hue around the edges. When exposed to ample sunlight, the red color intensifies, creating a dramatic contrast with the plant’s green center.

10. Echeveria ‘Perle von Nürnberg’

This popular Echeveria hybrid showcases a gorgeous blend of pink, lavender, and red hues in its large, rosette-shaped leaves. When given ample sunlight, the leaf edges can take on a deep red shade, making this succulent a captivating addition to any collection.

11. Sedum adolphii ‘Firestorm’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 6

One of the most vibrant Red Succulents, Firestorm features pointy, elongated leaves that range from green to a vivid red-orange hue. This hardy plant thrives in full sun, where its brilliant red color will become even more pronounced.

12. Graptopetalum paraguayense ‘Ghost Plant’

While the Ghost Plant’s primary color is silvery-gray, its fleshy, rosette-forming leaves can develop a lovely pinkish-red hue when exposed to bright sunlight. This hardy, low-maintenance red succulent is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

13. Tillansia ionantha ‘Air Plant’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 7

Although not a true succulent, this petite red air plant boasts long, fuzzy leaves that display a gorgeous red hue when exposed to a few hours of direct sunlight each day. With no need for soil, it’s easy to “plant” this red beauty almost anywhere.

14. Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

This Mexican native succulent has long stems covered in fleshy, round leaves that range in color from pink to deep red. The more sunlight Aurora receives, the deeper the color of its leaves, making it a stunning addition to any succulent collection.

15. Euphorbia trigona ‘Royal Red’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 8

Royal Red is an interesting cactus-like Red Succulent, boasting long spine-covered stems that range from variegated green and yellow to deep burgundy, adding a regal touch to any garden.

16. Sempervivum Heuffelii ‘Chocolate Sundae’

As a stunning addition to the family of Red Succulents, Chocolate Sundae boasts bright red tips that beautifully contrast with its lime green center. The red color of its leaves deepens according to the season, making this diminutive plant a dynamic and eye-catching focal point.

17. Crassula capitella ‘Red Pagoda’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 9

Red Pagoda is an eye-catching succulent featuring stacked, triangular leaves along long stems. The plant’s red hue deepens to a brilliant burgundy when exposed to the full sun, making it an ideal choice for adding a colorful twist to hanging containers.

18. Aloe ‘Christmas Sleigh’

This unique Aloe variety is a flashy Red Succulents variety featuring deep green leaves adorned with vibrant red spines. In the fall, the plant produces stunning reddish-pink flowers, making it a fantastic option for container gardens or outdoor landscaping.

19. Aeonium ‘Velour’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 10

Aeonium ‘Velour’ features dark, burgundy-red rosettes with spoon-shaped leaves that have a slightly fuzzy texture. The plant’s color can darken to a rich burgundy hue under strong sunlight, making it a fantastic choice for adding a pop of color to any succulent display.

20. Sempervivum ‘Ruby Heart’

Ruby Heart is a charming Red Succulent that boasts green leaves with vibrant red tips that form a rosette shape. The color becomes more intense when the plant receives plenty of sunlight, and the red hue can even spread throughout the entire leaf.

21. Echeveria agavoides ‘Romeo’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 11

This spectacular Echeveria stands out among Red Succulents with its radiant rosette, which can grow up to 6 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. The plant is further accentuated by its petite flowers in the spring and early summer.

22. Echeveria Suyon

Among Red Succulents, Echeveria Suyon is admired for its larger leaves, forming a loose rosette. The dusty rose edges give it a soft hue, transforming into a deep red from fall to spring. Summer dormancy may cause slight fading.

23. Lenophyllum guttatum

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 12

This triangular-shaped succulent often appears to have blood splattered along its leaves, with the rich red color being more pronounced in variegated hybrids. Blooms are soft and subtle, with tight buds and soft white petals.

24. Greenovia Rose Succulent – ‘Blood Cherry’

Greenovias are sometimes called mountain roses due to their high-altitude growth. Blood Cherry is a small succulent that bunches together, with bing cherry red outer leaves protecting the younger lime green leaves in the center.

25. Crassula pubescens ssp. Radicans – Red Carpet Stonecrop

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 13

A unique Red Succulent, Red Carpet Stonecrop boasts small, round leaves with a fuzzy appearance. The plant forms dense, low-growing mats that turn deep red under bright sunlight, making it a must-have for any collection.

26. Faucaria Tigrina – Tiger’s Jaws

This dramatic red succulent has plump, spiky leaves with spines and hairs resembling a jaw. Full sun exposure turns the plant a striking red, and during the flowering season, it produces bright yellow flowers with delicate petals.

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27. Sedum ochroleucum ‘Red Wiggle’

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 14

As one of the most vibrant Red Succulents, the Red Wiggle is a delightful addition to any garden. The red hue is best maintained when the plant is kept in partial to full sun.

28. Sempervivum Alpha

This compact Red Succulent Plant has upright leaves that are primarily red with hints of green at the tips. The small hairs growing along the sides of each leaf give it a fuzzy appearance, making it an adorable addition to your collection of Red Succulents.

29. Sempervivum Jade Rose

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 15

The Jade Rose is a tufted red succulent with long tufts and a green undertone. Its leaves have red sections throughout the year, changing to a light lavender during dormancy in winter.

30. Sempervivum Red Rubin

Also known as Red Rubin, it has a watermelon-like appearance with light green mature leaves and beautiful pinkish-red younger leaves. When grown in full sun, its color can darken to an almost purple hue.

31. Sempervivum Bros

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 16

This Red Succulents variety has intense green young leaves with red tips. As the leaves mature, they gain more red coloration, making them perfect for work desks and tabletops.

32. Sempervivum Hot Stuff

This vibrant succulent grows into large compact rosettes with furry leaves that are red towards the center of the plant, but as they mature, they turn more olive green. The furry spines add a unique touch to this red succulent.

33. Sempervivum Strawberry Kiwi (Fashion Diva)

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 17

Also known as Fashion Diva, this Red Succulent has contrasting strawberry red and kiwi green colors. The tightly packed rosette features plump leaves with a gradient from red to green as they mature. Some leaves may retain red edges, adding to their unique charm.

34. Sempervivum Milady

This elegant Red Succulent Plant has a nearly symmetrical rosette with leaves that are half red and the remaining light green. As the leaves mature, they maintain a considerable amount of red color, giving the appearance of a vibrant green glow from within.

35. Sempervivum Patent Leather Shoes

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 18

This Red Succulents variety boasts a deep, rich color throughout the year. Its tightly packed rosette in the center is surrounded by mature leaves, forming a halo. The distinctive red hue becomes more prominent when the plant is grown indoors.

36. Sempervivum Red Zinger

As one of the largest Red Succulents, its rosettes can reach up to eight inches in diameter. The plant maintains its color year-round, with younger leaves standing out against the more mature ones.

37. Sempervivum Red West

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 19

The Red West is a dappled Red Succulents variety with light green edges and an olive-red pattern on its rosette. Some variations may feature dusty red tips, adding to their unique appearance.

38. Sempervivum Crimson Crush

This Red Succulent is well-named for its dark red color with burgundy undertones. The vibrant hue is maintained when the plant is grown in 5-6 hours of bright direct sunlight, with only the very tips of the leaves staying green.

39. Sempervivum Black Velvet

50 Most Vibrant Red Succulents You'll Ever See 20

Despite its name, this Red Succulent is not black but rather a deep burgundy-red, similar to Crimson Crush. Black Velvet may become more olive-colored, but it maintains its fuzzy texture, making it a unique addition.

40. Sempervivum Heart of Darkness

One of the most sought-after Red Succulents, Heart of Darkness can grow up to 8 inches in diameter, showcasing its red hues both inside and outside the rosette. When stressed, the Heart of Darkness turns a deep red-purple shade, adding to its intriguing appearance.

41. Sempervivum ‘Bronco’

Bronco is a lovely Red Succulent with a green center that gradually transitions to a deep red hue towards the leaf tips. The plant forms attractive, compact rosettes and is ideal for adding a pop of color to rock gardens or container arrangements.

42. Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’

This hybrid succulent features rosettes with fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves that display a beautiful blend of orange and red hues. The color becomes more vibrant when exposed to bright sunlight.

43. Sedum nussbaumerianum ‘Coppertone Stonecrop’

Coppertone Stonecrop is a low-growing Red Succulent that features fleshy, rounded leaves with a coppery-orange hue. When exposed to ample sunlight, the leaves develop a deep red tint, adding visual interest to any succulent collection.

44. Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

Also known as Black Rose, this Red Succulent Plant features large, dark burgundy rosettes that can appear almost black in certain lighting conditions. The plant’s dramatic coloration and its ability to grow up to 3 feet tall make for a striking display.

45. Sempervivum ‘Pacific Red Rose’

Pacific Red Rose is one of the most stunning Red Succulents featuring a green center and deep red, velvety leaves. The plant forms tight rosettes and looks especially attractive when grown in groups.

46. Crassula coccinea ‘Campfire’

This branching succulent features fleshy, elongated leaves that turn from bright green to brilliant red when exposed to sunlight. The plant can grow up to 2 feet tall, making it one of the best Red Succulents out there.

47. Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

Afterglow is a large, rosette-forming succulent with wide, powdery blue leaves that feature a pinkish-red hue around the edges giving it a reddish appearance. The plant’s striking color combination and impressive size make it a fantastic addition to any succulent collection.

48. Aeonium ‘Cyclops’

Cyclops is a hybrid Red Succulent that boasts large, deep green rosettes with striking red edges. This variety can grow up 3-4 feet tall and is perfect for adding a touch of dramatic color to your indoors

49. Cotyledon orbiculata

Although not primarily a red succulent, Cotyledon orbiculata develops vibrant red edges on its fleshy, grayish-green leaves when exposed to sunlight. The plant can grow up to 2 feet tall and produces beautiful, tubular, orange-red flowers that attract birds and butterflies.

51. Romeo Echeveria

Romeo Echeveria is a stunning succulent with a radiant rosette of deep red, fleshy leaves. Its captivating hue is accentuated by its petite, vibrant flowers that bloom in the spring and early summer.

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