7 Gorgeous White Sunflowers

Delve into the world of the Best White Sunflowers, uncovering their beauty and charm, one variety at a time!

When it comes to cultivating sunflowers, one cannot ignore the elegance and purity that Best White Sunflowers bring to gardens and landscapes. These striking flowers, with their pristine petals, stand out in any setting and can add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor spaces!

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Best White Sunflowers

1. Moonwalker Sunflower

7 Gorgeous White Sunflowers 1

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus ‘Moonwalker’

The Moonwalker Sunflower is known for its large, creamy-yellow blooms with a nearly-white appearance. This variety features a central dark disk, surrounded by pale petals. Ideal for cutting gardens, the Moonwalker can reach heights of up to 6 feet.

2. Vanilla Ice Sunflower

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus ‘Vanilla Ice’

Vanilla Ice Sunflowers boast soft, buttery-yellow petals that give an almost white appearance under certain lighting. They typically reach heights of 3-4 feet and are perfect for borders and container gardening.

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3. White Night Sunflower

7 Gorgeous White Sunflowers 2

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus ‘White Night’

White Night Sunflowers present a dramatic appearance with their large, single-blooms and pure white petals. The dark, nearly black centers create a striking contrast, making these sunflowers a showstopper in any garden setting.

4. Albino Sunflower

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus ‘Albino’

The Albino Sunflower boasts stunning, completely white petals and centers, a rare trait that makes it a unique addition to any garden. Its blooms are medium-sized, and the plant is well-suited for container gardening due to its compact growth habit.

5. Coconut Ice Sunflower

7 Gorgeous White Sunflowers 3

Botanical Name: Helianthus ‘Coconut Ice’

Coconut Ice Sunflowers offer a refreshing visual treat with their large, fluffy blooms featuring creamy-white petals that gradually transition into a soft, buttery center. Reaching a height of 4-6 feet, this sunflower variety is well-suited for making a statement in your garden.

6. Italian White Sunflower

Botanical Name: Helianthus ‘Italian White’

These beautiful White Sunflowers feature semi-double, creamy-white blooms with a hint of soft yellow at the center. A medium-sized sunflower, it stands about 3-4 feet tall and offers a more subtle elegance, making it versatile for mixed flower beds or container gardening.

7. White Lite Sunflower

7 Gorgeous White Sunflowers 4

Botanical Name: Helianthus ‘White Lite’

The White Lite Sunflower variety distinguishes itself with smaller, more compact blooms featuring pristine white petals and a delicate yellow center. Growing to a height of 2-3 feet, this dwarf variety is perfect for smaller spaces or as a border plant in a larger garden setup.

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