Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo

Wondering about the differences between Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo? Here’s everything you must know!

Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo 1

Do you often get confused between Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo? We have your back with all the differences and similarities between these gorgeous Philo species!

What is Philodendron Imperial Red?


Noted for the gorgeous foliage color and size, Philodendron Imperial Red is a tropical plant that thrives indoors with minimal care requirements. The large, leathery foliage emerges as bright red, taking a burgundy hue, and finally turns glossy, dark green at maturity. An Imperial Red sporting different foliage sizes and colors are apt to create a statement in the living room or by the entrance!

What is Philodendron Rojo Congo?

Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo 2

Cross between Philodendron Imperial Red and Tatei, Philodendron Rojo Congo is a shrub-forming hybrid. The stunning features of the houseplant include its fairly tall stature with spread-out foliage. The new leaves appear in a dark burgundy hue, maturing to a dark green color with exotic burgundy notes and a wine-red petiole. The broad and glossy leaves will certainly add a tropical touch to your interiors without requiring much care!

Similarities between Philodendron Imperial Red and Rojo Congo

  • Philodendron Imperial Red and Rojo Congo belong to the Araceae family.
  • Both the Philodendron species are hardy to USDA zones 9-11.
  • They need indirect and bright light to thrive well.
  • Both species prefer well-drained soil with 5.0-6.0 Ph for healthy growth.
  • Both Philodendron hybrid cultivars are toxic to humans and pets.

Philodendron Imperial Red vs Rojo Congo

 Name                                        Imperial  Red                                                     Rojo Congo

Origin                                        Colombia                                                            Central and South America

Family Name                                Araceae                                                             Araceae

USDA                                           9-11                                                                     9-11

Mature height                              3′ (0.9 m)                                                           4′ (1.2 m)

Growth rate                                    Slow                                                                 Medium

Sunlight                                  Indirect and bright                                        Indirect and bright

Common Pests                        Insects and Mites                                           Insects and Mites

  • Philodendron Imperial Red’s foliage is narrower with a greenish-brown blend, whereas Rojo Congo’s exhibits a bright red shade.
  • Philodendron Imperial Red grows at a slower speed, while Rojo Congo is a more vigorous grower.
  • The Rojo Congo reaches a height of 4 feet with a similar width, whereas the Imperial Red attains a maximum height of 3 feet.
  • The Philodendron hybrids differ in their growth habit, too; while Imperial Red shows a bushy, compact growth, Rojo Congo exhibits a free structure with stems stretching far from the center.
  • With thicker and larger leaves, the Rojo Congo is surely the showstopper, while the smaller and dull foliage of Imperial Red doesn’t compete with its charm.

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