15 Creative Pothos Wall Decor Ideas for a Stunning Decor

Get inspired by these super creative Pothos Wall Decor Ideas and bring a slice of nature to your urban adobe!

Are you ready to fill your living space with vibrant greenery and fresh energy? You’ve come to the perfect spot! These creative Pothos Wall Decor Ideas will turn your home into a breathing work of art!

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DIY Pothos Wall Ideas

1. Pothos Wall Curtain

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 1

Imagine transforming a blank wall into a vibrant living curtain. The Pothos display does just that, creating a lush, leafy backdrop that’s both refreshing and visually striking.

DIY Instructions

  • Install a curtain rod at the top of a spacious wall.
  • Hang Pothos plants in pots along the rod, spacing them evenly.
  • Train the vines to cascade down, forming a dense, curtain-like green wall.

2. Wall Climbing Pothos

With vines that reach for the sky, wall-climbing Pothos bring a dynamic energy to any space. They not only make a plain wall pop with life, but their upward growth adds height and a sense of vitality to any room.

DIY Instructions:

  • Fix a series of hooks or plant clips vertically along your wall.
  • Plant Pothos at the base and guide their vines up the hooks, creating a vertical green expanse.

3. Hexagonal Pothos Arrangement on Metal Frame

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 3

Modern art meets horticulture with these hexagonal frames showcasing Pothos. This geometric pattern adds an instant contemporary edge to a space, while the greenery softens the metallic framework, balancing aesthetics with nature.

DIY Instructions:

  • Secure hexagonal metal frames in a honeycomb pattern on your wall.
  • Place Pothos in each frame, weaving the vines through the metal for a striking, geometric green display.

4. Pothos Wreath Using Wall Pins

A wreath isn’t just for holidays anymore. This Pothos wreath spirals out from wall pins, creating a year-round focal point that’s as lively as it is lush, adding a circular burst of green to your decor.

DIY Instructions:

  • Arrange wall pins in a circle on your wall.
  • Position a potted Pothos below the circle.
  • Carefully loop the vines around the pins, forming a vibrant, green wreath.

5. Living Cabinet Cover with Cascading Pothos

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 5

Transform a plain cabinet into a vertical garden with this creative pothos wall decor idea. Cascading Pothos from above creates a waterfall like effect of vines, adding a natural, calming element to your space.

DIY Instructions:

  • Mount hooks or pots above the cabinet.
  • Place Pothos in these high positions and let their vines cascade down, creating a natural curtain over the cabinet.

6. Over the Arch Pothos Display

A doorway or window framed with Pothos vines creates an inviting, green archway. This setup adds a lively, garden-like feel to your space.

DIY Instructions:

  • Install a lightweight arch over your doorway or window.
  • Attach hooks along the arch and plant Pothos at the base.
  • Train the vines to climb and form a lush, green arch.

7. Ombre Wall Varied Pothos Display

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 9

From light to dark, an ombre wall adorned with Pothos in varying shades creates a stunning gradient. This pothos wall decor idea adds depth and interest to your living space offering a modern twist on plant decoration.

DIY Instructions:

  • Paint your wall in gradient ombre shades.
  • Install shelves at different heights and arrange Pothos with various leaf patterns.
  • As the plants grow, they’ll enhance the wall’s ombre effect.

8. Horizontal Patch of Vines Around a Photoframe

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 11

Frame your memories with the trailing vines of Pothos, blending the charm of cherished moments with the vitality of nature. You can also showcase your art piece in a similar way to flaunt your creativity.

DIY Instructions:

  • Secure different-sized frames to your wall without backings.
  • Place Pothos in pots above each frame.
  • Guide the vines to intertwine around the frames, creating a natural, green border for your photos.

9. Tropical Shower Space

Turn your shower into a tropical escape with Pothos plants that thrive in the humid environment. The vibrant greenery invites a serene, spa-like atmosphere, turning your daily routine into a rejuvenating experience amidst nature.

DIY Instructions:

  • Install waterproof planters in your shower area, preferably at a height.
  • Plant Pothos in these planters, allowing their vines to drape down, creating a green curtain that enhances your shower experience.

10. Pothos Covering Up a Messy Wall

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 13

Disguise an unsightly wall with a tapestry of Pothos with this decor idea. This green cover-up not only hides imperfections but also adds a refreshing, organic element to your space.

DIY Instructions:

  • Place several pots of Pothos along the base of the wall.
  • Use hooks or plant supports to guide the vines, covering the wall with a lush, green layer.

11. Horizontal Array of Pothos

Create a natural line of green across your wall with Pothos plants. This pothos wall decor idea will add an elegant tropical touch to your otherwise dull wall.

DIY Instructions:

  • Mount small floating shelves at varying lengths across your wall.
  • Place Pothos on these shelves and let their vines spread horizontally, connecting each shelf with a stream of green.

12. Swirling Pothos Around the Television

Let Pothos vines swirl around your television on the wall for a crafty decor. It’s a creative twist that turns ordinary wall decor into a visual story, intertwining the beauty of nature with tech.

DIY Instructions:

  • Attach small hooks around your TV on the wall.
  • Carefully guide Pothos vines around these hooks, creating a natural frame that softens the device’s presence.

13. Verdant Doorframe Pothos Cascade

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 21

A cascade of Pothos around your doorframe creates an inviting, green entryway. This living decoration purifies the air and adds a tranquil touch to your home.

DIY Instructions:

  • Install hooks or a narrow shelf above your doorframe.
  • Place Pothos plants and guide their vines to drape around the door, creating a lush,

14. A Tropical Nook with Pothos Pot Display

Create a cozy, tropical corner in your home with a display of Pothos pots. This green nook offers a peaceful retreat and a visual connection to nature.

DIY Instructions:

  • Mount plant shelves at varying heights at a somewhat bright corner of your house.
  • Display the plant pots on shelves to create a dedicated space for your favorite houseplant.

15. Living Pothos Wall by the Entrance

DIY Pothos Wall Ideas 23

Welcome guests with a living wall of Pothos by your entrance. This vibrant green display sets a refreshing tone for your home, showcasing your love for nature.

DIY Instructions:

  • Install a vertical garden panel or a series of shelves near your entrance.
  • Populate with Pothos plants, allowing their vines to create a full, lush green wall that greets everyone with natural beauty.

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Best Pothos Varieties For Wall Decor

Pothos plants, known for their hardiness and versatility, are excellent choices for indoor wall decor. Here are some suitable Pothos varieties for this purpose:

  • Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum): Known for its heart-shaped leaves with splashes of yellow or light green, it is a fast grower, ideal for creating a lush green wall.
  • Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’): As its name suggests, this variety boasts bright, neon green leaves, adding a pop of color to any room.
  • Marble Queen Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’): Features a stunning marbled pattern of green and white on its leaves, it brings a sophisticated touch to your decor.
  • Satin Pothos (Scindapsus pictus): This variety stands out with its velvety, heart-shaped leaves that have a silvery sheen. It’s perfect for adding texture to your wall decor.
  • Jade Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Jade’): Known for its solid green leaves, this variety brings a classic, elegant look. It’s less variegated than the Golden Pothos but equally attractive.
  • Jessenia Pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Jessenia’): This variety showcases light green leaves with subtle variegation. It’s a more subtle option for those who prefer a less bushy look.

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