8 Best White Pothos Varieties

Pick your favorite from these White Pothos Varieties that are not just beautiful but super easy to grow!

If you love pothos and want to deck up your home with the best varieties, these white pothos are not worth missing!

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Best White Pothos Varieties

1. Marble Queen Pothos


The leaves are a mix of deep green and creamy white, often displaying a marbled pattern that varies from leaf to leaf. It’s not just beautiful but also a breeze to care for, making it a perfect choice for both hanging baskets and pots.

2. Snow Queen Pothos

As the name suggests, the Snow Queen Pothos predominantly looks like freshly fallen snow on green foliage. Just remember to provide it with a mix of bright indirect light so it keeps flaunting its ‘snowy beauty’!

3. N’Joy Pothos


The N’Joy variety showcases leaves with a delightful blend of green and white. It’s not just about looks; this compact plant is a versatile performer, thriving equally well in the spotlight of a hanging basket or the cozy nook of a tabletop pot.

4. Pearls and Jade Pothos

Best White Pothos

Pearls and Jade Pothos displays a unique variegation of green, white, and occasionally silver. The leaves are smaller and more rounded than the Marble Queen, with white variegation that often looks speckled or dotted, resembling pearls.

5. Manjula Pothos Manjula Pothos

The variegation of this white and green pothos is irregular, featuring patches of both colors and even hints of yellow. Whether perched in a pot or gracing a tabletop, the Manjula Pothos screams a refined taste, effortlessly elevating the aesthetic of any room.

6. Satin Pothos

Indoor Satin Pothos

While not a true pothos, this beauty makes to this list for a similar leaf shape and a graceful green-white variegation. Plus, it is pretty easy to grow, making it a close cousin of a Pothos. You can pick some more Pothos-look-alikes from this list

7. Glacier Pothos

Glacier Pothos is notable for its small, dense leaves with intricate variegation, combining green and white in a speckled pattern. Ensure to trim the stems timely to support a bushy growth.

8. Albo Variegata Pothos

Albo Variegata Pothos

The leaves of this white pothos are large and heart-shaped, featuring a dramatic contrast between the deep green and the stark white areas. This variegation can appear as large white sections or streaks, making each leaf a unique display.


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