12 Quick Ways to Grow Pothos

Got your hands on some Pothos and are looking for quick ways to multiply this air-purifying beauty? We got your back!

With an incredible ability to thrive just anywhere, Pothos is probably a common sight in every household. To help you multiply this versatile plant with ease, we’ve compiled some quick ways to grow pothos, so you can have plenty of those lush vines running across your home!

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Quick Ways to Grow Pothos

1. Root it in Water

Water Propagation

Just snip a 3-4 inches stem of your pothos, pop it in water, and voilà! Keep an eye on the water, though; you have to change it every 2-3 days, and soon you’ll notice mini roots emerging from the roots. There are the exact steps to follow!

2. Grow Pothos in Soil

Soil Propagation

Ever tried just sticking a pothos cutting in soil and seeing what happens? It’s pretty chill. Just water it a bit, and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a new plant. Let it bask on your north-facing windowsill for the perfect light exposure.

3. Propagate in Sphagnum Moss

Quick Ways to grow Pothos

Wrap your cutting in some damp sphagnum moss and cover it up to create a snug, humid environment. It’s a neat trick to get those roots growing fast. Plus, you can also try this hack in a mini transparent container with minimal hassle.

4. Display in an Open Terrarium

Displaying pothos in a terrarium is like creating a mini jungle inside your house. Just remember to let it breathe a bit, as it’s good with high humid spots, but too much might make the leaves mushy. It’s a fun little project, especially if you belong to a really cold place.

5. Go for a Kokedama Ball Display

grow Pothos Kokedama Ball

Ever heard of Kokedama? Wrap pothos roots in a ball of soil and moss, then bind it with string. Just soak it now and then, and you’ve got yourself a floating plant pet. It’s artsy and pretty cool to show off.

6. Hang it High!

Quick Ways to grow Pothos in Hanging Basket

Classic but cool—hanging your pothos in a basket and letting those vines cascade down the edges. Plus, this method is highly practical for tight spots, as it utilizes vertical space. In fact, there are many such plants that can be grown in hanging baskets!

7. Replace Soil with Leca Balls

In Leca Balls

Leca balls are porous clay pellets that provide an excellent balance of oxygen and moisture to the roots. Growing pothos in those little clay balls is a soil-free approach, reducing mess and pests.

Great for those interested in a clean, contemporary look and a low-maintenance plant care routine! Leca balls are a great option for these plants, too!

8. Mount them on Wood or Plaques

Mount on Wood or Plaques

Attach your pothos to a piece of wood or a plaque, and watch it climb. Mist it sometimes, and it turns into this awesome living wall art. You can also tuck it in wall-mounted vessels with some moss or water for a cleaner display.

9. Grow them in Glass Jars

Glass Jar Gardens

Pop a cutting in a glass jar, and it’s like a minimalist garden right there. Perfect for a desk or a sunny spot, you get to watch those roots grow. Don’t let the water get too muddy, though, and refill it at every interval.

10. Climb it up a Moss Pole

Coir Pole Climbing Pothos

Hook your pothos up with a coir pole, and it’ll climb up like it’s in the jungle. It’s a lesser-known trick to encourage larger leaves naturally. In fact, if you are looking forward to growing a super lush pothos, here are some tricks for you.

11. Tuck it in an Aquarium

Growing pothos in an aquarium is like hitting two birds with one stone. The plant roots dangle in the water, soaking up nutrients and helping keep the water clean for your fish. The fishes get cleaner water, and pothos get a nutrient boost—a win-win setup!

Plus, it looks super cool, like your aquarium has its own little jungle.

12. Drape Pothos Curtain for a Vertical Display

Why invest in fabrics when you can have a living curtain of your own? Hang some Pothos plants along the curtain rod, or simply place a few potted ones on the loft space for a living drape down the vertical space. Here are some creative ideas you can follow!

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