8 Weeds That Look Like Clover

These Weeds That Look Like Clover might have you second-guessing as they resemble the herb way too much!

While these weeds may resemble clover at first glance, a closer look reveals their distinct features, setting them apart!

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Weeds That Look Like Clover

1. Black Medic

Medicago lupulina

Botanical Name: Medicago lupulina

This weed will make you do a double-take with its leafy appearance as its trifoliate leaves closely look like those of a clover. However, unlike its competitor, Black Medic tends to spread across the area and has a ground-hugging growth habit.

2. Yellow Woodsorrel

Oxalis stricta - Weeds

Botanical Name: Oxalis stricta

Yellow Woodsorrel is another weed that could easily be mistaken for clover due to its shamrock-shaped foliage that creates the impression of clover leaves. Plus, its tarty flavor adds a zingy zest to salads.

3. Creeping Woodsorrel

Weeds That Look Like Clover

Botanical Name: Oxalis corniculata

This weed has a clover-like leaf shape, but Its ability to creep and spread sets it apart from the typical clover. You will often see Creeping Woodsorrel in lawns and gardens, forming a dense carpet.

4. Bird’s-Foot Trefoil

Weeds That Look Like Clover - Lotus corniculatus Botanical Name: Lotus corniculatus

Bird’s-foot Trefoil features a clustered leaf shape that might remind you of clover. But its semi-upright growth pattern and the flower clear the confusion.

5. Bermuda Buttercup

Look Like Clover

Botanical Name: Oxalis pes-caprae

With a low-growing habit, Bermuda Buttercup has trifoliate leaves, meaning each leaf is composed of three or sometimes four leaflets. This clover-like weed finds its place in traditional medicine, which makes it an interesting addition to this list.

6. Ribbed Melilot

Melilotus officinalis Like Clover

Botanical Name: Melilotus officinalis

While Yellow Clovers are often mistaken as true clovers for their common name and trifoliate leaves, they tend to be longer and narrower. Additionally, you can even use it in herbal teas for its mild flavor and potential health benefits.

7. Sourgrass

Oxalis barrelieri Look Like Clover

Botanical Name: Oxalis barrelieri

At first glance, its trifoliate, green leaves might remind you of a clover patch, but it surprises with bright, yellow, bell-shaped flowers and a slightly sour taste that’s quite ‘un-clover-like’.

8. Spotted Medick

Medicago arabica Look Like Clover

Botanical Name: Medicago arabica

It teases with clover-resembling trifoliate leaves, yet Spotted Medick stands out with its namesake dark spots on each leaflet and heart-shaped seed pods, unlike the round, white, or pinkish clover flowers.

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