27 White Geraniums for Your Home

Shower your home with a touch of elegance and tranquility with these stunning White Geraniums, perfect for sunny windowsills!

White Geraniums, in particular, signify purity, innocence, and spiritual cleansing. Their delicate, pristine blossoms create a sense of calm and serenity, promote clarity of thought, and foster harmonious environments, making them an ideal addition to any home or garden. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your closed ones, these White Geraniums are the best you can choose from!

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White Geraniums

While these stunning White Geraniums look beautiful indoors, ensure to provide the plant with 4-5 hours of bright sunlight and deadhead the spent blooms to boost their flower production!

1. Cascade White

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 1

Cascade White boasts large single white flowers with five petals and rich burgundy markings that adorn the plant in the spring and fade in the fall. With deep green ivy-shaped leaves on long, relaxed stems, the plant grows up to 1 foot tall and spreads approximately 1.5-2 feet wide.

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2. White Mirage

White Mirage is an elegant geranium variety with large, pure white flowers highlighted with delicate pink veins. The flowers bloom throughout the summer amidst dark green leaves. The plant reaches upto 1-1.5 feet tall and exhibits a bushy habit.

3. Temprano White

A charming White Geranium variety with large, showy white flowers and soft pink markings, the flowers appear in the spring and fade in the fall. It reaches a height of 1 foot and looks fantastic as a potted specimen on a balcony or a bright, sunny windowsill.

4. White Cloud

The plant produces pure White Geraniums with a hint of yellow in the center that bloom abundantly throughout the summer. With a height of 1-1.5 feet, White Cloud exhibits deep green scalloped leaves, perfect for planting in containers and hanging baskets.

5. White Rose

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 2
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White Rose is one of the most sought-after White Geraniums, boasting large, showy flowers with overlapping petals in white or pale pink. The flowers appear in clusters and bloom throughout the summer, creating a striking contrast against the dark green foliage.

6. White Delight

The White Delight is a vigorous, fast-growing geranium variety that blooms white flowers with a pink flush. This species can grow up to 1.5 feet high and has deep green leaves that look perfect in containers and hanging baskets.

7. Fantasia White

With large semi-double white flowers that contrast beautifully with its dark green leaves, the Fantasia White blooms throughout the summer. It typically grows up to 1 foot tall and is home to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

8. White Queen

The White Queen is a stunning White Geranium with snowy white flowers and a compact growth habit. The bright white blooms come with a hint of pink in the center and a delicate, ruffled texture, creating a striking contrast against the glossy, green leaves.

9. Nano White

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 3

Nano White is a petite geranium variety with small pristine white flower clusters that sit atop long, sturdy stems. The plant has dark green scalloped leaves and typically grows to a height of 5-12 inches with a spread of 8-10 inches.

10. White Millennium

The White Millennium is one of the most stunning White Geraniums that produces pure white, double blooms with ruffled petals. The flowers bloom in clusters on tall stems amidst the deep green foliage with a scalloped edge, providing an attractive contrast to the white flowers.

11. White Ivy

The White Ivy produces glossy, dark green, ivy-shaped leaves with clusters of white flowers highlighted with rich burgundy markings. With a moderate height of 1-2 feet, the plant thrives in pots under bright, indirect sunlight.

12. White Light

White Light makes for one of the most attractive White Geraniums that produces large, pure white flowers highlighted with a bright yellow center. The clusters boast a ruffled texture atop the green foliage, making them excellent choices for window boxes and balcony railings.

13. White Candy

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 4

A lovely geranium variety boasting white flowers with magenta streaks, the White Candy grows up to 2 feet high and wide. It requires full sun exposure and specific watering intervals, as it is particularly susceptible to mold.

14. White Mountaineer

White Mountaineer is an attractive ivy-leaf geranium exhibiting a cascading growth habit that blooms brilliant white flowers with a hint of pink in the center. The deep green leaves with a glossy texture multiply the plant’s beauty, making it perfect for hanging baskets or trailing over walls or containers.

15. Tornado White

The Tornado White has heart-shaped white blooms with brilliant violet streaks and is noted for its free-flowing cascades that grow upto 8-10 inches high. This species of White Geraniums are tolerant of edema and flower year-round.

16. Patriot White

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 5

The Patriot White has green scalloped leaves and showy, large white clusters of blooms that extend above the foliage. The leaves of this variety stay green all year, and they are very heat tolerant.

17. White Tempest

White Tempest is a lovely geranium variety with large, double blooms in a bright, pure white color, ruffled petals, and a slightly serrated edge. The leaves are deep green and have a rounded shape that thrives in full sun and well-drained soil

18. Contessa White

The Contessa White is known for its large, semi-double, 5-lobed flowers with vibrant pink streaks painted across the petals that grow atop dark green leafy foliage. With a height of 6-8 inches with a spread of 10-14 inches, it makes for one of the most sought-after White Geraniums.

19. White Pearl

White Pearl is a popular geranium variety known for its pristine, pure white blooms characterized by large, ruffled petals and dark green, textured foliage. This geranium typically grows up to one foot tall with a spread of 10-12 inches.

20. Calliope White

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 6

Calliope White is an interspecific geranium that boasts large, brilliant white flowers and dark green foliage. This species can grow up to one foot high and is heat and drought-tolerant, making it a great choice for gardeners in warmer climates.

21. Americana White

The Americana White flaunts brilliant 4-5 inch white flower clusters atop vibrant scalloped leaves. It is an evergreen perennial that provides continuous blooms throughout the year. Additionally, the plant’s tolerance to drought, wind, rain, and heat makes it one of the best White Geraniums.

22. White Magic

White Magic is a striking geranium variety that produces large, pure white blooms with a ruffled texture. The flowers appear in clusters on tall stems above the deep green foliage and bloom prolifically after the deadheading of spent flowers.

23. Candy White Parfait

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 7

Candy White Parfait is a stunning White Geranium with clusters of white blooms streaked with magenta. The scalloped leaves are a deep green and dense, providing a nice contrast to the delicate flowers making it an excellent choice for planting in the ground or in a large container.

24. Great Balls of Fire White

Great Balls of Fire White is a breathtaking ivy geranium variety with white double blooms that cluster together to form balls. The palmate leaves are dark green and stay green year-round under favorable conditions.

25. Summer Showers

Summer Showers is a stunning geranium variety that boasts large, bright white flowers with delicate pink whiskers amidst ivy-shaped, glossy, dark green foliage. This particular geranium can grow up to 1 foot tall and make for attractive decorative flowers, cascading beautifully out of baskets.

26. Maverick White

27 White Geraniums for Your Home 8

Maverick White is a vibrant White Geranium with balled clusters of blooms set against dark green foliage and is home to hummingbirds. The blooms are dainty yet particularly resilient, making them reliable for container gardens.

27. Pinto Premium White

Pinto Premium White is a stunning geranium with clusters of overlapping white petals that have contrasting gold filaments. This variety generally grows upto 1 foot tall and flowers earlier than most White Geraniums on the list.

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