Eleven 4 Petal Yellow Flower Varieties

These 4-petal yellow flower varieties will fill your garden with a burst of sunshine, radiating positivity, and a welcoming vibe!

The magic of these 4 petal yellow flowers isn’t just in their sunny hues—they reflect order and balance, harmonizing with joy, energy, and the optimism of a bright new day!

These Beautiful 8 Petal Yellow Flower Varieties will Have Your Heart!

4 Petal Yellow Flower Varieties

1. Bittercress

4 Petal Yellow Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Barbarea vulgaris

This petite flower is pretty resilient despite its small size and fills the garden with its small, bright yellow flowers in early spring. Being a member of the mustard family, it goes well in salads for a nice peppery kick.

2. Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

4 Petal Yellow Flower

Botanical Name: Peritoma serrulata

Home to several pollinators, this plant sports striking yellow four-petaled flowers that are a champion in resisting drought. Due to this feature, it is a common sight in the arid landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, from peak summers to the early hints of fall.

3. Wood Poppy

4 Petal Yellow Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Stylophorum diphyllum

The Yellow Wood Poppy unveils cup-shaped bright yellow flowers, each boasting precisely four petals against the lush, lobed leaves. Interestingly, the stems of this cultivar contain a bright yellow sap, formerly used as a dye by Native Americans.

4. Yellow Corydalis

4 Petal Yellow Flower

Botanical Name: Pseudofumaria lutea

Perfect for rock gardens or shady spots, the Yellow Corydalis blooms from late spring to early fall with delicate 5 petalled yellow flowers and feathery leaves. It also attracts pollinators and self-seeds with seeds held in oval, flat pods.

5. Yellow Archangel

Yellow Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Lamium galeobdolon

This ground cover fits shaded gardens, showcasing bright yellow, four-petaled flowers in the spring. Apart from those blooms, its variegated leaves add texture and contrast in shadowed garden nooks.

6. Yellow Pimpernel

Yellow Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Lysimachia nemorum

Though typically displaying five petals, the Yellow Pimpernel occasionally surprises with four-petaled blossoms. Perfect for naturalistic plantings, this low-growing perennial beautifies woodland gardens with dense mats of foliage.

7. Yellow Torenia

4 Petal Yellow Flower

Botanical Name: Torenia flava

The yellow-hued flowers of Torenia resemble wishbones, earning it the nickname “Wishbone Flower.” With a mounding growth habit, it can be your go-to choice for both hanging baskets and ground covers.

8. Evening-Primrose

Yellow Flower

Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis

This biennial is a garden classic, known for its large, four-petaled yellow flowers that open as the sun sets. Plus, it offers edible seeds, which are rich in essential fatty acids and used as herbal medicine.

9. Cutleaf Evening Primrose

Yellow Flower Varieties

Botanical Name: Oenothera laciniata

This ground-hugging variety unfurls bright yellow flowers with four petals and a rich nectar that often attracts pollinators. It’s a great choice for rock gardens and edges, thriving under the full sun from late spring through early fall.

10. Stemless Evening Primrose

Yellow Flower

Botanical Name: Oenothera triloba

Another Primrose variety, its low-growing habit and stemless nature blankets sunny areas with its four-petal yellow flowers. Justifying its name, this native wildflower opens near sunset and closes around noon the next day.

11. Western Wallflower

Yellow Flower

Botanical Name: Erysimum capitatum

The tall stems of Wallflower hold beautiful clusters of yellow flowers with a touch of orange. It often grows in mountainous regions where it is an important food source for wildlife, even the caterpillars and moth species.

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