10 Plants that Stick to Clothes

Discover some interesting Plants that Stick to Clothes with the slightest contact, hitching a ride to spread far and wide!

Nature has clever ways to survive and spread, and here we present to you a list of such Plants that Stick to Clothes! These plants are adapted to attach their seeds to animals or clothes that pass by, which helps their dispersal and propagation.

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Plants that Stick to Clothes

1. Beggarticks

10 Plants that Stick to Clothes 1

Botanical Name: Bidens cernua

Beggarticks, with their small and prickly seeds, attach themselves to clothing or animal fur effortlessly. Their seeds feature tiny barbs that latch onto fabric, ensuring a reliable means of dispersal.

2. Krameria


Botanical Name: Krameria spp.

Krameria plants employ a unique method of seed dispersal. Their seeds have specialized structures known as burrs, which hook onto passing clothes or animal hair that help distribute them across different areas.

3. Houndstongue

10 Plants that Stick to Clothes 2

Botanical Name: Cynoglossum officinale

Houndstongue owes its name to its distinctive, tongue-shaped leaves. This plant’s seeds possess hooked bristles that easily adhere to clothing or fur, allowing them to spread far and wide with the help of unwitting carriers.

4. Enchanter’s Nightshade


Botanical Name: Circaea lutetiana

This species is a member of the group of Plants that Stick to Clothes. Enchanter’s Nightshade produces small, burr-like fruits covered in hooked bristles, which tenaciously cling to fabrics, aiding in seed dispersal.

5. Catchweed Bedstraw

10 Plants that Stick to Clothes 3

Botanical Name: Galium aparine

The Catchweed Bedstraw lives up to its name by featuring tiny, velcro-like hooks on its stems and leaves. These hooks grab onto clothing, providing an efficient means of transportation to new locations where these can spread their breed.

6. Beggar’s Lice


Botanical Name: Hackelia virginiana

Beggar’s Lice is aptly named due to its sticky seeds that resemble small burrs. Once attached to clothing, these plants don’t let go of you, as their hooks effortlessly latch onto fabrics or animal fur.

7. Sandbur

10 Plants that Stick to Clothes 4

Botanical Name: Cenchrus echinatus

A grass-like plant, the Sandbur, uses prickly seed heads that readily cling to clothes. These features highlight it among other plants that utilize clothing for seed dispersal.

8. Palmer’s Grappling Hook


Botanical Name: Harpagonella palmeri

Palmer’s Grappling Hook is a desert plant with unique seed pods that resemble miniature grappling hooks. These hooks easily catch onto fabric, allowing the seeds to hitch a ride and reach new areas.

9. Hedge Parsley

10 Plants that Stick to Clothes 5

Botanical Name: Torilis arvensis

Hedge Parsley has slender stems covered in bristles that readily adhere to clothing. This feature enables it to be among the Plants that Stick to Clothes, ensuring the widespread dispersal of its seeds.

10. Common Burdock


Botanical Name: Arctium minus

Common Burdock boasts large, round seed heads covered in tiny hooks. These hooks effortlessly attach to clothing, animal fur, or any passing object, aiding the plant’s propagation.

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