12 Purple Carnations You Must Grow

Learn about the Best Purple Carnations and their Meaning before adding them to your floral arrangement!

Purple Carnations are widely known for their exquisite beauty and delicate fragrance. The purple hue of the petals is a result of the presence of anthocyanins, a pigment responsible for the coloration of many flowers. Pick your favorite from the list!

Purple Carnation Meaning

Purple carnations show rich symbolic meanings that have evolved over time. The color purple has long been associated with royalty, luxury, and nobility; however, purple carnations hold a different concept of capriciousness. Carnations, in general, are often associated with love, fascination, and distinction. However, purple carnations add an extra layer of meaning to these traits. The color purple has long been linked to emotions like unpredictability, whimsy, and capriciousness.

When combined with the delicate and intricate nature of carnations, purple carnations become symbolic of the ever-changing and unpredictable aspects of human emotions and relationships. They serve as a reminder that love and fascination can sometimes be fleeting and subject to sudden shifts, much like the whims of fate.

Purple Carnations

1. Dark Purple

12 Purple Carnations You Must Grow 1

This carnation has velvety petals that are a dark, rich shade of purple. With medium-sized, slightly ruffled petals, the Dark Purple variety has a sweet, clove-like fragrance that is often used in perfumes and colognes. These carnations make an excellent addition to any bouquet or floral arrangement.

2. Lavender Purple

The Lavender Purple carnation is a delicate flower with soft, ruffled petals in shades of lavender and purple. These flowers have a sweet fragrance that is reminiscent of cloves or cinnamon. They make an excellent choice for wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces.

3. Violet Purple

The Violet Purple carnation is a showy flower with large, velvety petals in a vibrant shade of purple. They are often used in corsages and boutonnieres for special occasions such as proms and weddings.

4. Deep Purple

12 Purple Carnations You Must Grow 2

This variety of Purple carnations features a richly colored flower with velvety petals that have a slight sheen to them. They have a sweet fragrance, often used in perfumes and colognes. They also look beautiful when planted in garden beds or used in hanging baskets.

5. Mauve Purple

The Mauve Purple Carnations exude an aura of understated elegance with their medium-sized, gently crimped petals unfurling in a soft mauve hue, adding a subtle grace to any floral collection. Their intoxicating, spicy aroma is a sought-after scent in potpourri and candles.

6. Lilac Purple

Radiating an ethereal charm, Lilac Purple Carnations feature soft petals that ripple in delightful shades of lilac and purple. These medium-sized blooms exude a mild, pleasing fragrance that serves as an enchanting element in wedding floral arrangements and centerpieces while also flourishing in garden settings or hanging baskets.

7. Plum Purple

12 Purple Carnations You Must Grow 3

The Plum Purple Carnation reveals an intense, rich coloration, its velvety petals glistening subtly and emanating a unique, spicy aroma. A dramatic accent for floral arrangements and bouquets, Plum Purple carnations look captivating when planted in gardens or placed in hanging baskets.

8. Magenta Purple

Emitting a burst of brilliance, the Magenta Purple carnation boasts velvety, medium-sized petals in a vivid magenta hue. The mildly spicy fragrance of these blooms is often found in perfumes and soaps.

9. Amethyst Purple

12 Purple Carnations You Must Grow 4

Exhibiting an opulent play of colors, the Amethyst Purple Carnations feature large velvety petals in a deep purple shade intertwined with soft pink hints. Their subtle spicy fragrance is a favorite for potpourri and candles and lends an elegant beauty to garden beds or hanging baskets.

10. Berry Purple

The Berry Purple Carnation is an epitome of refinement with tightly clustered petals in a deep purple shade. Medium-sized with a subtle sweet fragrance that frequently complements perfumes and soaps, these blooms enhance floral compositions and bouquets. Paired with lighter shades of pink and white, they create a visually appealing contrast.

11. Orchid Purple

12 Purple Carnations You Must Grow 5

It is a gorgeous flower with frilly petals in a light shade of purple with hints of pink. These flowers are medium-sized and have a sweet, delicate fragrance that is often used in perfumes and soaps. The Orchid Purple carnation makes an excellent choice for wedding bouquets and floral centerpieces.

12. Heather Purple

The Heather Purple Carnation captivates with its distinctive shade of purple, softened with hints of lavender and pink. Their tightly bundled, medium-sized petals emanate a mildly spicy aroma, popular in potpourri and candles. An eye-catching addition to floral compositions and bouquets, they shine in combination with pink, lavender, and white flowers.

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