22 Quirky Ways To Hang Houseplants

Discover the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics, with these Quirky Ways To Hang Houseplants!

In this fast-paced world, bringing nature indoors has become more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice. With myriad benefits, indoor plants have found their way into our hearts and homes. With these Quirky Ways To Hang Houseplants, you won’t just introduce these green buddies but flaunt your creativity too! The best part—you can make some tweaks and use these ideas to grow flowers, vines, and herbs too!

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Quirky Ways To Hang Houseplants

1. Bra Plant Bouquet

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Transform an old bra into an unconventional plant holder, perfect for small succulents or air plants. This quirky idea adds a touch of humor and creativity to your home decor, making it a conversation starter while also being an eco-friendly way to repurpose lingerie.

2. Hanging Handbag Garden

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You can utilize an unused handbag as a hanging planter to bring a stylish, chic look to your indoor garden. Ensure adequate drainage and use it to grow cascading plants or or floral vines for an eye-catching display

3. Houseplant or Herb Garden in Hanging Teacup

Repurpose vintage teacups into dainty hanging planters for small houseplants or herbs. Secure the teacups with strong cords or chains and hang them at different heights for an elegant display. You can paint the cups to give it a polished look.

4. Succulent Garden in an Upcycled Table Fan

Remove the mechanical parts from an old table fan and use the frame to create a unique succulent display. The fan’s structure provides an interesting geometric pattern, making it an artistic yet eco-friendly way to showcase your succulents.

5. Vintage Birdcage Planter

Ways To Hang Houseplants 5

A vintage birdcage can make for a beautiful rustic planter. Just fill the half of it with sphagnum moss and plant some cascading or flowering species that goes well with the metallic look of the planter. Secure the base with metal wires so it doesn’t come out from the gaps.

6. Hula Hoop Plant Ring

Transform a hula hoop into a circular plant display by attaching vining plants around it. You can then display it as a door wreath or simply hang it from the ceiling for a unique modern twist to your indoor garden.

7. Succulent Display in an Upcycled Guitar

Ways To Hang Houseplants 51

Turn an old guitar into a statement decor by removing the front part and adding shelves to it. You can then display mini succulent pots, and watch your old instrument come to ‘life’.

8. Quirky Bicycle Planter

Use an old bicycle as a dynamic planter by attaching plant pots to the handlebars, seat, or even within the bicycle basket. Finally mount it on the wall or your garden fence for a classy, rustic look. This is a perfect option for the creative heads looking for a quirky plant display idea.

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9. PVC Pipe Plant Display

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Utilizing PVC pipes for plant displays offers a modern, minimalist aesthetic to your space. Cut the pipes into sections, seal one end, and mount them on a wall or ceiling for a unique vertical garden. It is suitable for small plants and herbs, allowing for an efficient use of space with an industrial charm.

10. Hanging Succulent Garden in Bamboo Poles

Create a natural ambiance by using small bamboo poles to hang succulents in your home. Cut upen a section to make pockets in the poles and fill it up with the growing medium. You can tie two to three of them together and hang them on the wall for a unique vertical display.

11. Hanging Paper Lantern Planters

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Transform paper lanterns into whimsical hanging planters for a soft, airy decor element. Replace the lantern’s internal structure with a lightweight pot for your plant, ensuring adequate drainage. These lantern planters are perfect for creating a bohemian vibe in your home.

12. Hanging Boat Planter for a Rustic Decor

For a unique rustic touch, use a small wooden boat or a boat-shaped container as a hanging planter. You can suspend it from the ceiling or a sturdy wall hook, ideal for trailing or flowering species. This style adds a nautical, vintage charm to your decor, perfect for coastal-themed interiors.

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13. Upside-Down Planters

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Can it get anything quirkier? The trick is to secure your plant’s roots inside a specialized planter with a bottom opening, and ensure it’s held in place to allow the leaves to grow downwards. Water at the top, which is the base of the plant, and use sphagnum moss as the growing medium to enjoy this space-efficient and visually appealing setup.

14. Ladel Succulent Planter

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Transforming a ladle into a planter offers a charming and rustic way to display succulents. Fill the scoop of the ladle with soil and planting a small succulent to hang on kitchen walls or from ceilings, and bring a cozy, vintage feel to your space while showcasing your love for succulents.

15. Flower Garden in an Upcycled Hanging Tire

You can upcycle a hanging tire into a vibrant flower garden by filling the tire with soil and planting your favorite shallow root flowers. Hanging from a sturdy structure, this planter adds a creative and eco-friendly touch to homes and outdoor space like patios or balconies, as well.

16. Test Tube Propagation Planter for Contemporary Households

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Embrace minimalism in your plant display with a test tube propagation planter. Arrange a series of test tubes in a sleek frame and use them to propagate cuttings. This clean, modern look lets you observe root growth, combining functionality with a visually appealing design.

17. Old Jeans Planter

Fashion a quirky plant hanger from a pair of old jeans. The pockets serve as holders for small pots, and the legs can be filled with soil to grow a bunch of houseplants. You can then suspend it using sturdy ropes or simply diaplay it on a hanging bench for a fun, casual display.

18. Succulents in a Hanging Crocs Display

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Repurpose old Crocs shoes into unique hanging planters for succulents. With their natural drainage and quirky design, Crocs make perfect, eye-catching homes for these drought-resistant plants. Hang them on walls or from ceilings to create a whimsical, green corner in your home.

19. Hanging Coconut Shell Planter for String Plants

Transform coconut shells into rustic, eco-friendly planters for string plants like String of Pearls or String of Hearts. Simply hollow out the shells, fill them with soil, and hang them with sturdy ropes or chains to add a touch of tropical charm to your space.

20. Wall Mounted PVC Pipe Planters

Ways To Hang Houseplants 53

Utilize PVC pipes as innovative wall planters for small houseplants or herbs. Cut the pipes into sections, seal one end, and mount them horizontally on the wall. This space-saving approach offers a modern and sleek way to display your greenery.

21. Picture Frame Succulent Box

Old picture frames can be repurposed into elegant hanging planters. Remove the glass, add a backing of chicken wire, and use the frame to create a living piece of art with small succulents or herbs. It’s a creative way to display plants and recycle frames.

22. Hanging Basket Ball Planter

Give a sporty twist to your garden with an old basketball turned planter. Cut an opening, fill it with soil, and plant your choice of houseplant. Hang it outdoors or in a sports-themed room for a playful and unexpected gardening twist.

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