How to Grow Wandering Jew in Hanging Baskets?

Growing a Wandering Jew in hanging baskets is pretty easy as long as you care for some of its basic needs!

How to Grow Wandering Jew in Hanging Baskets

Getting your hands on a colorful plant is not easy, especially if you don’t want to invest your time in tending it religiously. However, growing a wandering Jew in a hanging basket comes with a twist—it doesn’t require a strict care routine and won’t compromise your indoor aesthetics either!

How to Grow Wandering Jew in Hanging Baskets?

1. Select Your Basket/Pot

Wandering Jew in Hanging Baskets

First things first, selecting the right container will make your work easier. Opt for a hanging basket that’s as functional as it is stylish.

A 12-inch planter with good drainage works well. For an organic touch, consider a basket lined with sphagnum moss or coconut coir, which not only looks appealing but also helps maintain moisture—a key for the sometimes thirsty Wandering Jew. And in this case, you won’t need to water the plant every too often.

2. Prepare the Perfect Mix

For Wandering Jew, aim for a potting mix that’s like a buffet—a bit of everything. Combine a standard potting soil with perlite, peat moss, and a handful of compost for nutrition. The ideal ratio would be 50% potting soil, 20% peat moss or coconut coir, and 30% perlite to strike a balance, ensuring the soil retains enough moisture while also draining well—both key to keeping your plant healthy.

The potting soil provides a rich, supportive base, peat moss or coconut coir keeps the roots moist but not soggy, and perlite boosts soil aeration and drainage, helping to prevent root rot and fungal issues.

You can also try growing a wandering dude in water. However, in that case, you might need to compromise the ‘hanging’ part and enjoy its beauty as a tabletop display.

3. Tuck in the Plant Carefully

Now, let’s get your hands dirty! Plant it so that it has room to flourish. Gently arrange the root ball in the center of the basket, spreading the vines so they can tumble over the edge. Cover the roots well and give them a firm (but gentle) pat down to eliminate any air pockets.

4. Find the Right Spot

Wandering Jew in indoor

Light is like coffee for Wandering Jew—it fuels them. Place the basket in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. North—or east-facing locations are typically ideal. However, as with most indoor plants, too much direct sunlight can bleach the foliage. Don’t go too dark either, or you’ll notice the leaves losing their luster. So, it’s good to maintain a balance.

5. Watering Wisely

These plants enjoy consistently moist soil, so check it every few days by dipping your finger into the top inch of soil. If it’s dry, it’s time to water. Be thorough but not excessive, as no plant likes soggy feet. The best bet would be to saturate the medium completely until the water drains out from the bottom to ensure the roots get enough moisture to sustain.

6. Feed for Growth

Wandering Jew in indoor

For extra glamorous growth, feed your plant a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer diluted to 1/4th once a month. This little snack will support its rapid growth and vibrant leaf production. In winter, dial back the feeding to every other month to match the plant’s slower pace.

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