8 Weeds That Look Like Marigold Leaves

Some of these Weeds That Look Like Marigold Leaves might confuse you even more with their bright golden-yellow flowerheads!

Do you know about the weeds that look like marigold leaves? If not yet, take a tour around your garden after scrolling through the list!

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Weeds That Look Like Marigold

1. Spanish Needles

Botanical Name: Bidens bipinnata

Spanish Needles will catch your eye with its finely dissected leaves and yellow flowers, almost making you think of marigolds. The key is in the details—its opposite leaves with 2-3 rows of lateral leaflets, and a tendency to pop up in pastures and roadsides.

2. Marijuana

Weeds With Leaves Resembling Marigolds 1

Botanical Name: Cannabis sativa

Marijuana might confuse you with its serrated leaf edges and distinctive leaf shape. However, unlike marigolds, these weeds feature a unique, palmate leaf arrangement with a prominent leaf silhouette and some medicinal properties as well. Look at some Marijuana doppelgangers here!

3. Sneezeweed


Botanical Name: Helenium spp

Sneezeweed’s daisy-like flowers and similar leaf shape might give you a marigold vibe. However, its unique flowers, often yellow with a raised center, are a dead giveaway.

4. Groundsel

Botanical Name: Senecio spp.

Groundsel could be mistaken for marigold with its lobed, sometimes serrated foliage. Plus, these marigold look-alikes can be a threat to livestock if ingested.

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5. Ragwort

Weeds With Leaves Resembling Marigolds

Botanical Name: Jacobaea vulgaris

Common Ragwort’s lobed, slightly serrated leaves might remind you of marigold. Yet, its tall stems and clusters of small, yellow, daisy-like flowers make it distinct.

6. Spotted Knapweed

The weeds With Leaves Similar to Marigolds 2

Botanical Name: Centaurea stoebe

This invasive weed has leaves that could be confused with marigold’s in its rosette stage. However, its pink-purple thistle-like flowers set it apart.

7. Common Dandelion

Weeds That Remind Them of Marigold Leaves 1

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale

With its deeply lobed leaves, Dandelions might be mistaken for marigold when young. In fact, its fluffy yellow flowers also add to the confusion when viewed from a distance.

8. Goldenrod

Weeds That Look Like Marigold Leaves

Botanical Name: Solidago spp.

The lush and linear leaves look somewhat similar to Marigold leaves. You must let it grow around your veggie garden as its golden-yellow flowers attract beneficial pollinators.

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