25 Best White Hawaiian Flowers

Discover the Best White Hawaiian Flowers, that not just look beautiful but play a vital role in the state’s rich culture!

Gracing small shrubs to robust trees, these beautiful White Hawaiian Flowers are every gardener’s favorite. Though endemic to Hawaii, you can grow them in your garden as long as your climate suits their requirement! Read on to explore the best varieties below!

Best White Hawaiian Flowers

1. Awapuhi Nui

Botanical Name: Hedychium coronarium

Awapuhi Nui boasts large and fragrant white blossoms with a striking yellow center. Beyond its ornamental use, these flowers are used in formulation shampoos and conditioners due to its natural cleansing properties.

2. Kiele

White Hawaiian Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Gardenia brighamii

Popular as the Hawaiian Jasmine, Kiele produces creamy white flowers that have a waxy texture. Native to the Hawaiian Islands, It is extensively used in the crafting of leis and marks as a symbol of affection.

3. Akia

White Hawaiian Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Wikstroemia spp.

Akia is a diminutive shrub that boasts delicate white flowers in a star-like shape. In Hawaiian culture, these flowers are used in traditional leis and offer herban remedies as well.

4. Koali ‘awa

Botanical Name: Psychotria mariniana

Koali ‘awa stands out with its star-shaped white flowers, found in clusters. Common in the wetlands of Hawaii, these flowers have been used in traditional medicine.

5. Kokio keo keo

White Hawaiian Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Hibiscus arnottianus

One of the many Hawaiian hibiscus cultivars, Kokio keo keo features elegant white glowers with a hint of pink at the base. Apart from the rainforests, these White Hawaiian Flowers are a common sight in private landscapes as well.

6. Kukui Blossom

Botanical Name: Aleurites moluccanus

The Kukui Blossom, also known as the Candlenut Blossom, showcases clusters of small white flowers. These blossoms are intertwined with the very essence of Hawaii, as Kukui trees flourish throughout the islands.

7. Maile

White Hawaiian Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Alyxia stellata

The Maile features slender, intertwining branches and small, oval-shaped leaves that exude a sweet fragrance when crushed. Maile lei are highly valuable in the Hawaiian culture for their significance in hula rituals, weddings, and other ceremonies.

8. Ma’o hau hele

Botanical Name: Hibiscus tiliaceus

Ma’o hau hele is a white flowering shrub native commonly found along Hawaii’s coastlines and lowland areas. In Hawaiian culture, its strong, fibrous bark is used in making ropes and canoe building, reflecting its major role in traditional Hawaiian life.

9. Naupaka Kahakai

White Hawaiian Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Scaevola sericea

Naupaka Kahakai is a coastal plant which boasts small white flowers that look like a crescent moon. This beach-loving plant thrives along Hawaii’s sandy shores, and play a vital role in the state’s cultural practices.

10. Naupaka Kuahiwi

Botanical Name: Scaevola gaudichaudiana

Another Naupaka cultivar, juwahiwi features a unique half-flower in a beautiful white color. Predominantly found in Hawaii’s upland forests, this flower holds a revered place in Hawaiian mythology, symbolizing separated lovers

11. Naupaka Uka

White Hawaiian Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Scaevola chamissoniana

Similar to its coastal cousin, the Naupaka Uka boasts white, half-moon shaped flowers. These blossoms cluster along the branches, giving a lush, full appearance against the plant’s green foliage.

12. Ohe Makai

Botanical Name: Sesbania tomentosa

Ohe Makai showcases delicate, yellowish-white flowers that are small and pea-like. Found along Hawaii’s coastal areas, this plant is often used in native Hawaiian medicine and as a windbreak in coastal gardens.

13. Olopua

Botanical Name: Nestegis sandwicensis

This Hawaiian native produces small, white, star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters and exude a subtle fragrance. Common in dry and mesic forests, the tree provides food and habitat for native birds and insects.

14. White Sandalwood

White Hawaiian Flowers 15

Botanical Name: Santalum paniculatum

The White Sandalwood has small, fragrant white flowers that cluster together and give way to red berries, adding to the plant’s ornamental value. The tree is considered rare and is protected for its valuable wood.

15. Ulei

Botanical Name: Osteomeles anthyllidifolia

The Ulei, or Hawaiian Rose, showcases small, delicate white flowers set against glossy green foliage. The dense wood of this tree is extensively used for making tools and fishing implements.

16. Waawaa

White Hawaiian Flowers 17

Botanical Name: Clermontia oblongifolia

Waawaa flowers are unique, with curved, tubular greenish-white blooms. These striking white hawaii flowers are a favorite among native birds, which aid in their pollination.

17. Waialeale

Botanical Name: Lobelia niihauensis

Waialeale is a rare and endemic flowering plant native to the Hawaiian Islands. Native to the high elevations of Kauai, particularly around Mount Waialeale, the flower color extends from white to pale pink as well.

18. White Hawaiian Hibiscus

White Hawaiian Flowers 19

Botanical Name: Hibiscus waimeae

This species of Hibiscus is known for its large, pure white flowers with a striking red center. The blossoms are renowned for their delicate fragrance, which intensifies in the evening.

19. Puakenikeni

Botanical Name: Fagraea berteriana

The Pua Keni Keni boasts a beautiful star-like shape and mild fragrance. Native to the Hawaiian Islands, this flower showcases a range of colors, including white, pink, and yellow, adding vibrancy to the local flora.

20. Alulu

White Hawaiian Flowers 21

Botanical Name: Brighamia insignis

Alulu stands out with its large, trumpet-shaped pale white flowers, which bloom on succulent, columnar stems. Native to the cliffs of Kauai and Niihau, Alulu holds significant cultural importance in traditional Hawaiian practices.

21. Wild Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia kauaiensis

The Wild Begonia of Kauai enchants with its delicate, pinkish-white flowers and broad, asymmetrical leaves. Its unique foliage often develops a reddish tinge, multiplying its beauty.

22. Widow’s Thrill

White Hawaiian Flowers 23

Botanical Name: Wikstroemia uva-ursi

Widow’s Thrill exhibits small, bright yellow flowers, which are followed by orange-red berries. The plant has a low-lying, shrubby appearance, with dense, green foliage exhibiting medicinal properties.

23. Silversword

Botanical Name: Argyroxiphium sandwicense

The Silversword stands out with its silver-green, sword-like leaves and spectacular flowering spike, which can bear hundreds of purple, sunburst-like flowers. Endemic to the high volcanic slopes of Maui and the Big Island, Silversword is a hardy specie.

24. Heavenly Queen

White Hawaiian Flowers 25

Botanical Name: Clermontia lindseyana

The Heavenly Queen boasts large, tubular, pale green to whitish flowers, surrounded by broad, lush green leaves. These White Hawaiian Flowers are native to the wet forest areas, particularly on the islands of Maui and Molokai.

25. Hawaiian Myrtle

Botanical Name: Myoporum sandwicense

The Hawaiian Myrtle features small, white, star-shaped flowers, which bloom in clusters, contrasting against its dark green, glossy leaves. Valued for its hardy nature and salt tolerance, the tree is suitable for coastal planting and erosion control.

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