How to Grow Jose Buono Plant Indoors | Philodendron domesticum Care Guide

Bring some tropical flair to your indoor garden with the stunning variegated leaves of Philodendron Jose Buono!

How to Grow Jose Buono Plant Indoors | Philodendron domesticum Care Guide 1

This Philodendron, commonly known as ‘Jose Buono’ is a stunning aroid loved for its uniform variegation. Mostly grown for its amazing foliage, this plant is perfect to light up every corner of your home. Read on to learn all about How to Grow Jose Buono Plant Indoors!

  • Botanical Name: Philodendron domesticum
  • Attains a handsome height of about 4 feet
  • Foliage size reaches about 8-12 inches long
  • Grows well under bright, indirect light
  • Removes toxic formaldehyde from the air
  • Prefers an evenly moist substrate

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Jose Buono Plant Profile

Philodendron Jose Buono is a stunning addition to any indoor jungle, showcasing its signature heart-shaped leaves in a rich green hue. The plant is prized for its ease of care and ability to thrive in low to medium-light conditions, and its ability to clean the atmosphere of toxic elements—making it a perfect choice for urban dwellers.

With its compact stature, Philodendron domesticum can fit perfectly on a desk, bookshelf, or windowsill, adding a touch of verdant charm to any space. As it grows, its leaves can reach up to 8-10 inches in length, creating a lush and full canopy that adds a pop of green to any room.

Ideal Pot Size

Like most houseplants, Philodendron Jose Bueno can be potted in any container that is 5 inches in size or above. Once you find the roots coming out of the holes, give your plant a better space by repotting it to one size larger pot. The plant doesn’t grow rapidly indoors, so you are good to go for a long!

Variegated plants look mesmerizing in mosaic ceramics or painted pots that complement the texture of their foliage.

Jose Buono Plant Propagation

Most Philodendrons are propagated through stem cuttings, and Jose Buono is no exception! The ideal season for propagating Philodendron domesticum is spring and summer when the plant is actively growing.

  • Get a healthy plant and use a sharp, sterilized clipper to snip a stem below the node.
  • Fill a glass with clean, filtered water and submerge the cutting so the leaf does not get in contact with the water.
  • Change the water every 3-4 days or when it gets muddy, as it helps to prevent bacteria and algae growth on your cutting.
  • Keep the glass in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.
  • You’ll notice the roots coming out in 2-3 weeks.

Once the roots reach 1-2 inches long, transplant it to a pot with a well-aerated growing medium and watch the plant thrive!

Philodendron Jose Buono Growing Requirements

How to Grow Jose Buono Plant Indoors | Philodendron domesticum Care Guide 2


Bright indirect light will be enough for this plant to thrive, but it will also tolerate medium light. When these philodendrons are young, they are accustomed to lower levels of light however, it is recommended to keep them in a room where it receives at least six hours of bright indirect light per day. Exposing the plant to direct sunlight for long periods will scorch the leaves.


The ideal soil for Philodendron Jose Buono is a well-draining, aerated medium that is porous and nutrient-rich. Additionally, the soil should be slightly acidic, with a pH range between 5.5-6.5, to ensure proper nutrient absorption. To achieve this, consider mixing equal parts of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite in your potting mix.


Philodendron Jose Buono needs to be watered once a week throughout spring and summer, while in winter, watering it once every ten days will be enough. The watering requirements may vary according to the climate, so it is better to keep an eye on the top one inch of the substrate. If dry, give your plant a good shower until the water drains out of the drainage holes.

Ensure not to waterlog the soil, as this can result in root rot.

Temperature and Humidity

Regarding temperature and humidity, Philodendron domesticum is a tropical plant that thrives in warm, humid environments. The ideal temperature range for this plant is between 60-85 F (15-20 C), with no exposure to temperatures below 50 F or 10 C. Avoid drafts and direct exposure to hot or cold air to prevent plant shock.

The plant prefers high humidity levels, with an ideal range of 60-90%. If the humidity level in your home is low, you can increase it by misting the leaves regularly or placing a humidifier nearby.

Philodendron Jose Buono Care


Jose Buono doesn’t require regular feeding, and you can give this plant a liquid fertilizer, diluted to 1/4th its strength once every 3-4 weeks in spring and summer. This plant enters a brief period of dormancy in winter and doesn’t require any fertilizing during that period.

Pests and Diseases

Philodendron Jose Buono is resistant to most pests but can develop infestations by mealybugs and spider mites. Keep a check on the undersides of the leaves regularly to detect any infestation. If your plant has developed any pests, spray the leaves with an organic neem oil solution.

Root rot is a common problem that develops due to overwatering. Keep the medium well-drained and the spot airy.

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