50 Unique Ways to Display Succulents

Discover 50 Unique Ways to Display Succulents in your home to bring a modern touch of the desert into your decor!

With shallow roots and easy care requirements, succulents are one of the most versatile specimens out there. Make the most of this resilient plant with these creative and quirky Ways to Display Succulents that will also elevate your decor!

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50 Unique Ways to Display Succulents

1. Succulent Book Planter

Transform an old book into a succulent planter that not only recycles your old reads but makes for a unique tabletop planter for your succulents. Perfect for bibliophiles and plant lovers alike! Explore how to create your own here.

2. Thrifted Gumball Terrarium

Repurpose a vintage gumball machine into a terrarium for your succulents, taking inspiration from this tutorial. This retro-inspired idea is a conversation starter, blending nostalgia with modern plant styling.

3. Mini Succulent Display in Wine Corks

Upcycle wine corks into miniature succulent planters for a rustic and eco-friendly touch. Ideal for small spaces, you can use mini magnets to deck up your office desk or windowsill like this.

4. DIY Pumpkin Succulent Planter

This Thanksgiving succulent display idea is not only eye-catching but also a great way to celebrate the fall season using a natural planter. Get the details here.

5. Mini Bus Succulent Ride

Fill a miniature bus model with soil and plant small succulents inside. This playful succulent display idea brings a sense of fun and can be a great addition to a child’s room or a creative office space.

6. Upcycled Succulent Lamp

Take an old lamp and repurpose it as a holder for succulents. The structure of the lamp provides a unique frame for displaying succulents with shallow roots, making it a low-maintenance yet stylish option.

7. Vertical Succluent Garden

Create a living wall art with a vertical succulent garden like this. It’s a space-saving solution that adds a green touch to any wall, indoors or out.

8. DIY Succulent Cage

A succulent cage will showcase your plants in an unexpected way. Plus, you can display a variety of vining and compact specimen, all in one place. Get the detailed steps here.

9. DIY Glass Bottle Planter

Don’t dump away your wine bottles, instead, upcycle them into sleek, contemporary planters for your succulents. You can also experiment with other glass or even plastic bottles, combining the basic steps here.

10. Upcycled Mini Suitcase Turned Succulent Planter

Give an old suitcase a new life by turning it into a portable succulent garden. Look for one at a thrift store, and if you have an antique piece, nothing like it! See how it’s done here.

11. Vintage Movie Reel Succulent Display

Perfect for movie enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of history and horticulture, this DIY succulent display idea requires a few old movie reels, sturdy rope, your favorite succulents and a few crafting supplies mentioned here.

12. Upcycled Tool Ladder Garden

This space-saving design not only adds a rustic charm to your space but saves you bucks by upcycling everyday objects. You can use any pot, bucket, mug, or a tool that provides ammple space for a succulent to grow. Learn the steps here.

13. Coffee Pot Terrarium

Ideal for kitchens or coffee tables, this succulent display idea will repurpose a defective coffee pot while making for a unique tabletop display.

14. DIY Rotary Telephone Planter

Transform an old rotary phone into a creative succulent display by removing the internal components and filling the cavity with soil. Get the detailed steps here.

15. A ‘Cheers’ful Display of Succulents

Utilize old wine glasses or champagne flutes as unique succulent planters for a touch of elite elegance to your dining area or bar cart.

16. Rustic TV Planter

Turn a vintage TV into a rustic succulent planter that will attract eyeballs to your garden. You can also display it indoors to create a boho rustic look, following the steps mentioned here.

17. Hanging Pinecone Succulent Tower

Craft a hanging pinecone succulent tower for a natural succulent display idea that’s not just beautiful but economical as well. Get the steps here.

18. DIY Chair Succulent Planter

Repurpose an old chair into a planter that hold all your favorite succulents in one place. Whether in your backyard or on your porch, it’s a creative way to display succulents. Here‘s the tutorial.

19. Disc Square Planter

Assemble old floppy discs into a modern, geometric planter and paint them with colorful shades, perfect for those looking for a unique, geek-chic element to your space. Get the details here.

20. Dense Succulent Display in a Baby Carriage

Fill an old baby carriage with a dense array of succulents, perfect for garden parties or as a statement piece in a large space.

21. Vintage Clock Planter Display

Re-purpose a vintage clock by removing the clockwork and replacing it with soil. You can plant a variety of succulents where the clock face used to be, creating a unique conversation starter.

22. Succulents in Earthen Pot Display

Display a collection of succulents in earthen pots for a rustic look. Choose pots of different sizes and shapes to add variety to your decor.

23. Spilling String of Pearls with Other Succulents

Create an interesting display by pairing a spilling ‘String of Pearls’ plant with a variety of other succulents in a large bowl or pot. You can grow any string plant and anchor the arrangement with their varied textures and shapes.

24. Rotted Tree Trunk Succulent Display

Embrace nature’s cycle by using a rotted tree trunk as a succulent display and turn a piece of natural decay into a thriving, green sculpture. Get the details here.

25. Succulents in High Heels

Use an old pair of high heels as a quirky planter for small succulents. You can pick any unused pair and paint it with different textures and designs, as shown here.

26. Geometric Wall Vase

Install wall-mounted vases or containers and fill them with succulents and other houseplants for a living wall effect. Go geometric planters for an unconventional look.

27. Succulent Garden in Cup Dish Diaplay

Arrange a variety of succulents in a large, shallow dish or cup-shaped planters and display them at varying height to create an attractive succulent tower for your dining table.

28. Glass Bowl Echeveria Display

Create a sophisticated display by arranging Echeveria succulents of varied sizes in a wide bowl. You can give it a polished look by dessing the top layer with small white pebbles.

29. Succulents in an Old Wooden Bowl

Place a variety of succulents in a rustic wooden bowl for a warm, natural look. The contrast between the aged wood and the fresh succulents brings an attractive visual contrast.

30. DIY Succulent Typewriter

Place succulents where the keys of an old typewriter would be, in case you have an defective one. However, you can also fix some faux succulents to a working typewriter like this for a creative display.

31. Living Photo Frame Display

Arrange a variety of succulents within a small picture frame, creating a green focal point for your bed side table or workdesk.

32. Meditating Succulents!

Create a serene piece of decor by arranging succulents around a small meditating statue. You can also go with a Budhha statue for an even more meaningful display.

33. Concrete Hand Garden

 Ways to Display Succulents 31

Unique hand shaped planters out of moulded concrete will give ample space for arranging a variety of succulents in a creative display.

34. Colorful Succulents in a Mini Vine Wreath

Craft a living wreath by attaching a variety of colorful succulents onto a vine wreath base. You can either hang it on a door or simply attach it to the wall to create a lively ambiance around the house.

35. Succulents in Glasses

Repurpose old glasses by filling them with a variety of tiny succulents. Place these on a desk or shelf for a quick and quirky display.

36. Colorful Succulent Tower in Teracotta Pots

Stack terracotta pots in descending sizes to create a tower, planting each level with vibrant succulents. The warm tones of the pots complement the succulents’ colors, perfect for patios or balconies.

37. Repurposed Sneaker Planter

Give old sneakers a second life by turning them into funky succulent planters. The textures and colors of the sneakers add an unexpected twist, perfect for an eclectic garden or urban space.

38. Beautiful Seashell Succulent Planter

Use large seashells as natural planters for small succulents and bring a piece of the seaside to your home, perfect for bathroom decor or beach-themed rooms.

39. Radio Planter for Vintage Decors

Transform a vintage radio into a planter by hollowing out the center and filling it with succulents. This nostalgic piece preserves the radio’s retro charm while giving it a new, green purpose.

40. Succulent Chandelier

Create a living chandelier by attaching pots to an old light fixture. Use a variety of string and compact succulents for a dramatic maeover to the decor.

41. Driftwood Planters

Adorn a piece of driftwood with succulents to create a natural rustic display in your home and garden. The driftwood’s organic shapes and textures provide a beautiful contrast to the succulents’ geometric forms.

42. Succulent Duo in Cowboy Boots

Place a pair of succulents in unused cowboy boots to add a touch of Western flair while repurposing your footwear in a creative way.

43. Round Glass Terrarium

Assemble a miniature world within a round glass terrarium, planting it with succulents of various shapes and sizes. This self-contained ecosystem is a stylish and modern way to bring greenery indoors.

44. Monogram Succulent Planter

Personalize your succulent arrangement by creating a monogram planter of your name or the initials of your family members for a custom touch.

45. Mini Boat of Succulents

Set sail with a mini boat filled with succulents! This nautical-themed planter is perfect for adding a maritime touch to your decor, perfect for boho interiors.

46. Hanging Woolen Ball Planter

Craft a hanging planter from a woolen ball and tuck succulents inside, for a cozy touch to interiors.

47. Sedum Peeking Off an Eggshell!

Plant a tiny sedum in a cracked eggshell for a delightful mini planter, ideal for Easter decor. Paint the shell with a vibrant shade for a playful look.

48. Dreamcatcher Succulent Hanger


Integrate succulents pots into a dreamcatcher for a bohemian-inspired decor. You can then fill the pots with mini sedums or Jade Plants to complete the look.

49. Earthen Globe of Succulents

Attach earthen pots of varied sizes to create a spherical shape and fill them up with succulents. This earthy and organic planter is sure to awestruck your guests!

50. Kokedama Haworthia Display

Wrap the roots of Haworthia succulents in moss balls and display them as kokedama. You can pick any rosette forming succulent for this unique display.

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