Growing Philodendron Moonlight Indoors | Philodendron Moonlight Care Guide

Prized for the delicate, wavy leaves exuding a fine gloss, Philodendron Moonlight will liven your interiors with its lush glow!

Growing Philodendron Moonlight Indoors | Philodendron Moonlight Care Guide 1
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Native to the tropical canopies of Central and Southern America, Philodendron ‘Moonlight’ will fill the nooks and corners of your home with a cheery glow! Learn everything about Growing Philodendron Moonlight Indoors and help it thrive with this informative care guide!

  • Botanical Name: Philodendron Hederaceum ‘Moonlight’
  • Popular by the names—Moonlight Philodendron, Lime Philodendron
  • Flaunts a shrub-like appearance with a height of 1.5 to 2 feet
  • Thrives in the temperature range of 65-80 F or 18-27 C
  • Grows best in well-draining, moist medium
  • Toxic to humans and pets, if ingested

Philodendron Moonlight Plant Profile

Boasting its unique and captivating appearance, the gorgeous Philodendron Moonlight showcases delicately lobed leaves with a bright, neon green hue in the younger years, creating a striking contrast with the deep green mature leaves. Standing at an impressive height of 2 feet, this lime philodendron sends out aerial roots in its matured years—so you can train it up a beautiful moss pole to enhance its beauty.

How about having a houseplant to multiply the visual aesthetics of your room, besides removing the toxins from the environment—that’s Philodendron Moonlight for you!

Ideal Pot Size

Get a pot that is one size bigger than the root ball of your Philodendron Moonlight. Ideally, a 4-6 inches pot with ample drainage holes is good enough. You may repot it to a one-size bigger container once you see the roots coming out of the drainage holes.

Although an unglazed clay pot is ideal for maintaining the proper soil moisture, you can also opt for glossy ceramics, metal containers, textured pot covers, or showy plastic pots with enough drainage holes to complement the glossy foliage of the Philodendron Moonlight.

Philodendron Moonlight Propagation


Propagating Philodendron Moonlight via stem cutting is a novice task if you follow the following steps:

  • Get a healthy, disease-free plant and snip a stem that is at least 6 inches long using sharp, sterile clippers. Make the cut just below a leaf node.
  • Dip the cut end of the stem into the rooting hormone to promote root growth, brushing off the excess.
  • Fill a container with a well-draining potting mix and poke a hole in the center with your finger.
  • Plant the cutting into the medium and firm the soil around it so that it doesn’t topple over.
  • Water well and place the pot at a location with bright, indirect sunlight.

Within 3-4 weeks, you’ll notice new growth. Hold back on your watering at this time and provide the plant with suitable conditions to grow!

Requirements for Growing Philodendron Moonlight

Growing Philodendron Moonlight Indoors | Philodendron Moonlight Care Guide 2


The Philodendron Moonlight prefers bright, indirect light to maintain the fine gloss in its foliage. However, exposure to extreme afternoon sunlight will scorch its edges, compromising the plant’s beauty. Nor will the plant appreciate an absolutely shady spot, as that will stunt the plant’s growth.

A bright spot near the Northern or Eastern windows or in your well-lit drawing room can be the plant’s happy place.


Lime Philodendron prefer a well-draining medium that is rich in organic matter. To hit the perfect balance, get a combination of sphagnum moss, perlite, orchid bark, peat moss, and coco coir to provide the right nutrition besides aiding drainage. Do not use the typical garden soil, as that will not allow enough room for the roots to breathe.


Like most of its cousins, Philodendron Moonlight prefers moist condition that is not soggy. To ensure this, allow the medium to dry out slightly between watering sessions. Watering too often will cause root rot, while not doing it enough will wilt its beautiful leaves. Keep an eye on the top two inches of the medium and water once you find it dry.

Follow a weekly deep watering session so that it reaches the roots without rotting them.

Temperature & Humidity

Philodendron Moonlight loves somewhat warm temperatures between 65 and 80 F (18-27 C). The houseplant will not tolerate temperatures below 55 F or 13 C and should be protected from drafts and extreme temperature fluctuations. If the degrees in your place tend to drop down the lower limit, consider exposing the plant to heaters or indoor greenhouses to help it thrive.

The houseplant prefers a humid environment, but they are adaptable to lower humidity levels. If the air in your home is dry, you can boost the moisture around the plant by misting it regularly with tepid water or by placing a humidifier near it. A pebble tray can also do the job.

Philodendron Moonlight Care Guide



Philodendron Moonlight can be fertilized monthly with a balanced, all-purpose liquid fertilizer. Alternatively, you can also side-dress the plant with a slow-release granular feed in the early spring to aid plant growth.

Keep from fertilizing the plant in winter, as that will only lead to salt build-up in the medium, stunting its growth.

Pests & Diseases

The houseplant is susceptible to a number of houseplant pests, including spider mites, mealybugs, and scales. Keep a close eye on the undersides of the foliage for cottony webs and white powdery spots. Spray with organic neem oil solution every month to keep potential diseases at bay. Also, avoid overwatering and provide the plant with good air circulation.

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