26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark

Discover some fascinating Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark and learn about their unique camouflaging nature!

Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark are among nature’s most intriguing masters of disguise. These incredible creatures have evolved over time to camouflage themselves perfectly against the bark of the trees to keep evading predators at bay.

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Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark

1. Bark Mantises

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 1

Scientific Name: Metallyticus splendidus

Bark Mantises find their place among Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark for their rugged, bark-like patterns and flat bodies, blending seamlessly into their surroundings. Their adaptive colors range from mottled browns to greens that help them camouflage through both tree bark and leaves.

2. Stick Insects

Scientific Name: Phasmids

Phasmids, with their twig-like elongated structures, masterfully mimic branches. Depending on the species, their colors range between browns and greens. Some even imitate twigs swaying in the wind when threatened, adding to their camouflage.

3. Barklice

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 2

Scientific Name: Psocodea

Barklice, also known as tree cattle or barflies, are tiny insects that feed on algae and lichen growing on tree bark. Their herding behavior makes them resemble a shifting piece of bark from a distance.

4. Lace Bugs

Scientific Name: Tingidae

These Tiny Bark-Like Bugs possess transparent, lace-like wings, blending into their environment. Lace Bugs feed on the undersides of leaves, leading to a distinct damage pattern on the foliage.

5. Treehoppers

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 3

Scientific Name: Membracidae

Treehoppers are recognized for their enlarged pronotum that can mirror thorns or bark. Their camouflage helps them avoid predators. Some species even form protective partnerships with ants, trading honeydew for defense.

6. Assassin Bugs

Scientific Name: Reduviidae

Certain species of these Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark have a rugged appearance and coloration that allows them to blend in with tree bark or dry leaves. They inject their prey with a toxin that liquefies their insides, which they then consume.

7. Tree Bark Beetles

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 4

Scientific Name: Scolytidae

True to their name, these small beetles’ hard exoskeletons often match the color of tree bark, leading to confusion. They can cause a serious threat to garden plants as well.

8. Bark Scorpions

Scientific Name: Centruroides

Some species of bark scorpions have a brownish color and rough texture on their exoskeleton, which give them the impression of tree bark or dry leaves at first glance. 

9. Tree Bark Grasshoppers

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 5

Scientific Name: Tetrigidae

These grasshoppers have developed unique camouflage patterns on their bodies that mimic the appearance of rugged tree bark, aiding them in avoiding predators.

10. Bark Katydid

Scientific Name: Cyrtophyllus

Bark katydids’ wing patterns and body structures closely mimic tree barks, making them virtually indistinguishable when resting on tree trunks. This cryptic appearance provides a significant advantage against predators and helps them in their largely nocturnal activities.

11. Bark Mimicking Moths

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 6

Scientific Name: Geometridae

Often known as inchworms in their larval stage, their adult forms excel in mimicry. Their wings and bodies often showcase patterns and textures resembling tree barks, helping them hide from potential predators.

12. Bark-like Stonefly

Scientific Name: Pteronarcys

Stoneflies of the genus Pteronarcys have adult forms that exhibit bark-like appearances. Their textured wings and body colorations allow them to merge seamlessly with tree bark, dry leaves, and even rocky surfaces.

13. Bark-like Leafhoppers

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 7

Scientific Name: Cicadellidae

Their small, flattened bodies and distinct patterns enable them to blend into the barks of trees and shrubs. This not only protects them from predators but also allows them to feed on plant sap discreetly.

14. Bark-like Weevils

Scientific Name: Curculionidae

These showcase a variety of appearances, with several species mimicking the texture and color of tree bark. Their elongated snouts and hard exoskeletons, combined with their bark-like coloration, provide them with excellent camouflage.

15. Bark Centipedes

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 8

Scientific Name: Hemiscolopendra marginata

Bark Centipedes often lurk beneath tree barks, seeking refuge from predators and hunting for prey. Their slender, segmented bodies and earthy tones allow them to blend in seamlessly with the rough texture of tree bark, providing a natural camouflage.

16. Flat Bugs

Scientific Name: Aradidae

Flat Bugs possess a distinctly flattened body profile, which is why the name. This adaptation allows them to inhabit narrow spaces, including the crevices in tree barks. Their muted coloration further enables them to stay inconspicuous against the backdrop of tree trunks.

17. Bark Spiders

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 9

Scientific Name: Caerostris darwini

Experts at blending in, they possess patterns and textures on their bodies that replicate the appearance of tree bark. Often sedentary during the day, these Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark rely on their camouflage to stay safe from both predators and unwitting prey.

18. Bark Cockroaches

Scientific Name: Laxta granicollis

Distinct from their household counterparts, Bark Cockroaches live on trees. Their flatter bodies and bark-like patterns allow them to remain undetected while they forage on decaying organic matter often found on tree surfaces.

19. Bark Crickets

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 10

Scientific Name: Landrevinae

Resembling tree bark in texture and color, Bark Crickets are masters of disguise. These nocturnal bugs use their bark-like appearance to remain hidden during the day and emerge at night to feed and mate.

20. Scale Insects

Scientific Name: Coccoidea

Scale Insects often appear as small, immobile bumps on tree bark, resembling natural imperfections or growths on the tree. They feed on plant sap, and their protective shell-like covering helps them avoid predation.

21. Timberman Beetles

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 11

Scientific Name: Acanthocinus aedilis

These Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark are named for their propensity to bore into wood. Their elongated bodies and bark-mimicking colors allow them to blend in seamlessly with the trees they inhabit.

22. Bark Planthoppers

Like Leafhoppers, Bark Planthoppers mirror the appearance of tree bark with their flattened bodies and distinctive patterns. This makes them nearly invisible on tree trunks aiding them to feast on plant sap.

23. Bark Earwigs

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 12

Scientific Name: Forficula auricularia

While earwigs are commonly associated with gardens and damp areas, Bark Earwigs have adapted to life on trees. Their brownish, segmented bodies can easily be mistaken for tree bark fragments, providing an effective way to hide in plain sight.

24. Bark Aphids

Scientific Name: Longistigma caryae

Bark Aphids feed on plant sap, and to avoid detection by predators, they have evolved to display muted, bark-like colors. Their small size and adaptive coloration allow them to cluster on tree trunks and branches, often going unnoticed as they extract nutrients.

25. Bark Butterflies

26 Bugs that Look Like Tree Bark 13

Scientific Name: Lepidoptera

When resting, bark butterflies with closed wings exhibit patterns and hues resembling bark, rendering them nearly invisible to predators. This camouflage is crucial for their daytime resting periods, protecting them from birds and other insectivores.

26. Dead Leaf Mantises

Scientific Name: Deroplatys desiccata

As their name suggests, they resemble dried, decaying leaves rather than bark. Their wings and bodies display the veins, spots, and irregular edges characteristic of a withered leaf.

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