40 Types of Hoya pictures | Best Hoya Varieties

Looking for ornamental foliar specimens to grace your indoors?  These gorgeous Types of Hoya Pictures will have your heart!

Hoyas exhibit thick, waxy foliage that will be the center of attraction in any room. The round clusters of cute star-shaped flowers are a cherry on top. Pick your favorite from the Types of Hoya Pictures to leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests!

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Types of Hoya Pictures

If you want your Indoor Hoya Varieties to flower, ensure they get 4-5 hours of bright sunlight. Place the plant in the Northern corners of the house to encourage it to bloom the prettiest flowers!

1. Hoya carnosa

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 1

Hoya carnosa is a wax plant from the family Apocynaceae. If you are a fan of white blooms, it will adorn your cabinet like no other!

2. Hoya kentiana


This plant has narrow, thick leaves splashed with creamy yellow or pink, making it on the list of the Best Types of Hoyas.

3. Hoya lacunosa ‘Eskimo’

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 2

This hoya cultivar is known for being highly fragrant and is a great addition to beautify indoors. It comes with white flowers that look gorgeous blooming along stakes.

4. Hoya australis


This is an evergreen hoya which is a climbing vine. It is easy to care for and comes with air-purifying qualities. One of the Best Types of Hoya on this list!

5. Hoya retusa

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 3

Hoya retusa is a flowering plant native to India and the Himalayas. These plants produce small star-shaped white flowers on unique flat, cylindrical foliage, known for their hardiness.

6. Hoya bella


This beautiful hoya comes with trailing stems and succulent leaves. This plant has fragrant white and purple flowers. It is one of the Best Types of Hoya on this list!

7. Hoya pachyclada

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 4

Hoya pachyclada is one of the most beautiful hoya plants with thick fleshy green leaves and red edges.

8. Hoya wayetii


It is a small-sized Hoya that has thick leaves with a dark margin around the edges. It produces flowers that appear like small red balls.

9. Hoya caudata

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 5

This is a beautiful vining hoya, and its leaves are thick and grow opposite to each other. Its leaves are green with silver mottling that make for one of the Best Types of Hoya.

10. Hoya fitchii


It is a vine that is known for its ornamental flowers and foliage. Hoya fitchii has leaves with white veins, and its flowers are five-petalled with a yellowish-to-pinkish color.

11. Hoya macrophylla

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 6

Hoya macrophylla is an easy-to-care hoya species known for succulent trailing vines and waxy leaves.

12. Hoya shepherdii


Hoya shepherdii is a flowering plant native to the eastern Himalayas and India. This plant has long, slender foliage that resembles a green bean.

13. Hoya memoria

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 7

Hoya memoria is a frequent bloomer with pink flowers that has red and yellow centers. It has bright-green, elongated oval thin leaves with a waxy finish.

14. Hoya neocaledonica


This hoya looks beautiful indoors with its pale yellow to sunny yellow flowers. This plant can often produce multiple clusters of flowers at once.

15. Hoya burtoniae

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 8

This beautiful hoya produces yellow to red flowers with a honey fragrance. Hoya burtoniae is a  wax plant with fleshy and ovate leaves, dark green in color.

16. Hoya coronaria


Hoya coronaria has greenish-blue leaves with a fuzzy finish to them. It blooms in a lime green color and then turns white.

17. Hoya obovata

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 9

Hoya obovata is a climbing plant known for its large glossy leaves. The leaves are mid-dark green, often with dull grayish-silver flecks or markings.

18. Hoya linearis


The Hoya linearis comes with fuzzy linear stems known to have a curtain-like appearance. These look beautiful while hanging, making them a popular houseplant.

19. Hoya meredithii

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 10

This plant is known for its beautiful large, light green leaves with sharp, serrated edges. It is a rapid grower that blooms shiny gold flowers lasting up to 5 days.

20. Hoya finlaysonii


Hoya finlaysonii is an exotic plant with an upbeat vein pattern making it a notable ornamental plant. Its foliage is fuzzy, and it blooms into clusters of white flowers with red center blossoms.

21. Hoya imperialis

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 11

These grow well in lowland forests, mangroves, and along tidal rivers due to their adaptability in moist soil. Hoya imperialis are popular as ornamental plants due to their large flowers.

22. Hoya cumingiana


Hoya cumingiana is known for its waxy, succulent leaves. It has small leaves that grow close together, giving it a bush-like appearance. One of the Best Types of Hoya on this list!

23. Hoya skinneriana

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 12

Hoya skinneriana is a large-leaf hoya with green, curved leaves. The flowers of this plant appear in clusters with white and red centers.

24. Hoya diversifolia


This hoya has thick and fleshy leaf blades that bloom multiple flowers in an umbrella-shaped cluster. These flowers are star-shaped, cream, or pink with pink centers.

25. Hoya mindorensis

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 13

This plant is a fast-growing and compact vine that looks beautiful indoors. The foliage of this hoya is green, which turns slightly red when exposed to direct sunlight.

26. Hoya imbricata


Hoya imbricata is native to the Philippines and the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. These are easily identifiable due to their large, decorative, mottled green leaves.

27. Hoya multiflora albomarginata

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 14

This is a shrubby plant that grows upright with green leaves having traces of yellowish borders. Its flowers are rocket-shaped white with light-yellow tips that last up to 12 days.

28. Hoya curtisii


Hoya curtisii comes with olive-green spade-shaped leaves that are mottled with splashes of silver-blue variegation. These look beautiful in pots with thick and waxy flowers.

29. Hoya affinis

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 15

Hoya affinis has beautiful red flowers with green leaves. Its shiny wax flowers grow in clusters, making it one of the Best Hoya Varieties.

30. Hoya acuta


Hoya acuta has thick green leaves and can grow well under filtered light. It is a vining epiphytic plant with waxy foliage and produces sweetly scented flowers.

31. Hoya callistophylla

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 16

This is a climber growing 5 meters long. Its leaves are oval-shaped, vivid green, with dark green nerves that give this hoya cultivar a unique look.

32. Hoya pauciflora


Hoya pauciflora produces singular, fuller star-like, white flowers giving it a unique look. It is known for the bloom that is heavily scented and produces sugary nectar.

33. Hoya krohniana

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 17

Also known as ‘Silver Splash,’ Hoya krohniana has highly fragrant, white flowers that grow in clusters. Its flowers are known for their sweet scent. One of the Best Types of Hoya on this list!

34. Hoya odorata


This hoya comes with a sweet fragrance and does not require much care. Its flowers form in small clusters of white throughout the fall months.

35. Hoya merrillii

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 18

Hoya merrillii is one of the most stunning hoyas native to the Philippines. It grows green leaves with prominent veins that turn into a shade of red under bright light.

36. Hoya brevialata



This Hoya has the smallest leaves and is best suited for a hanging basket. It produces clusters of whitish-pink fragrant flowers from spring to summer months.

37. Hoya latifolia

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 19

Hoya latifolia is a climber that is native to Singapore. It is known for clusters of light pink flowers that are star-shaped. One of the Best Hoya Varieties you can grow.

38. Hoya macgillivrayi


Hoya macgillivrayi is a fast-growing root climber with thick, oval, pointed leaves. Its leaves are light green and are set opposite to each other on the twining stems.

39. Hoya kerrii

40 Types of Hoya Pictures | Best Hoya Varieties 20

Hoya kerrii is a climbing plant that can grow up to 4 meters high. These plants have thick green leaves and produce small balls of nectar.

40. Hoya globulosa


Hoya globulosa has long, twining vines with waxy green leaves. It blooms clusters of night fragrant pink star flowers that rebloom multiple times.

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