16 Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening

Learn about the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening and toss fresh, aromatic herbs right from your garden to the platter!

Make the most of those bright sunny windows by growing fresh produce while adding a lot of greenery to the place. Check out the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening to add their fresh aroma to your dishes!

Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening

1. Mint

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Botanical Name: Mentha piperita

Mint is one of the most popular herbs and can be an excellent addition to your windowsill garden. This rapid grower thrives well in a small container at a partially shaded spot and moist soil, making it one of the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening.

2. Basil

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Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum

Basil is a fresh, tasty herb that can be grown well indoors. It prefers a sunny spot, so a south-facing windowsill would be the best option. This herb can a great addition to soups and salads, which makes it an even better option to grow inside the house.

3. Parsley

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Botanical Name: Petroselinum crispum

Due to its aromatic nature, this herb is the best fit for growing on a kitchen windowsill. A high-quality, nutrient-rich soil that can hold plenty of water is best for growing Parsley. Also, ensure ample sunlight.

4. Coriander

Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum

A popular herb in Asian gardens, particularly in South Asia, where it is used in numerous delicacies. Common as a windowsill herb, this grows well under bright light and regular watering. The shallow roots allow this herb to flourish in small containers as well, making it one of the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening.

5. Rosemary16 Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening 3

Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary is an easy-to-grow kitchen herb grown widely in windowsill gardening. It adds taste and aroma to soups, curries, and roast dishes. This herb grows well under bright sunlight and can make for a wonderful fit for windowsill gardens. It requires very little fertilizing and watering hence it will thrive in low-nutrient soil as well.

6. Sage

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Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Sage is another herb that is known for windowsill gardening. This herb has multiple health benefits as it helps enhance memory and thinking skills, control high cholesterol, and is also good for sore throat and sunburn. Grow it at a spot that receives at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.

7. Thyme

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Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris

Thyme is a herb that prefers a sunny spot and grows well with little care due to its low nutrient demands. One of the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening, ensure them ample sunlight for the best flavors. Dried Thyme goes well in soups, roasted vegetables, pasta, sauces, pizzas, etc.

8. Lemongrass

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon citratus

Lemongrass is an aromatic herb with spiritual and healthy traits as well. This herb grows best in a moist medium. Lemongrass thrives under bright sunlight and fertile, well-drained soil. It goes well in various dishes, making it a favorite for indoor gardening.

9. Chives16 Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening 5

Botanical Name: Allium schoenoprasum

Chives, due to their low light adaptability, can be grown almost anywhere, also on low-lit windowsills. As the chives take a considerable height, growing in 8-10 inches tall containers will help the herb thrive.

10. Garden Cress

Botanical Name: Lepidium sativum

Garden cress can be easily grown in small size containers making it ideal for windowsill gardening. These herbs can be grown from seedlings that grow straight up and require little space until harvested. You can easily grow garden cress in punnet boxes by the kitchen window.

11. Chervil

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Botanical Name: Anthriscus cerefolium

Chervil is a windowsill plant that has both culinary and medicinal uses. Native to Central Asia, Russian, and parts of Europe, this herb is noted for its unique, peppery, sweet flavor that tastes like parsley. This is an annual herb that thrives in a cool and shady spot with very little care.

12. Oregano

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Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare

Oregano is an herb very much used in Mediterranean and Mexican cooking. This herb is best to grow indoors as it is known to enhance the flavor of every dish. As this is a Mediterranean plant, it grows well under full sun and well-drained soil.

13. Tarragon

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Botanical Name: Artemisia dracunculus

This is a bushy, aromatic herb of the Asteraceae family and is Native to Siberia. Terragon is used in many culinary dishes like fish, chicken, stews, sauces, omelets, cheeses, vegetables, tomatoes, etc. The leaves of this herb are bright green in color and have many medicinal uses.

14. Lemon Balm


Botanical Name: Melissa officinalis

Lemon Balm makes for one of the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening for its easy-to-grow nature with several health and medicinal uses. Known for its lemony aroma, it goes by names like Melissa, sweet balm, honey plant, balm mint, etc. This is a herbaceous perennial, a member of the mint family, and can grow well in dry, damp, and tough terrains like mountains.

15. Lemon Verbena

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Botanical Name: Aloysia triphylla

Lemon verbena is a woody herb grown indoors for its amazing fragrance and medicinal uses. This herb also finds its place regularly in teas, desserts, and savory dishes. It grows well in containers and in the ground with a little maintenance.

16. Marjoram

Botanical Name: Origanum majorana

Marjoram makes for one of the Best Herbs for Windowsill Gardening for its woody aroma and the several health benefits it offers. Also, the herb adds earthy notes to dishes and can be grown as companion plants to attract butterflies to your garden!

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