26 White Tulips | White Tulips Meaning

Transform your garden into a tranquil oasis with the timeless beauty of White Tulips, offering a serene floral show!

With their immaculate white petals, white tulips instantly infuse any setting with a sense of serenity and sophistication. Whether you’re seeking the perfect plant to line your garden pathways or showcase in modern container gardens, or curate a lovely bouquet for your mate, there’s a perfect fit for you!

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White Tulips Meaning

White tulips are often associated with purity, innocence, and humility. These elegant blooms are significant in various cultures and occasions, serving as a versatile floral gift for not just joyous events like weddings but condolence meets too. In a wedding setting, white tulips symbolize the purity and integrity of the couple’s love for one another, making them a popular choice for bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

Conversely, their association with humility and respect also renders them suitable for more somber occasions like memorial services. Moreover, white tulips can symbolize a fresh start or new beginning, making them an ideal gift for housewarming events or to mark significant milestones in life. Overall, the white tulip serves as a multi-faceted symbol, conveying a message of pure intentions and new possibilities.

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White Tulips

1. Ice Princess Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Ice Princess’

The Ice Princess Tulip features creamy white petals with a soft yellow center. Its traditional tulip shape is enhanced by an iridescent sheen that gives it an icy appearance. This white tulip variety is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any garden.

2. Mount Tacoma Tulip

White Tulips 3

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Mount Tacoma’

Mount Tacoma Tulip is known for its pure white, peony-like double blooms. It boasts multiple layers of petals, adding texture and depth to its overall classic beauty, suitable for formal and casual gardens alike.

3. Clearwater Tulip

White Tulips 1

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Clearwater’

The Clearwater tulip is a pristine white tulip variety that exudes purity and simplicity. Its immaculate petals open wide to reveal a crisp, snow-white hue, creating a striking contrast against the green foliage.

4. Hakuun Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Hakuun’

Standing tall and proud, the Hakuun Tulip features pure white blooms shaped like traditional tulips. A unique greenish stripe often graces the middle of each petal, adding subtle visual interest. Its elegant form and coloration make it a versatile addition to any white tulip collection.

5. Spring Green Tulip

White Tulips 5

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Spring Green’

Tulipa ‘Spring Green’ is  known for its creamy white petals adorned with soft green streaks. The pointed, lily-like shape of its petals further distinguishes it from other tulip varieties, excellent for those looking to inject a fresh, vibrant feel into their garden.

6. Danceline Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Danceline’

The Danceline Tulip entices with its delicate white petals infused with a soft pink blush. The peony-like double blooms feature ruffled, textured petals, adding an element of romance to its appearance.

7. White Lizard Tulip

White Tulips 7

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘White Lizard’

Setting itself apart through intricate green markings, the White Lizard Tulip brings a dash of the exotic to the classic tulip form. Its white petals are adorned with lizard-like green striations, creating a unique pattern that captures the eye.

8. Ice Age Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Ice Age’

Featuring creamy white, cup-shaped petals, the Ice Age Tulip presents a traditional tulip appearance with a twist. Its petals sport feather-like, fringed edges, offering texture and visual interest, making it a standout option for gardeners seeking a touch of whimsy.

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9. Eyelash Tulip

White Tulips 9

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Eyelash’

The Eyelash Tulip commands attention with its white base and contrasting purple, fringed edges. The unique, eyelash-like fringes give this tulip an exotic flair that ensures it will be the focal point in any setting.

10. Snow Crystal Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Snow Crystal’

The Snow Crystal Tulip impresses with its pure white petals. Occasionally, these petals have crystal-like edges, evoking the beauty of a snowflake. The serenity of its color and form make these White Tulips a perfect fit for gardens aiming for a tranquil, wintry aesthetic.

11. Purissima Tulip

White Tulips 11

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purissima’

Delicately colored with creamy white petals, the Purissima Tulip blooms early in the spring season. Its traditional and elegant shape makes it a timeless choice for any garden setting. Being an early bloomer, it indicates spring’s arrival with its classic beauty.

12. Pays Bas Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Pays Bas’

Tulipa ‘Pays Bas’ is a striking white tulip variety that hails from the Netherlands. The white petals tinted with subtle yellow-orange stroke in the traditional tulip shape make it a standout choice for adding a burst of energy to any garden.

13. Shirley Tulip

White Tulips 13

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Shirley’

The Shirley tulip are charming white tulips with a unique twist. They present a delicate balance of white petals gradually transitioning to a soft purple edge. This color shift makes it a captivating focal point in any flower bed.

14. Beautytrend Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Beautytrend’

The Beautytrend Tulip features a rich color combination of white petals highlighted with pink edges. Ideal for gardeners seeking a modern, trendy vibe, this white tulip lives up to its name.

15. North Pole Tulip

White Tulips 15

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘North Pole’

Pure white and elongated, North Pole Tulip has lily-like, pointed petals. Its tall, elegant structure makes it a good pick for floral garden borders or tall flower arrangements.

16. White Triumphator Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘White Triumphator’

These white tulips have elongated, pure white petals in a lily-flowered form. Standing tall at around 20 inches, they are a strong candidate for formal plantings or as a cut flower for indoor arrangements.

17. Catherina Tulip

White Tulips 17

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Catherina’

The Catherina tulip is a charming ivory white tulip variety with a somewhat tall stature. Reaching around 30 inches in height, these tulips are perfect for border planting in parks and mid-spring gardens.

18. White Marvel Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘White Marvel’

The White Marvel Tulip sports clean, white, cup-shaped blooms. Easy to grow, these white tulips make a powerful statement, adding a touch of grandeur to any landscape and container gardens.

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19. Coldplay Tulip

White Tulips 19

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Coldplay’

Featuring icy white blooms with a tinge of pink at the base, the Coldplay Tulip has a traditional tulip shape. It’s an excellent choice for mixed beds or for planting en masse for a striking visual effect.

20. Graceland Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Graceland’

The Graceland Tulip comes with elegant white petals tinged with pink. The bloom is cup-shaped and serves well as a focal point in any flower bed or border.

21. Pim Fortuyn Tulip

White Tulips 21

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Pim Fortuyn’

A perfect blend of innocence and charm, this white tulip offers a vivid contrast against its dark green foliage. Additionally, with an average geight of 10-12 inches, they are perfect for container planting and indoor floral arrangements.

22. Diana White Tulip

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Diana’

The Diana White Tulip is characterized by pure white, classic blooms with fringed petals. A top pick for formal garden settings, its simple elegance complements other spring bulbs well.

23. Maureen

White Tulips 23

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Maureen’

A tall variety with pure white, elongated blooms, the Maureen Tulip is perfect for back borders. Its height and lily-like shape also make it a good candidate for cut flower arrangements.

24. White Emperor

Botanical Name: Tulipa fosteriana ‘White Emperor’

White Emperor Tulip features broad, sturdy white petals, making it highly resistant to wind. Its robust build makes it ideal for naturalizing and as a foundational element in mixed beds.

25. Ice Follies

White Tulips 25

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Ice Follies’

The petals of the Ice Follies Tulip are white with a unique fringe, adding a textural element to your flower beds. This variety is particularly eye-catching when planted in masses that creates a unique tactile dimension in gardens.

26. Tulipa ‘White Eagle’

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘White Eagle’

White Eagle Tulip stands out with its creamy white petals blushed with subtle tints of red, yellow and purple across the center. If you are looking for an elegant white tulip with a bit of drama, this is it!

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