13 Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plants

With lobed foliage and a vining growth habit, these Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plants will confuse between the two!

These Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plants can mix up with and ruin your thriving pumpkin patch. Here’s how you can tell them apart!

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Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plants

1. Velvetleaf

Abutilon theophrasti Weeds

Botanical Name: Abutilon theophrasti

With its heart-shaped and slightly velvety foliage, Velvetleaf is sure to confuse you between the two. Plus, the leaves are broad with serrated edges, similar to young pumpkin plants.

2. Wild Cucumber

Botanical Name: Echinocystis lobata

Wild cucumber’s broad, triangular leaves bear a resemblance to pumpkin foliage. However, there is a catch—these are thinner and more delicate than pumpkin leaves. 

3. Buffalo Bur

Solanum rostratum Look like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Solanum rostratum

This one can mislead you due to its spiny and lobed nature that resembles the rough texture of pumpkin leaves. However, the elongated and pointed nature of its leaves will help you differentiate.

4. Bur Cucumber

Sicyos angulatus Plants like Pumpkin

Botanical Name: Sicyos angulatus

The Bur Cucumber’s leaves are somewhat like pumpkin, but when you look closely, you will see that these possess a slightly rougher texture.

5. Carolina Horsenettle

like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name:  Solanum carolinense

The lobed foliage of Carolina Horsenettle shares similarities with pumpkin, and an easy way for you to distinguish them is by observing the serration on the edges of the leaves.

6. Cocklebur

Beautiful Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Xanthium strumarium

Cocklebur’s broad, heart-like leaves look like a rougher and hairier version of pumpkin leaves. This distinct texture sets them apart from the smoother pumpkin leaves.

7. Common Lambsquarters

Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Chenopodium album

Think of these as look-alikes to pumpkin leaves with their broad base. But you can spot the difference easily because they’re lighter in color and have a kind of powdery feel to them.

8. Giant Ragweed

Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Ambrosia trifida

The leaves of giant ragweed have deep cuts in them and might trick you into thinking they’re pumpkin leaves. But, they are way bigger—hence the name ‘giant’ – which is a giveaway that they’re a different plant.

9. Hairy Nightshade

Solanum sarrachoides - like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Solanum sarrachoides

This one has heart-shaped leaves that might remind you of pumpkin leaves. But, if you look closely, you’ll notice the leaves are kind of fuzzy—that’s your clue they’re not pumpkin.

10. Jimsonweed

Datura stramonium Weeds that Look like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Datura stramonium

Jimsonweed’s leaves are big and have deep lobes, similar to pumpkin leaves. But they are more stretched out and have wavy edges, unlike their competitor.

11. Manroot

Marah oreganus Weed

Botanical Name: Marah oreganus

Manroot vine’s leaves look a lot like pumpkin leaves. However, on noticing its small white flowers, you will easily tell this one apart from pumpkins.

12. Morning Glory

Ipomoea spp

Botanical Name: Ipomoea spp.

Some types of morning glory have leaves that look like they could be from a pumpkin plant. But, these are famous for their bright, showy flowers, so they’re pretty easy to identify.

13. Black Nightshade

Like Pumpkin Plant

Botanical Name: Solanum nigrum

With its heart-shaped leaves and serrated edges, Black Nightshade can resemble young pumpkin plants. However, its darker green leaves and the production of clustered berries distinguish it.

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