23 DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

These DIY indoor herb garden ideas are not just rewarding but offer super easy ways to enjoy a fresh supply of homegrowns at your fingertips!

No variety of store-bought herbs can surpass the flavor of those freshly harvested from your own garden. However, the absence of a proper yard can curtail your gardening aspirations. If that’s the case, we’ve curated a selection of the simplest and most functional DIY indoor herb garden ideas that are also budget-friendly!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

1. Attach Mini Herb Pots to the Refrigerator

Herb Pots on the Refrigerator

What could be better than having a supply of fresh herbs within arm’s reach, just where you cook? If this excites you, it’s high time you mount some mini herb pots on the refrigerator or maybe use magnetic pots for a hassle-free approach.

2. Grow Herbs in Macrame Planters for a Boho Look

If a touch of bohemian flair is your vibe, try growing herbs in macrame planters. You can also mix them with your houseplants, just take care of their sunlight requirements, or maybe pair them up with those who love to bask in the sun.

3. Hang them in Mini Glass Containers

Foraged glass containers might not be very functional if you happen to be a messy person. So why not hang them up at a sunny patch and cultivate your favorite herbs in it? Some wire, window hooks, and basic gardening tools will help you in this project.

4. Grow them in Upside Down Containers For Easy Access

Upside Down Herbs

Swap your traditional herb pots for hanging containers for a convenient twist. With herbs dangling down, picking them becomes easier, adding practicality to your experience. You may also grow flowers using this upside down project that’ll surely make heads turn!

5. Recycled Mason Jars for the Win!

Recycled Mason Jars for the Win

Recycle old mason jars to create a vertical garden anywhere in your home without breaking the bank! All you need are a few mason jars, drilling tools, a well-draining growing medium, and a few fresh herb seeds. Here are the detailed instructions!

6. Grow the Sun-Loving Ones by the Window

Mini Pots for your Mini Herbs

Some herbs need that extra dose of sunlight to produce the most tender leaves. Just get some mini pots, paint them up, and position them by a sunny window with those sun-loving herbs. Rosemary, Lavender, and Chamomile are some of the best options for this idea.

7. Dedicate a Spot for a Floating Herb Garden Setup

Hanging Planters

If you want an extensive herb garden, designating a dedicated area could be super functional. Follow this project and get some woodworking tools for a floating herb garden that can also hold veggies for a change!

8. Grow Herbs in Vertical Wall Pallets

Pallet Planters

For the perfect up-cycled planter, you could create a wooden pallet with multiple tiers. This would not only give you plenty of flat surfaces to plant different herbs, but you can also label them well. Fix one against a kitchen wall or add to your balcony decor; the possibilities are endless!

9. Repurpose Spice Racks

Repurposed spice racks herbs garden

You have undoubtedly seen those cheap spice racks designed to mount on your pantry door. But apart from housing spices, they can also become the perfect DIY accessory for your indoor herb garden!

10. No Drinks, Only Herbs!

DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Sure, you have heard of a bar cart, but here we are talking about a herb cart! Yes, you heard it right. When you plant your herbs on a mobile cart, it becomes easier to move them around, especially if they need a mix of sun and shade throughout the day.

11. Grow them in Hanging Terracotta Pots

Hanging Herbs in Terracotta

Vertical herb gardens are intrinsically beautiful, and terracotta pots add to their functionality, especially in warm climates. Plus, this project shows how you can hang them, saving floor space while growing a bunch of fresh greens in your home.

12. Install a Colorful Herb Tower on the Windowsill

Towering Herbs

Get creative and design this topsy-turvy herb garden painted in your favorite colors. More than a mini garden, it’ll serve an ornamental purpose by your kitchen window. Here are some more windowsill herb garden ideas you can try!

13. Climb the Ladder for the Herbs

ladder for the herbs

When you don’t want to look for extra material, drill holes into shelves, or make wooden frames, a ladder would be your best friend. Why? Well, all you need is a small indoor ladder and line all your herb pots on its rungs, saving both your efforts and floor space.

14. Mason Jars That Your Herbs Will Love!

Glass Jars Your Herbs

Don’t throw away those glass and sauce jars yet because they can help you create amazing DIY projects for your indoor herb garden. You can either display them on the kitchen counter or create wooden fixtures to display them on a wall.

15. Special Window Box for Your Herbs

Window Box for your Herbs

Do you have an old, vintage wooden box lying around? This is your cue to repurpose it for your indoor herb garden and redecorate it by painting or even using chalk to write labels on it. Alternatively, you can use a plain one and transform it with a bit of creativity. Get the inspiration from here.

16. Reuse those IKEA Wine Racks

IKEA wine racks

Hack your Ikea purchases into multipurpose items like reusing a wine rack without the wine bottles. You could use cups, plastic bottles, or anything that catches your fancy and is practical for holding your herbs with only a few adjustments.

17. Plastic Bottles Make for Amazing Planters!

Plastic Bottles do make for amazing planters

Embrace eco-friendly creativity by upcycling plastic bottles into small herb planters. Whether painted for a personalized touch or left in their natural state, these repurposed bottles make for both functional and environmentally conscious herb displays.

18. Tabletop Herb Centerpiece

Herbs as Table Centerpieces

Using herbs as table centerpieces is a win-win. Not only do you save money by skipping expensive decorations, but you also get to repurpose items from around your home for a delightful display. Whether it’s a rustic pallet wood box, a mason jar, or a simple bowl or basket, the possibilities are endless!

19. Herb Garden in Old Kettles

Garden in Old Kettles

Got some old kettles lying around? Well, you can even use these to house your herbs! Though it sounds bizarre, it would be quite a cheap project yet make for an amazing display, showing your out-of-the-box thinking. And there’s no reason you can’t paint over these kettles and take your indoor herb garden to the next level.

20. A Potted Chandelier

Potted Chandelier

We’ve all had that moment when a chandelier doesn’t quite fit the vibe of our home and ends up tucked away in storage. But don’t let it collect dust! Hang potted herbs from its arms on your balcony, porch, or patio, and pat your creative back!

21. Not a Hint of Caffeine in These Mugs!

mug herbs

Have you started growing herbs but want an extra way to display them? Well, the simplest and yet unique way to display your lovely greens is using old coffee mugs! Not only are these mobile, but planting your herbs in coffee mugs is a lot less hassle than doing something extravagant.

22. Tea Cups Join the Herb Garden Party

herb garden

Now that we have seen a coffee mug herb garden, why should tea cups miss the party? If you have a set of old, vintage tea cups somewhere that you would love to display but also make it useful, well, there can be nothing better than utilizing these tea cups for an herb garden!

23. Step into Sustainability with Milk Cartons

Milk Carton for Your Herbs

Got some extra milk cartons still in your fridge even when they are empty? Well, don’t throw them out yet! Fill them up with a well-draining mix and sprinkle some seeds for that lush, aromatic herb display with a dose of sustainability. You can use these as seed-starting pots, too!

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