12 Beautiful Pothos Curtain Ideas Anybody Can Copy

These creative Curtain Pothos Ideas are ideal living drapes that are not just beautiful but super easy to mimic!

Why go for those lifeless fabrics when you can have some live drapes around your house? Well, not literally, but these Pothos Curtain Ideas will surely lure you into trying them!

Pothos Looks Great on Walls, Too! Look here

Pothos Curtain Ideas Anybody Can Copy

1. Dangle Down the Lush Vines Vertically

Beautiful Pothos Curtain Ideas

Let the vines drape down freely from a heightened spot for a living canvas of greenery.

2. Cover Up the Balcony Wall

Pothos Curtain

Adorn the walls of your balcony with Pothos for a tranquil escape amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

3. Create a Vertical Patch of Pothos Beside the Television

Pothos Curtain

Flank your TV with a vertical garden of Pothos, making your binge-watch sessions feel like you’re in a cozy jungle.

4. Opt for a Green Room Divider

Pothos Curtain Ideas Anybody Can Copy

Use Pothos as a natural divider in your bedroom, effortlessly zoning spaces while keeping things airy and green.

5. Drape them from the Ceiling

Beautiful Pothos Curtain Ideas

Mount some ceiling hooks and let the vines drape your wall in a way that’s as pleasing as functional!

6. Display Different Pothos Varieties on the High Shelves

Pothos Curtain Ideas Anybody Can Copy

Jazz up those high shelves with different Pothos varieties for an effortless drape that’s soothing to look at!

7. Place Vining Pots on the Ledge for a Tropical Background

Curtain Ideas

Create a tropical paradise by setting those vining Pothos pots on a ledge, creating a stage that feels like a getaway at home.

8. Replace Your Curtain with Pothos Vines

Curtain Ideas

How about literally replacing the traditional curtains with lush pothos vines? Try and see!

9. Create a Green Privacy Screen with Pothos Planters

Beautiful Curtain Ideas

Craft a green haven with Pothos planters, fashioning a living privacy screen that’s as stunning as it is practical.

10. An Array of Pots Around the Window


Frame your window with a couple of Pothos pots, forming a living curtain that filters the light in style!

11. Mix it up with Other Vines for a Greener Look


Let your creativity run wild by mixing Pothos with philodendrons or any colorful vines for a diverse garden atmosphere.

12. Dangle Down the Vines from a High-Hung Setting


Allow the Pothos vines to descend from a lofty vantage point and turn your room into a botanical wonderland.

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